Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


13. Shawn





        "Shawn?" I ask in disbelief. Standing in-front of me, was a tall, shaggy haired boy. Who happen to be my ex. His hands wrapped around my waist, and mine snake around his neck.

"Le-Ann it's so good to see you..." He says, pulling away, he smiled looking at my appearance. "You look Amazing..." He compliments, scanning my body seductively. I giggled. I felt a hand tugged me, to their muscular chest. Shawn and I look up. "And who is this?" He ask, basically glaring at Zayn. I furrowed my eyebrows, but quickly relax them , when Zayn spoke up harshly.

"Her Boyfriend..." He replies through greeted teethes. I rolled my eyes, kissing his cheeks lightly, he seemed to relax a little, but they were still looking at each other with a death stare.

"Okay, so what have you been up too lately Shawn?" I inquire, breaking the awkward silence. He gave Zayn a stern glare, before turning towards me.

"Not much, recently moved here for college..." He replies coolly, still glaring at Zayn from the corner of his eye. "But what are you doing here?" He ask, I slightly opened my mouth, but closed it when he spoke again. "With him..." He spatted. I Felt Zayn's hands tighten around mine, making me winced.

"I'm on tour with them..." It got all silent again, apart from the stares they were giving. "Hey Shawn, do you want to come back and meet the rest of the guys, am sure they'll love to meet you." I say, Zayn jabbed my hands. I turned towards him, furrowing my eyebrows. He leaned closer to me.

"What the hell are you doing?" He growled, he looked at Shawn from the corner of his eye. Shawn was smiling, satisfied he's getting into his head. What the heck is going on?

"Being nice, something you should do..." I Whisper, he groaned; before I turn my attention back to Shawn, giving him a warm smile. I could sense the tension, Zayn is probably praying for him to say No!.

"You know what? I'll love too..." He says, though, he was mostly talking with Zayn, a devious smile spread across his tanned face. To be honest, when me and Shawn dated we had good memories, well all of them were good, except when he cheated on me.

    Apart from that he was a really great guy, Yes i might still have feelings for him, but I love Zayn alot. But i do wonder why he's acting like that? We walk towards our Car, Zayn walking slowly behind. As soon as we came inside the car, Zayn angrily stomped on the pedal. Eventually he came across a red light.

"What the hell?" I screeched, adjusting myself, before looking at the rare-view mirror. Good he's still behind us. Zayn didn't listen to me, he just gripped the steering wheel tighter; when I reached for his hands, he pulled it back, my eyebrows rose up. "What did i do now?" I Sigh, slapping my hands on my lap. Again he ignored me, he didn't even looked at me. The light turn green and he stomped on the pedal again, stealing glances at the rare-view mirror. You've got to be kidding me! We finally reached the apartment, Shawn right behind! Zayn and I stayed in the car for a little bit. "What's wrong babe?" I ask, with a hint of sincere in my voice. Other half of me was angry. He stayed quiet, didn't even looked at me. "Really the silent treatment?" I Inquire, shrugging my shoulders. He didn't reply, I angrily shoved open the car door, and stomped out, meeting with Shawn. He smiles at me, before offering me his hands, which i gladly took. We walk inside the room, all heads turn towards us.

"Hey guys?" I Basically ask, as i dragged Shawn into the living room, where everyone was.

"Uh hi?" They all say, apart from Nicki and Lindsey who engulfed Shawn in a hug. Nicki knew Shawn all her life, they grew up together; but because she moved they lost touched. Lindsey always liked Shawn, even before we started to go out, I mean he wasn't a bad of a guy at all, he just get's way too jealous quickly. When we broke up, Lindsey was mad at him, but she forgave him, I did too. We broke after he cheated, because we were both not feeling the love we use to have when we first started. 

"Shawn this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Anneka, guys this is Shawn..." Awkward silence. They shook his hands awkwardly. Liam being the nice one, gave him a proper welcome. Silence over flow once again. 

      There was a sudden door slam, causing us to look at the direction it came from. Zayn. He stood there, looked at all of us, then me and Shawn, he pushed his bottom lip up, before walking angrily away. What did i do? His bedroom door made a loud sound, making us all winced, the next thing you heard, was a loud crashing noise. Every eyes fell on me. My face was blank. I couldn't process what was going on?

"What's wrong with him?" Louis ask, taking a bite of a carrot. Weird boy! I shrugged, before another another noise made us all jump. Okay maybe i should go up their and check on him. I started to walk up the stairs, my hands palms sweaty, as i walk in his room. His hair was messy, he had his shirt off, revealing his perfect skin, tattoos and abs; and the fact that sweat was dripping from his body, made him irresistible to resist. He grabbed, a nearby vase, just when he was about to smash it, I grabbed his hands. He jerked them away.

"Get away Le-Ann..." He growled, walking past me, he roughly kicked a pile of clothes that were on the floor. I walked towards the door, locking it; before facing him. He was starring at me intently. Even the way he looks at me and stand, just makes me want to grabbed him and fuck him. Okay so pushing that aside... I walked up towards him, snaking my hands around his waist; our body pressed so close, that I can feel his mad hood, through his jeans. Thankfully he didn't reject my actions, I Started to kiss his neck, then ears, Jawline and his lips. "What are you doing to me?" He murmured against my neck, his lips tracing it.

"The only way you going to get this..." I stepped back; placing with the buttons of my shirt. "If you tell me, why your going bizarre?" I whispered, against his skin. Surely he can't reject the offer, and surely i was wrong. He grabbed his shirt and Keys.  "Where you going babe?" I screamed as he shoved his legs in his shoes.

"Out." Was all he said before storming off...I crashed on the bed, tears strolling in. I can't believe he just fucking did that? Is he that jealous of Shawn or was it something in general? Ughh! he can be so difficult to read sometimes. We were having a nice relationship and now there's more drama? When is it all finally going to end, When will we finally have an happy ending? I Curled up in a ball; crying myself to sleep.

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