Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


12. Not a Chapter




       The Contest:

           There were three people who wanted to be Louis Girl-friend for this story, it's hard for me to choose, but I've come down to two people to be in this story and if you are not chosen, then I'll try to find a way to put you in the story somehow. But the two people I've chosen for now is...



        In order for me to choose a winner, help me get ideas for the next story, cause am a bit lost on what to write next, the person with the best idea wins the part, and if you didn't I might put you in this story or my next story and if you like me to co-author with you just tweet me

Twitter : @ii_Elizabeth1

Email :

Thank you and good-luck to you all :D

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