Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


7. Lindsey ,Harry and Games

                                                                               Harry Styles



"Hey Lindsy?" Harry says, missing the 'E' in my name. I smile, as i look away from my phone, to meet up with his green orbs.

"Yes Harry?" I say, as he sits next to me, he looked at my phone then back at me, then his eyes trace down to my lips, he bit his lip, then he started to move closer, I met him half way; before we both close the gap. Words can't even describe how much that kiss meant to me. We pulled apart, our eyes still connected as a wide smile spread across our faces. He faced the floor, his smile still spread on his lips.

"I've been wanting to that for so long..." He whisper's, his eyes burning into mine, once more.

"Really?" I ask a wide smile spreading across my cheeks.

"Yeah..." He whispers, his hands now made their way up to my cheeks, I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth of his hand. "Since the day I've met you; I've been attracted to you.. Though i thought it was just a silly crush, but you just can't seem to never leave my mind...." Though i don't know if i should be glad or insulted? "And am glad, because am crazy about you." He says, and I smile big at him too.

"I'm crazy about you too." He caressed my chin, before placing his warm lips onto mine. I smile into the kiss, as the fireworks boomed everywhere.

"I Know this is not the best way to ask you...But will you be my girl-friend." He ask shyly, causing a small chuckle to escape my lips.

"I thought you will never ask..." I say and Kiss him once more, we spend most our nights, considering we were the only one at home, but i could care less. Harry made me watch a scary movie, he said 'The only reason were watching a horror movie, is so i have a reason to hold you' Cheeky, but i felt the blood rush up to my cheeks.

"Hey guys were back..." Niall called, as they all came in piling up in the play room. Le-Ann notice the sitting position me and Harry were.

"What is going on here?" She ask cheekily. I felt the blood rush up to my cheeks once more.

"Were dating..." Harry exclaimed excitedly. Our friends cheered and whistle.

"I Told you Niall, pay the fuck up?" Louis says to Niall, as he sighed and planted the money in his pocket.

"Wait What? you bet on us?" They nod, and i shook my head; as I Plop down on the couch, next to Le-Ann and Nicki.

"So where did you guys went?"

"We went to Nan-dos, and then we did a little shopping.." Nicki says, adding a wink at the end.

"Do you girls want to tease the boys?" Le-Ann ask Mischievously, clasping her hands.

"What do you have in mind?" I ask a little confused. Nicki and Her smile grew wider. They both grab my hands, practically dragging me up to the room. They push me on the bed, as they dig into their shopping bags, pulling out a lace undies, and a bra, with a see through cover up. I look at both of them, thinking their crazy.

"What the hell are you up too?"

"Put it on..." Nicki informs me, i didn't have time to protest, as she shove me inside the bathroom. I put the lace on, it was really sexy on me, though am insecure about my body, but teasing the boys will be a nice to do, especially to Harry. I walk out, to see Le-Ann in her black bra and undies lace, Nicki in her red bra and undies lace, and I had blue ones on. We walked into the playroom, were the boys were sitting watching the T.V, we sat Next to 'Our?' Boys. Niall was the first one to talk?

"What are you wearing girls?" He stuttered, looking at each of us.

"Our Pajamas." Nicki says dumbfounded. We look at the rest of the boys, their mouths hanging low, the girls and i look at each other, we were about to take it to the next level.

"Oh gosh, it's hot in here." I say, the girls chorusing 'Yeah, me too' We took off our cover up, revealing only our bra and undies. "Much better..." I look to Harry, whose mouth is hung down. "Harry close your mouth, you'll catch flies." I say, pushing his mouth close, his eyes were still looking at me, i turn my attention to the girls, a smirk appearing on our lips, this so much fun. Why didn't i do this before?

"Liam...?" Nicki whined, biting her lip as she started to rub her hands down his chest, he tensed up, which only made it hard for me not to laugh.

"Yes Nicki?" He choked out, gulping down something.

"Can i sit on your lap, this couch is making my ass numb." She whined again, he fast nodded, Nicki clasped her hands, settling her ass, on his crotch, moving around, before leaning her head on his chest, and her arms around his neck. I watch as The rest of the boys licked their lips, I'm not being cocky or anything, but we are a pretty sexy bunch, especially Le-Ann, I use to have a girl crush on her, but it died down. Now it was Le-Ann's turn to make Zayn jealous.

"Nialler, Louis?" She ask, their shot up, she walked up to them, her boobs, were nearly in their face, and her butt was popped up, facing Zayn's . Oh lord, this girl is going to be the death of him.

"Yes, Le-Ann?' They gulped.

"I was wondering if i can lay on you guys, but if you're not okay with it, I'll just lay on the floo-"

"No" They say. She smile, as she lay her head on Louis lap, then her legs on Niall's, revealing the V-line of her waist. Louis, and Niall gulp Loudly, Nicki and I holding our laughs. I Kept, playing with Harry, running my hands up and down his chest, kissing and biting his ears, teasing him. It's fun having control over him. Nicki and kept whispering dirty things to Liam, and you can see his boner's rise, Holy cow. She was acting like she's drunk, she pretend to drop something.

"Opps, i drop my hair clip, what shall i do now?" Oh gosh, I just wanted to burst out laughing, he got off his lap, as she bend down, her ass sticking up, as Liam Swallowed hard. Le-Ann kept playing with her boobs, Niall and Louis was priceless, it was then Zayn got up and stormed out. Oh No! Le-Ann sighed, before walking the way he went. I was sat on Harry's Lap, as he begins kiss me, the kiss was passionate, full of lust and happiness, the fireworks were just going off and i just couldn't help it, the guy I've been dreaming about to be mine, his finally mine; hopefully 'we will last forever'.

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