Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


15. Hospitals





           Zayn P.O.V


    What have I done? She slipped away from my hands not long ago; and when i got her back, she's slips away again.

Why didn't I talk to her? Why couldn't I just tell I was jealous? I Let it get out of hand; and now she's in the hospital? What is wrong with me? Simon is going to kill me, and probably kick me out of One Direction. I ruined it all; Everything! I pound and pound on the wall; the tears spurring down my face. This cannot be happening; especially to us! All i want is an happy ending, is that too much to ask?

"Zayn?" I whipped my head around; to find my mother standing there. Her hands immediately wrapped around my neck; as I let the tears escape even more.

"M-mom am so so-sorry..." I Cried; she rubbed my back; wiping my tears away, but it was no use, when they were falling like the Nile River.

"It's okay, sweetie; it all be okay alright! I promise you it will all be alright." She adds; caressing my cheeks. As much as i wanted to believe that; I just couldn't. 

"Where is she?" Lindsey voice bellow; as she jerked her hands away from Harry, storming towards me. "Where is she Zayn? I want to see her" She cried out, the tears were falling from her eyes. I couldn't speak, so i pointed. She stormed to the room, Nicki and Her may i add. They were crying hysterically, which only hurt the most.

"Nooo! I want to see her!." They both bellowed; the nurse dragging them away. The boys helped them; as both of them crash into Liam and Harry's arms, crying their heart out. Even the rest of the boys were crying; more reason for me to hate myself.


                                                                                                           * * *

         "Family of Le-Ann Marie Cowell?" The doctor called, My head shot up. Walking in-front of him.

"That's us, her dad is on his way, but am her boyfriend...Is she okay?" He look from his clipboard to me; his eyes burning into mine. This isn't good news, tears were forming again in my eyes; as we all waited impatiently for him to speak.

"She's very luck to survive, she lost alot blood..." Something tells me there's more, am just waiting! "But she slip into coma, and she might have amnesia." There it is! I was no longer trying to hide the tears; I fell to the ground, holding onto my knees; Nicki and Lindsey; wrapping their arms around me, as we all cried! You could hear the boys sniffle a bit, but All am focusing on is the Bad News he just delivered.

"Doctor can they see her?" My voice rang, she sounded like she was crying as well. Though she hasn't met Le-Ann am glad she already could see how much 'I Love her' more than anything!

"Yeah, but one at a time, and am guessing he would be the one to want to see her...." He ask, looking down at me. They helped me up; as I walk down to her room. She had all the wires and bandages wrapped around her! The tears kept coming; I sat the chair close to her bed; taking a hold of her hands.

"I'm so sorry. The truth is I was never mad at you, it's the fact there's always someone who would try to take me away from you, that I was mad at. I know I shouldn't have ignored you, but I was scared of telling you my feelings, I know I have done it before; but I don't know why I just didn't in the first place; Am so sorry I put you in this position, I never meant to hurt you, and I'll always will, even if you wake up and not remember me, You'll always be the one who has my heart.! I love you." I kiss her hands; the monitor beep, making me smile. She'll always be that spunky, fearless and courageous girl to me; she'll always be my Girl, and the girl that took my heart away! I walk out of the room; wiping my tears. They came hurling around me.

"I think I'll just go home, and come back..." That's all I said, before walking out the door. Paparazzi were flashing their cameras, everywhere; but I just kept walking, ignoring their comments. I can't believe they came all the way over here to ask me about her only to sell for tabloids. We can never have privacy; everything never seems right, when their always around you 24/7. Tears spilled from my eyes, thinking of her and her sweet.



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