Simon's Daughter-Completed

Everyone Knows Le-Ann Marie Cowell...Wrong!. Everyone thinks she's Simon's daughter, she's a spoiled little brat, But all Le-Ann wants is for people to see her, not because she's the daughter of a Millionaire. So what happens, when Simon forces her to go on tour with One Direction. These boys haven't really met Le-Ann only what they've heard on T.V or Magazine, will they see the real 'Her? Will she handle all the drama well or will she hit the breaking point? And more importantly will love blossom?


16. Awake





                              I sat there watching her, tears pricking from my eyes. A month has gone by. Can you believe that? A whole Fucking Month?

“Good-Morning Zayn.” Doctor Wilson ruffled voice echoed. I was motionless; all I was watching was the beautiful girl, who took my breath away, the moment my eyes laid upon hers. “She’s making progress, so she’s could be waking up any minute; but some major important events that had happen, might be erase from her memory.” He explains; examining her, before writing something down on his notepad. The thought of her waking up; get’s me excited, but I’m mostly terrified that she might not remember me. He examined her one last time, before walking out the door, leaving me with her once again.


                   “Where am I?” The tiny voice, which belong to Le-Ann stated, causing my eyes to shot up. She turned to me, a look of confusion, and sadness pasted on her cheeks.

“You’re in the hospital…” I manage to speak; I was still mesmerize by her beauty and her eyes. Even in a hospital gown, messy hair and no make-up she looks beautiful; or maybe it’s just me who thinks so.

“What am I doing in the hospital? Where are my friends? Who are you?” She darted the questions. The sentence ‘Who are you’ Replayed in my head, something I was afraid would never come out of her mouth.

“You were hit by a car…” I mumbled; tears were starting to form in her eyes, which honestly wanted to make me cry. “And I’m your Boy-friend.” The words flew out of my mouth, like a flying salsa.

“I don’t have a boy-friend…” She sniffles. Again those words hit me like a rock. She doesn’t remember me, am completely erase from her memories, why did this happen? “What’s your name?” She sniffle’s again, holding her hands tight to her chest. I moved closer to her, and she looked terrified, like she was about to scream. I stopped in my tracks.

“Zayn…” I whisper, she furrowed her eyebrows, when I moved closer again. ‘Zayn stop it your scaring her’ “And you remember nothing…About us?” I added, she squinted her eyes, like when she does when she’s thinking. She then nodded.

“No, sorry…” She doesn’t remember me anymore. “Should I? I mean was we in-love; were really close?” She asks, relaxing her body just a tad bit.

“Yes we were in-love and really close, but we never got a rest.” I chuckled; thinking of the events that have taken these past months.

“What do you mean?” She inquires, sitting up straighter; holding her gaze with mine.

“Recently, I almost lost you, we got into an argument, I thought you and Justin…” She suddenly gasps, interrupting my story.

“Justin Bieber? Me Le-Ann Cowell is friends with Justin Bieber, I mean he so cute and so kissable-“She rants, causing me to frown, the way she speaks about him, just makes my heart that’s already shattered, break. If that’s even possible. She suddenly stopped, looking at my hurt expression. “Oh sorry…” I just nodded “Don’t worry I don’t like him in that way, I just think he’s cute; I mean you can’t blame a girl from thinking that can you?” She smiles genuinely at me, and for the first time I smile as well.

“I guess you can’t…” I whisper, she then motion for me to continue, I told then began telling the story. From her getting to the plane, and me running after her, then to ignoring her, to the club, where she got angry at me, for not speaking to her, to her running after me, when I just walked away after her big speech. “So that’s what happened?” I finished; looking at a very processing girl.

“Wow…” Was all that escaped her mouth. “I really wish, I remember that; cause if I did, I’ll definitely kick you in the balls, for making me feel so alone…” She whisper, rolling her eyes just a little, making me smile. “I just really wished I knew you, from the looks of it; you seem like a really nice guy, I just don’t know why I can’t remember you? And trust me it hurts, and you know what…” She suddenly stated.

“What?” I was curious to know what that got her this energized.

“Like you said I was in comma for Two months…” I nodded and she continues. I love how were talking like nothing had never happen, and to be honest I wished the accident never did happen. “I always have this dream, and the guy looks exactly like you, every time I reached for your hands, you disappeared, it’s like there’s a wall keeping us from getting together and a happy ending or something.” She explained. I rattle my brain, reprocessing the words over and over again; all what she said actually made sense. “Zayn-“She called again, interrupting my thoughts. Hearing her say my name again, makes my heart fluttered. “Promise me something, even though I don’t remember anything about us, apart from what you just told me, promise me that you’ll at least try and be there for me, and help me regain memories of us, cause knowing the things you told me, I’m guessing I feel comfortable around you, and I need you.” Her words just impressed me. I was thinking that when she wakes up, and I tell her all these stuff, she would screamed or tell me to get out of and leave her alone. I guess it’s just because of what I see in the movies.

  “I promise…” Was all I said, until I felt her hands crept up my neck. I shut my eyes close, feeling the scent of her body, even lying in hospital bed for so long, she still smelled like her Victoria Secrete perfume. Hopefully in all these process, she’ll regain her memory.

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