My Kidnapper's Son

April Jenkins was kidnapped at age thirteen. She is now turning eighteen. She hates her kidnapper and everything, and everyone to do with him. What happens when she secretly falls in love with him. He doesn't even know she exists. Let alone is his dad's next victim.


1. Chapter One


  I break through the trees into the flower covered field. I'm thirteen again. I sit down by the small stream that flows through the valley and slowly put my feet into the icy cold water. I fall into the flowers behind me blocking most of the sun from my eyes. No one else knows about this place, this is like my real life happy place. Suddenly all the flowers started dying and the clear blue water slowly turned to black. Red rain started falling from dark clouds in the sky.

   I started running from the valley, through the woods into a road. I saw a black van coming down the road and I automatically knew who it was. The van was about to hit me when I shot up in my bed. I slide my knees to my chest and look around at what has been my room for almost five years. I guess you can call it My ,''kidnapped'' room. 

  I look over at the clock next to my bed, its about two o' clock in the morning. Today is my eighteenth birthday. I have been dreading this day for years, five to be exact. It was my thirteenth birthday when bill kidnapped me, and every birthday since is like a little reminder of what will happen in about two months.

   ''What will happen.'' You ask? Well, the man who kidnapped me, Bill, only keeps us two months after our eighteenth birthday. Then he...well he has no use for us as he says. The police usually find us a few days later.

Of course, we are past saving. He dumps us in some ditch off a road or throws us into a pond.    I hear steps coming up the stairs and am snapped out of my thoughts. ''Happy Birthday, April.'' Bill smiles. He holds a cake with eighteen little candles on it like this was some huge amazing accomplishment. In one quick breath I blow out all my candles, making one of the worst days of my life official.  

''Come on downstairs and you can fix us some pancakes.'' Bill smiles. I sigh and follow Bill out of the door. I take the ingredients for pancakes out and wait for the stove to heat up. ''By the way, my son is coming to live with us.'' Bill says behind me. ''Does he know?" I ask blankly. He shakes his head. 

  I finish the last pancake and sit down at the table. ''You have to stay in the basement until we get this figured out.'' He says looking down at his plate. I freeze in my chair, my body becoming stiff. ''OK.'' I manage to whisper. He nods and keeps shoving pancakes into his mouth. I stare at the food on my plate.   

After a few minutes of eyeing my food I push my plate away and lay my head on the table. ''Don't feel good?" Bill asks. I shrug my shoulders and pick my head back up. ''Well maybe washing the dishes will help.'' He smiles. I glare a him as he slides his plate to me.   

As I finish the dishes as he leaves for work. Not work like you would think, he's probably looking for a new girl with a perfect life to take. I feel tears in my eyes and quickly wipe them. I walk up to my room to start getting my things ready to move to the basement.

  Its doesn't take me long to finish putting everything into boxes. So I decided to start carrying them downstairs. I start to make my bed In my new room in the basement. I know I won't be here long. No one ever is. I sigh as I lay down and slowly drift to sleep.

I dream that its back to my fourteenth birthday again. My first birthday with Bill. I wake up and he holds a cake out to me. I silently blow out the candles and make my wish to get out of here. My wish never came true. It never will. Then something changes. I am older, maybe 19 or so. I should be dead by now. There is a boy and a little girl with me. The boy looks sorta like Bill, only my age. The little girl looks like me with blond hair. She has deep blue-green eyes like the boy. 

I stare into the little girls eyes. I stare at her until someone stands behind her. Bill. I grab the girl and start running. I run as fast as I can, but its not fast enough. Bill grabs the girl out of my hands. The boy that was with me before lay in the road a few feet away. The little girl yells to me, calling me. ''Mommy, help me.'' She crys. Mommy?

None of this makes since. I should be dead, I have no clue who the boy is, and I'm not a mom. Still confused I leap for the girl securing her in my arms. Bill stands above me. ''You won't get away this time.'' He smiles like a crazy person. Of course, he is. I shut my eyes tight trying to wake up from this nightmare. I open my eyes and am in my room again. I breath out. I lay there for hours, but not once closing my eyes to sleep.



I drag myself upstairs to get something to eat. I hear voices coming from the living room. They start to get closer and I duck behind a wall. 

''So this is the kitchen.'' I hear Bill say.

''Cool, so where am I going to sleep?"

''Oh that upstairs. You know, I'm really glad that you came to live here.''

''Dad, I'm eighteen years old I should live on my own.''

''Well not yet,maybe when you're nineteen.''

They walk up the stairs and I slip out from behind the wall. I silently walk down the stairs to my room. I hear Bill coming down. ''Alright so you can't come upstairs from now on.'' He whispers. ''Don't worry, I want nothing to do with either of you.'' I say cooly. I figure if I'm going to die anyway I might as well have some fun. Right? He looks at me like I'm the one in the wrong and stomps back up the steps. I lay on my bed and silently cry.

I walk upstairs because I'm freaking starving. I see a boy about my age. Its the boy from my dream. I watch him as he cooks. My heart falls for him before my brain can stop it. I start at him with my mouth wide open as he carefully puts the food on two plates. He walks into the living room. I sit there on the stairs as my brain catches up with my heart, but its to late. I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with my kidnapper's son.

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