I Just Want You To Know (Please read! Not a fanfiction! But some of you can relate)

Something everyone is going through.


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I don't care if you like One Direction, Earl Sweatshirt, Wiz Khalifa, eye liner, guys or girls. You shouldn't get hate for your choices. Everyone should treat one another the same way. Even if a guy likes One Direction, or a boy likes wearing eye liner. Or even if a guy likes a guy or a girl likes a girl. They all should be equally treated the way others are treated. No matter what. If YOU like wearing eye liner, YOU like wearing eye liner. If YOU like One Direction, YOU like One Direction. If YOU have an interest in guys or girls, YOU have an interest in guys or girls. We shouldn't be hating people for their interests. We should look at their personality. Not their appearance nor their interests. All I'm saying is, you should except other peoples decisions and interests. NO ONE should get bullied for being themselves. Being YOU is one of your biggest powers. <3 <3 <3  -Kiana 
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