My Little Things

My name is Taylor. My bff's name is Taylor as well but I call her Umbie. We've always loved One Direction. And we finally had our chance to meet them at a concert! We're so excited! Will we fall for the boys? Read to find out and see!


3. Waking up

Harry's POV:

We got her back to our tour bus and canceled the concert that evening. I felt like I couldn't get her out of my site. I started to he her wake up." You ok, love?" I ask." Yea." She groaned"What happened? Where Umbie, mean Taylor? Where am....?" " Shhhh... Your fine. Your on our tour bus. Your friend is with Niall." " What?! With Niall? Y-your H-Harry S-tyles! Omg! I look like crap!" I laugh at what she just said."No, love, your ok. I promise. Are you hungry?" " I thought you'd never ask! By the way, what happened?" " You had a seizure, so I jumped off the stage to help you. I was so scared." " Thank you so much. You saved my life." She walks up and gives me a long hug and starts to cry." What's the matter?" " I don't know really, I'm just so thankful, because you save me." I really like her, and I have a feeling that she likes me too." Alright, where do you want to go eat?" " Ummm.. How about Nandos?" " Sounds great! Oh and I never did get to catch your name." " Oh... It's Taylor. My friends name is Taylor too, but I call her Umbie. I made it up because her last name is Umberger. At least it'll change when she gets married:)!" " Haha, ok let's go."

Taylor's POV:

I can't BELIVE that I had a seizure in front of One Direction. So embarrassing. Oh well. I'm going out to eat with THE HARRY STYLES! I can't BELIVE this!! I really like him, but I don't know it he feels the same way as I do. Lets hope he does:)
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