My Little Things

My name is Taylor. My bff's name is Taylor as well but I call her Umbie. We've always loved One Direction. And we finally had our chance to meet them at a concert! We're so excited! Will we fall for the boys? Read to find out and see!


2. The Concert

It took us about an hour to get to the arena." This is crazy!" I screamed over to Umbie. It was so loud near the stage. All of the sudden it went completely dark. We had front row seats, so we could see everything. On the big screen the number started to count down. Billions of girls stated screaming as the clock go closer to the number one. 3,2,1! We all screamed as the boys come from the bottom of the stage singing" Live While We're Young" I was screaming my lungs off. When the boys were almost done with the song, I saw the Harry locked his eyes on to mine. I stopped screaming and blushed. But then I saw all of the flashing lights. What concert wouldn't have flashing lights? I remembered that I was just diagnosed with a severe case of epilepsy. I haven't told anyone about it. Even Umbie. All of the sudden I find myself on the ground twitching. And then it all went quiet and everything blacked out.
Harry's POV:
I saw the most beautiful girl in the front row while I was performing. She had the most beautiful eyes in the world. The lights went on, and then I see her fall to the ground and start twitching!" She's having a seizure!" I yell at the boys. I jump off the stage and the bodyguards come and surround the area. I'm coming to help you.
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