My Little Things

My name is Taylor. My bff's name is Taylor as well but I call her Umbie. We've always loved One Direction. And we finally had our chance to meet them at a concert! We're so excited! Will we fall for the boys? Read to find out and see!


1. The Big Day

Today was the day that Umbie and I were going to see One Direction! June 14,2012. On top of that, today was my 18 birthday:) I was inside my room getting dressed. Umbie and I have lived together in London for about a year. " Would you hurry up already!" I heard her yell through my door. "Just a second!" I yell back. I decided to take it easy on my clothing today. I put on a pair of reagular skinny jeans with designs on the bum, a hot pink Jack Wills hoodie, and mascara/eyeliner. I curled my hair for beachy waves and threw on a grey beenie. I sprayed on someday perfume. "Perfect" I whispered to myself. "Done!" I shouted as I was running down the stairs. I got to the bottom, only to find Umbie already out in the car. Well isn't she eager? I grab my tote, and head out the door. I open my car door to the blazing tune of One Directions' "Kiss You", with Umbie singing along. I chuckle and hop inside. Oh this girl, I think."Let's go!" I scream, and turn the music up even louder:)
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