My Little Things

My name is Taylor. My bff's name is Taylor as well but I call her Umbie. We've always loved One Direction. And we finally had our chance to meet them at a concert! We're so excited! Will we fall for the boys? Read to find out and see!


5. Meeting The Boys

After that big melt down with Umbie and I, Harry wanted me to meet the boys. I agree, and we go inside the bus."Hey guys, I'd like you to meet Taylor.Taylor,this is Niall,Zayn,Louis,and Liam." he says."HI everyone! Nice to meet you all!"  I was really tired and i decied to go ahead and sleep." Where do I sleep?" I ask. " Ummmmm..... you'll be sleeping with me, if thats ok with you?" " Ya, that'll be fine" i say with a smile at the end."Here, you can wear these to sleep in." He says as he hands me a t shirt and some shorts." Tahnks" i say back. I get changed and crawl into Harry's bunk. It was cramed, but he didn't mind." Comfy?" He asks. I chuckle," Yes, thank you"I layed my head on his chest and fall asleep to the slight thumping beat of his heart.



I woke up to the smeel of bacon cooking in the kitchen.i get up and take a shower and i put on the clothes that I had on yesterday." Good morning, sleeping beauty" Harry says. I smile" Good morning" I reply. i caught Harry looking at me, and when I look at him< he just looks away and blushes. I find this extremely cute. We eat our breakfast, and the boys are going to take me shopping to get a new a new outfit for the day. WE decided to go to Jack Wills, and I just got a pair of grey leggings, and a long sleeve shirt that said 'love you' on the front. I just had my hair in a messy bun. " Do you want me to fix your hair?" I hear Harry ask. " Ummm.... sure, ok." I reply nervously. I feel him braiding my hair>' how did he learn how to do this?' I ask myself." Almost done..... aaannnddd, finished" He said with a smile on his face. I look int he mirror. He braided my hair perfectly! This is unbeliveable!" Thank you!" I respond, giving him a big bear hug.I hear him laugh a bit. We go out and eat lunch. Harry comes up to me." Taylor, I need to tell you something. I really like you, and i was wondering if you would go on a date with me?" Oh my gtoodness! Harry Styles wants to go out on at date with me!" Of corse I will" I say giving him a kiss on the cheek.


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