My Little Things

My name is Taylor. My bff's name is Taylor as well but I call her Umbie. We've always loved One Direction. And we finally had our chance to meet them at a concert! We're so excited! Will we fall for the boys? Read to find out and see!


4. A Walk In The Park

After Harry and I ate Nandos, we decided to take a walk in the park." So, how does it feel to be an international superstar?" I ask him. He gives a slight smile." Ummm.. It's definitely very exciting. The fans are great and they support us a lot" I blush. I am a very deticated fan, and to know that we mean a lot to them means so much to me." So... Do you want to go back to the bus?" He asked me." Yea sure, Umbie is probabley worried about me. I never told her that I had epilepsy. That mad her mad. I just know it." " Why didn't you tell her?" He asks with concern." I didn't want her to be worried about me. I had it all under control. I just hate that she had to find out this way." I look down to the ground, with tears slowly forming in my eyes. We start to walk back to the tour bus, and we start to play 20 questions."Ok, favorite color?" He asks." Ummm.. Pink!" " Mine is orange" he responds. We play the game the whole way back. Where only a couple yards away from the bus, and Umbie runs out the door. Crap." Taylor! Why didn't you tell me!! I thought I was your best friend!" She said as the tears run down her face. I run to her and give her a long, deep hug. After a while, I start to cry as well." I thought I could handle it" I manage to blurt out to her. I see Harry come behind me, giving me a hug and holding me as I cry." It's ok Taylor, she'll forgive you. Don't worry." This day has been the worst day ever.
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