The Father Of My Child

No one knew Harry Styles had a child. Except for him and the mother,at least. He made the selfish decision of abandoning his only daughter and girlfriend. Now that it's sixteen years into the future,he regrets everything. Will his two favorite girls forgive him outshine him off?


1. Memories

  "Harry,we need to talk." She said,fiddling with her hands. His eyes faltered for a moment. Was she dumping him? She couldn't be! Her usual  baby blue eyes were clouded with such sadness. 

   "Go on..." He said,raising an eyebrow.  

   "I-I'm pregnant..." She  mumbled just above a whisper. But he heard. And he WASN'T happy.  Furious would be a good word for it. 

   "YOU'RE WHAT?!" She flinched at his raise of voice. He never yelled at her before. NEVER. 

   "Get rid of it." He said straight up. She paused before getting angrier than he was. 

   "Excuse me?" 

   "I didn't stutter. Brit,we're too young to be parents! I have One Direction-" 


   "If it has to be,than yes!!!" 

   "You know what,Harry? Enjoy your fame,but I hope you know you'll never be a dad to MY child!" And with that,she left without another word. He lost something really important that day. 

   Harry shook the memory from his head and continued to  listen to Liam's daily lecture. It's been sixteen years since that day,and Harry still regretted his words. He didn't even know who his child was. Yes,he badly wanted to know,but he didn't know where he/she was. Tears stung his eyes. It still hurt to think about it. 



He made a HUGE mistake. 


This is just a beginning. ENJOY!!!


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