The Father Of My Child

No one knew Harry Styles had a child. Except for him and the mother,at least. He made the selfish decision of abandoning his only daughter and girlfriend. Now that it's sixteen years into the future,he regrets everything. Will his two favorite girls forgive him outshine him off?


2. Meeting The Unwanted

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you?" a young woman asked her daughter. She had flowing blonde hair that fell just below her shoulders with icy blue eyes. She was beyond goregous,but was surprisingly single. This woman's name was Brittany Xaviers.
"Yeah,mum! Alena will just drive me! After all,she's the one with the car!" the daughter answered,rolling her eyes. She had the same kind of hair as her mother,except it was a deep brown. Her eyes were what saddened the poor mother. They were hazel green;that was the color of her father's eyes. This girl's name was Darcy Xaviers.
"Okay,then... See you after school,Darcy." The teenager nodded and scurried out the door towards a mustang that,no doubt,belonged to her friend,Alena. As they drove off,Brittany slid down the door,exhausted. 'Teenagers...',she thought bitterly.
Yes,she loved her daughter dearly,but raising a child alone was pretty hard. It hurt to think of Harry Styles,whom was Darcy's unknown father. He left her when she needed him most. He told her to her face that his band,One Direction,meant more to him than his own child.
Just as Brittany was about to leave to the couch to nap,a knock emerged outside the front door. Grumbling,Brittany opened it. Boy,did she regret doing that. Outside stood a pink-eyed Harry Styles,fumbling with his fingers.
"HARRY?!" she literally screamed. He raised his head and gave her a sorrow look.
"Hey Brit..."
"Wh-what the hell are you doing outside my house?"
"I came to see you,and.....and our kid." he answered curtly. She shook her head and tried to prosess what was happening. Then,his answer finally settled in to her head. Angry and furious,she went to shut the door in his face,but his foot stopped it.
"Please? I know what I did was a real bad move. Do you know how long it took for me to stop hating myself? Not knowing if my child is a boy or girl? Or if the mother of the said child is all right? I don't even know its name!"
"Darcy. Darcy Caroline Xaviers."
"Y-you named our daughter-"
"Yes. I named our daughter your dream name. Now please leave."
"Wait! Can I at least meet her?" Brittany was apalled at the question. After all he's put her through--the embarrassment,the bills,the pain that came when she gave birth--does he really think he deserves to see her? Does he think he can just show up on her doorstep,blurt out a few words,and expect her to just forgive him like that? No! That's not how it works under HER roof!
"Excuse me? But I thought One Direction meant more to you!"
"I lied,all right? I was scared of what my fans would think if I had a kid! Besides,you saw the hate they gave you on Twitter! Imagine what would've happened when they've found out you were pregnant!"
"I would have dealt with it!" Brittany shouted,throwing her hands out. "What makes you think I give a crap of what people behind computer screens think about me?" Harry stood there and stared at the girl he still loved.
"Please! I just want to see her! To know what she--"
"Sorry mum! I forgot my--" The two adults turned to see a shocked and confused Darcy standing on the front porch. Her eyes fixed on Harry,than turned to Brittany.
"Mum? Who's this?"
"Darcy?" Harry muttered,going to carress his daughter's cheek. Darcy moved back,confused of why this man knew her.
"Darcy. You have to know that I kept this away from you for a good reason..."
"Keep what?" she asked. "Who is this guy?"
Harry took a deep breath and said,

"I'm your father."
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