To the stars and back

'I have never been loved by a boy.. except for my family members.. But why would someone like him love a girl like me? clearly made no sense'

Ella isn't perfect and she knows it. So when the local hot surfer boy finds he loves her how does she cope with a sudden change of heart?
This takes readers on and adventure that is heartbreaking, heart warming and sexy as two teens find out what love really is.


1. Heart Attack




I sat in my backyard of soft green grass, Looking up at the thousands of wonderful bright stars in the sky.

I new my mom was one of those stars up there, That heart attack had taken her from me and put her up in that huge wide black canvas, She was now a shining bright star looking down on me,Making sure i was in a safe place at all times.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms tightly around them as my tears fell down my face, I stayed still letting them fall as i gazed up at the bright white dots covering the night sky.

"Ella?" My Aunt Darla called to me, I wiped my tears quickly and got up walking inside of the empty echoing house and closed the door.

"Are you ready? have you packed everything?" Darla asked as she ran a warm white cloth over the kitchen bench one more time.

"Yes Aunt Darla' I said quietly.

My Aunt Darla was never very good with affection so instead of hugging me, She nodded and walked passed me into the empty hall way to wipe things with the warm cloth.

Since Mom was dead I would have to go live with her twin brother my Uncle James.

Uncle James was a really great uncle. He lived in LA, he owned a French boutique on rodeo drive that got very many costumers. 

Do that was where i was going, And it would be nice to have someone around who understood my pain.



"Got your stuff?" Aunt Darla asked as I stood at the entrance to the plane.

"Yes" I said holding my bag.

Aunt Darla patted my shoulder, "Okay well I will see you next summer, and I will call Tonight to see how you are"

I nodded and then walked onto the plane, I gave my pass to the flight attendant and then found my seat, I sat down at the window and watched as Aunt Darla walked back into the airport.

I sighed and put my head phones on and tuned out sinking into the music playing from my iPod.






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