To the stars and back

'I have never been loved by a boy.. except for my family members.. But why would someone like him love a girl like me? clearly made no sense'

Ella isn't perfect and she knows it. So when the local hot surfer boy finds he loves her how does she cope with a sudden change of heart?
This takes readers on and adventure that is heartbreaking, heart warming and sexy as two teens find out what love really is.


2. Going Coastal



I walked into my Uncles arms as he stood at the bag pick up.

"Hey Beautiful" He said in a calm and excited voice.

"Hey Uncle James" I smiled slightly. 

He already had my bag in his hands.

He put his arm around me and we started walking to the car, My uncle was quiet tall and he had ruffled brown hair and a small triangle of his beard that was under his bottom lip.

James put my bag in the boot of that car as I got in the front seat and he got in as well then started the car and drove into the city of LA

"So, I was thinking." He said suddenly.

"What?' I asked looking at him. please don't say you want me to see a therapist! 

"Therapy" He said in a breath.

I opened my mouth to talk but he stopped me, "It's summer, I want you to relax and enjoy the sun. I want you to chill out while I am at work with Liam, I don't want you hanging around the shop like a lost soul" He explained.

Liam was my Uncles husband.

I smiled, "thanks Uncle James"

He raised ah and, "It's my job as the sassy gay uncle to make sure you have fun" he smiled.

I chuckled and then leaned over and kissed his cheek.




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