To the stars and back

'I have never been loved by a boy.. except for my family members.. But why would someone like him love a girl like me? clearly made no sense'

Ella isn't perfect and she knows it. So when the local hot surfer boy finds he loves her how does she cope with a sudden change of heart?
This takes readers on and adventure that is heartbreaking, heart warming and sexy as two teens find out what love really is.


3. Colin



I smiled as Leah walked into my arms and I wrapped them around her stopping in the middle of the hall kissing her head, putting my nose to her blonde silky hair, Leah was small and skinny, She had her head at my chest and i stood at 6'2. She had ocean blue eyes that she could use for evil if she knew how persuading they were.

"Hey baby" I said into her ear as she went on her tip toes and kissed my shoulder

"Ready for summer babe?" She asked smiling.

I smirked and nodded, "Yeah ready to watch you prance around the beach in a bikini...." 

She giggled and kissed me, "Well summer holidays start tomorrow so you don't have to wait very long baby" She said in a sexy tone and I smiled then put my hand in her's and walked into the school hall and sat down waiting for the principle make a boring speech about how everyone should be safe on the holidays.


I could feel everyone's excitement as the bell rang telling the whole school that summer holidays was now happening.

Leah ran up to me and smiled, "It's finally summer baby"

I smiled and kissed her lightly, "It is isn't it?" I asked and she giggled against my lips nodding.

"Get a room!" Jake yelled from across the hall of people and I laughed, Jake had been my best friend since he punched some dude in kindergarten cause they were picking on me.

Jake finally pushed through the sea of people and grabbed my hand slamming his shoulder to mine and Leah pushed him away wrapping her arms around my waist, I chuckled as Jake stood alone and almost stunned that Leah had pushed him away.

"Bonfire tonight at the east side of the beach you coming?' Jake asked looking at me and Leah.

Leah looked to the ground then smirked and whispered to me, "I bet I will have to wear a bikini" She said in my ear as she grinned.

"We will be there" I smiled at him and he shook his head walking away in disbelief.

Leah shrugged, "come on lets go I am hungry!" She begged and I smiled walking to my car with her.

I closed the door of my Audi R8 and looked over at Leah who was looking down at her phone.

"Whats up Leah bug?" I asked, Her face broke into a grin.

"Shut up! You know I didn't know that eating flies was weird!" She grinned hitting my arm lightly.

When I was in 2nd grade Leah was in my class and I was sitting next her, She had eaten a fly and so from then on when I was teasing her or trying to annoy her I called her 'Leah - bug'.

I smirked and started my car driving to Leah's house.


Leah looked at her house for a second and I raised an eyebrow, "what's wrong baby?" I asked.

She frowned, "The house is empty..." She smirked, "So that means we get free roam of it and... y'know.." She hinted to me and I laughed.

"Oh like sex?" I asked knowing it would make her blush, surely enough her cheeks flushed red and she hit my arm,

"Shut up!" She yelled laughing.

"Leah wants to have SEX!" I yelled as she giggled and blushed, She got out of the car and closed the door then raised her middle finger at me.

I watched with mock horror.

"Oh, My heart!...It's broken!" I held my heart faking hurt and she giggled.

"Get in here!" She yelled as she walked into her house.

I smiled and got out walking inside.

Leah's house was two story, It was floored with dark wooden floor boards and most of the walls painted white, Her lounge room was open and the leather couches were covered in pillows and blankets that matched all the walls and floors, A huge flat screen was on a wooden cabinet facing the wall, the kitchen was a side ways look from the lounge room and was open and the bench tops were white marble, Leah sat up on the bench looking at me with love in her eyes and dropped my bag at the door and walked over to her and she smiled.

I put myself between her legs and she put her head down and kissed me lightly moving her head back slightly every time I tried to deepen the kiss.

"Stop teasing me" I begged smiling against her lips, She kissed me deeply and I wrapped her legs around my waist.

I lifted her off the bench and headed towards her bedroom.


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