Bells Are Ringing


Bell is cheeky,quirky,seductive,and playfull.But when she falls in love with a human her family doesn't approve.And she starts thinking suicidal thoughts because of a certain family member.Every day her family must be watchful on her or something bad will happen.Something suicidal.Will Ricardo and her family be able to save her?Or will there be no more Bell Winter Styles?Find out in 'Bells Are Ringing' sequel to 'Love Is What We Fight For'.


5. Think that's what it takes?Your wrong!

Bell's P.O.V. I woke up from a peaceful sleep.Remembering the night before I headed to the bathroom as I freshens up and brushed my tech and hair.I went to my closet picking out a black bra and a show-off-shoulder rock band crop top with black ripped jeans and black converse.

As I opened my door I hear a muffled ow as my mom gets up off the floor."What do you want?!" I growled at my mom stepping over her and into the kitchen where Cocoa waited for her breakfast.

"I wanted to say sorry Bell Darling." she said following me "Two things."I say grabbing an apple and washing it "One:Don't call me 'Darling' Two:Think that's what it takes?Your wrong!" I add taking a bite.

"I'm trying Bell!And I know what I said really hurt you!But-Ugh!I just don't know what's happening to my baby Bell!" she stated."The fuck you tried!The hell that fuckin' hurt!And what's happening to me is love!" I yell running out and into my car,driving to Rick's.

Harry's P.O.V.

Jeanette ran into our room in tears.

"What's wrong?" I get up asking.

"I tried to apoligize but I cut deeper than her razor this time!" Jeanette cried running into my arms.

"Where is she?" I asked hugging her.

"I don't know she just ran to her car!" she still cried.

"She'll come back don't worry." I quietly said.

Bell's P.O.V.

I lay on Rick's bed as he asked me what happened this time.

"My fuckin' mother is scrutinizing me." I said breezily.

"Well that's gotta hurt you." he says sighing.

"She FOUGHT back when my dad tried to remind her it was ME she was talking about!" I pointed out.

"Yeah but it's already twelve.Git along home ya Beauty!" He said giving me pat on the head.

"Can I stay here today?" I pleaded.

"No now git!" he said helping me up.

I sighed as I got into my car and drove home.
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