Bells Are Ringing


Bell is cheeky,quirky,seductive,and playfull.But when she falls in love with a human her family doesn't approve.And she starts thinking suicidal thoughts because of a certain family member.Every day her family must be watchful on her or something bad will happen.Something suicidal.Will Ricardo and her family be able to save her?Or will there be no more Bell Winter Styles?Find out in 'Bells Are Ringing' sequel to 'Love Is What We Fight For'.


3. Permission?

Bell's P.O.V.



Me and Rick got up walking into the living room.


We walked in,everyone was talking about me.


"Mom?Dad?" I said trying to catch thier attention.


They kept on talking.


"MOM!DAD!" i yelled.


Everyone turned to me and everyone started talking again except directly to me.


"Oh Bell!You're awake!"

"Are you okay!"


"Why'd you do that!?"


"Shut up and listen!" I yelled.


Everyone went quiet.


"Me and Rick" i said looking into mom's eyes.


Everyone gasped.


"Do we have your permission,Mr.and Mrs.Styles?" Rick asked.


"Well...Are you planning on hurting my daughter,boy?" my dad asking raising his eyebrows in challenge.


"Of course not,sir." Rick replied.


"Well it's fine by me." dad said.


"Thankyou oh thankyou daddy!" i exclaimed running to him,pulling him into a hug.


"Welcome,Baby." dad said hugging me back.


"Mom?" i questioned going back to Ricardo.


"You don't just get my permission you earn it." she said as Layli,Louis,Jen,and Liam nodded.


We both signed.


"Okay Mrs.Styles.I will do all i can to ge that permision." he said politely.


Me:Dad please try and change her mind!Please!I really love Ricardo.

Harry/Dad:I'll try my best.

Me:Thank you i love you!



 I flashed dad or heeky smile and went back to my room.


"So Ricardo what brought you to my home?" i asked.


"I came to tell you i had feelings ever since i met you." he said.


"Well you've accomplished your mission lunar base." i said in a astronaut voice.


He chuckled.


"Oh shit!" i remembered.


Ricardo was startled.


i ran to the kitchen grabbing two dog bowls,water bottle, and some dog food poured the food in one bowl and water in the other.


Then i whistled.


Cocoa came bounding in running to where i stood with her food bowls.


"Sit.Calm.Good girl!" i commanded setting her bowls down as she jumped at them i scratched her behind the ears.


"So that was the 'Oh Shit!' thing huh?" Ricardo chuckled.


"Hey she's five years and ONLY a puppy she can't feed herself like us." i defended Cocoa.


"Well i gotta go.bye babe." he said pecking my lips but i grabbed his face and kissed him passionatly.


Cocoa whined.


"Guess we don't got Cocoa's permission!" he chuckled scrathing her behind the ears.


I bent down to her level.


"Do we got your permission Cocoa?" i asked taking her face in my hands as i look in her eyes.


She barks wagging her tail.


"I'll take that as a yes!" i chuckled leaving her to eat.


I walked to my room grabbing the blade and wrapping guaze.


I changed,sliced,moaned,sliced,moaned,wrapped,and blacked out in bed.


Jeanette's P.O.V.



"Jeanette!" Harry called.


"Yes Harry?" I said innocentlly.


"Our room now." he said pointing to our bedroom.


I signed walking to it.


"Yes?" i asked sitting on the bed.


"Jeanette Belline Styles!Why did you not give them your permission!?" he demanded.


"Harold Edward Styles!I have every right to!" i answered back

"Bell is growing up!And you can' stop her!She loves Ricardo Jeanette!" he argued


''I don't want my baby to grow up!That's your answer Harold!" i yelled.


"I don't want my baby to grow up either but we all have to let go.So why can't you just let go?" he said sofly.


"Because it's so hard to see my little baby growing up and leaving me." i said.


"I know sweetheart.But she loves him." he said as i sadly nodded.


"Okayi'll try." i said.


"Now good night i'm tired." i said slipping into bed.


"K sweetheart i'll come in a while." he said kissing my head.


I fell asleep thinking of my family.

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