Bells Are Ringing


Bell is cheeky,quirky,seductive,and playfull.But when she falls in love with a human her family doesn't approve.And she starts thinking suicidal thoughts because of a certain family member.Every day her family must be watchful on her or something bad will happen.Something suicidal.Will Ricardo and her family be able to save her?Or will there be no more Bell Winter Styles?Find out in 'Bells Are Ringing' sequel to 'Love Is What We Fight For'.


4. Merry Birthday?

*12 months later December 25th*

Ricardo's P.O.V.


Me and Bell have been dating for 12 months now and were really loved each other and her mom finally approved except for her aunt's and uncle's Jen,Liam,Janise,Louis,Layli,and Zayn.


It was Bell's birthday and we were gonna surprise her.


"K babe see you soon." i said into my phone.


"Wait wha-." i hung up it was a surprise party she couldn't know.


"She's comig,right?" Harry asked.


I nodded.


"Every one hiding places!" Jeanette yelled as we heard the jingle of keys.


We all hid.


The door opened "Hello?" i Bell called.


"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" We yelled.


Bell yelped dropping all her bags and falling flat on her butt.


"Happy Birthday Babe!" i said hugging her and kissing her head.


"Thanks Babe." she kissed me back as she greeted everyone.


"Well let's get the party started!" Some of her families friends said as Harry opened the door.


*A couple of hours later*


Bell's P.O.V


I was walking to the dining room when i heard my parents and their friends talking,I froze.


"She's starting to cut herself!" My mom exclaimed.


"You got a tough one.I'm glad my darling Francesta doesn't do that!" Jakki who was one of my mother's (Human) friend said.


"Yah my Candy and Dolly are so much more mature!" Jeni another one of my mom's (Human) friend.


"Yah i'm glad I did better


"Uh honey you do realize your talking about our baby.Bell!" Dad pointed out.


"He's right Ms.Jeanette." One of my dad's friend said.


"But she's turned into what i never wanted!" Mom faught back.


"You really think of me like that!?" i cried making myself visible.


"BELL!" everyone gasped.


"So since i'm going through a rough time i'm no longer loved by you!" i accused.


"No Bell-I-I-I!" Mom said trying to find a reason.


"Bell what's wrong?" Ricardo said wrapping his arms around me but i just sobbed.


"Bell please!" mom tried to apoligize.


"SHUT UP!" i sobbed and ran to my room.


i ran into my room and locked the door and grabbed my wooden "razor" and made three cuts on my left wrist and right wrest and both my ankles.


I wrapped them all up and curled up into a ball crying as everyone pounded on my door.





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