Bells Are Ringing


Bell is cheeky,quirky,seductive,and playfull.But when she falls in love with a human her family doesn't approve.And she starts thinking suicidal thoughts because of a certain family member.Every day her family must be watchful on her or something bad will happen.Something suicidal.Will Ricardo and her family be able to save her?Or will there be no more Bell Winter Styles?Find out in 'Bells Are Ringing' sequel to 'Love Is What We Fight For'.


6. Day at the pool


Harry's P.O.V.


Today we were going to the pool to relax.


I packed a second pair of clothesand a swimsuit.


I woke Jeanette and tod her to pack she node and got ready.


I went to wake up Bell.


"Bell darling.Pack,we're going to the pool.You can invite Ricardo." i gently shook her.


"K." she said gettting ready and calling Ricardo.


I went to Jeanette's and I room to see shewas ready.


I grabbed both bags and setthem by the front door.


Bell's P.O.V.


I finished calling Ricardo and put on a lot of heavy jewerly.


Then i picked out a black dress with black sandals and bit of blush.


We all piled into the car and headed to the pool.


When we got there i waited for Ricardo.


When he finaly came we walked hand in hand to the deep end of the pool.


"Thats alot of jewelry for going swimming.You could drown." He said looking at the heavy jewelry.


"That's the point." i simply say as i command my body to fall backwards.


"Bell!" He screams as he tries to grab me but the weight of all the heav jewelry akes me fall faster than he can react.


As the jewelry pulls me down i let my body relax so the process i easier.


If they won't let me love you...I wont BE here to love you.  I think as my lungs demand the air that isn't there instead filling with the water that slips through my lips down my throat into my lungs.


As they slowly fill with water killing me slowly,and painfully there is a splash as i reach the bottom laying there waiting

 for the fate i brought against myself.


Ricardo's (Rick) P.O.V.


"Bell!" i sream as she falls backwards into the pool i try to grab her but she falls to fast.


"Help!Help!She's drowning!" i yell as i jump in after her.


As my eyes go to focus Bell is laying there as her life slips away more at evey single inch of water that fills her lungs,

a slight blissful look in her features as her eyes slowly close.


I swim as fast as i can to her grabbing her and pulling her to the surface.


As i gasp for air as Mr. and Mrs.Styles drag there daughter onto the concrete.


I hop out and start giving her CPR and MTM (MTM stands for mouth to mouth) as her father holds her hysterical mother.


"God Dammit Bell!Breath for god's sake!" i say pumping her heart.


All of a sudden water spurts out of her mouth as she gasps for air.


She clutches my shirt as she coughs.


She lays flat and slowly calms down her breahing.


"Mr.Styles you should take her home to rest." I say getting up.


"Thankyou Ricardo." Bell's father says as he picks Bell up.


"Your welcome sir." i said going to change.


Bell's P.O.V.


Everything was black.


I thought i was dead.


Untill i heard my dad voice.



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