Bells Are Ringing


Bell is cheeky,quirky,seductive,and playfull.But when she falls in love with a human her family doesn't approve.And she starts thinking suicidal thoughts because of a certain family member.Every day her family must be watchful on her or something bad will happen.Something suicidal.Will Ricardo and her family be able to save her?Or will there be no more Bell Winter Styles?Find out in 'Bells Are Ringing' sequel to 'Love Is What We Fight For'.


7. Bell Winter Styles!Are you crazy!

Bell's P.O.V. As I woke up my father went full on scolding me. "Bell Winter Styles!Are you crazy!You could've died!" He scolded. "That was the point." I whispered. "What?" he asked. "That was the point." I said a little to loud for their comfort. My dad's eyes softened just pinch."Bell!B-But why?" he asked. "Because I love Ricardo!And if my life will have to be without him then I don't want my life!If I'm not the baby you wanted!Then I WON'T be your baby anymore!I'm sick and tired of having to listen to all of your 'She was never the baby I wanted!' bullshit!I am 15 years old!I can move out!You know what!I WANT to move out!" I burst shooting out of bed and packing my things. "Bell if it was about your birthday.I'm sorry!" my mother pleaded. "Sorry's not enough for what you said!" I yell as I shove the last of my things into my suitcase. "Bell darling.I-I'm so sorry but please don't go!" he cried on the brink of tears. "I'm sorry dad but I'm tired of this bullshit!It's Hell!" I curse. I grab my phone and head to my convertible. "Bell?" My aunt Jane's voice comes from behind me as I threw my bag into my car. "I'm sorry Jane but I have to get out of this Hell hole." I cry as I hug her. "Just visit me sometimes okay?" she sniffles. "Of course Jane." I cry. I get inside my car and start the engine and give Jane a final wave as I drive away leaving my childhood home. Ricardo's (Rick) P.O.V. I was in my room on my laptop when I got a call. "Yello?" I answer. "Ricardo do you know where Bell is?" Mr.Styles' voice asks. "No.Why?" I ask a little bit worried. "We got into an argument and she...moved out." He hesitated to say. "I'm sorry I don't know where she is Mr.Styles." I say. "Thank you Eicaedo for your time." "Gladly and sorry I couldn't help." I apoligize. "It's fine." he says hanging up. BEEP BEEP. I called Bell. RING RING "Bell Winter Styles Residence.Bell speaking."Bell answered politely. "What happened to 'Harold Edward Styles Residence.Bell speaking'?" I asked. "Own roof.Own rules.Own place.Own Residence." She simply said. "Didn't think you'd find a place so quick babe." I said surprised. "Find a beautiful mansion.Only needed to pay 1,000 to pay the house right away so it's all mine no payment." she said proud. I was astonished."Dayum!That's cool!" I say. "Thanks babe gotta start unpacking."she says "Bye.Oh and give me directions i'll come help."I say "K it's 456 plum street.(Made up) "she said as I wrote it down. "Be there in 15 bye." I said. "Bye." she hung up. BEEP BEEP. I grabbed my keys and drove to Bell's new mansion. *To Bell's Mansion* I knocked on her door waiting. When she opened it I pecked her on the lips. "Hey babe." she greeted me. "Yello." I said as I walked in. "Fancay Fancay!" I whistled. "I know right?" she said visibly proud. "Well your parents are looking for you."I said. "Ugh not you too!" she said annoyed. "No not me too just try to make the right decision love." I said as we upstairs to unpack her stuff. (Hoped you liked! -JasmineHoranForevs)

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