Give Me Love

Aisling (Ash-ling) Gavette is your typical high school girl. She has gorgeous blonde hair and is one of the most popular girls! She seems like a confident, fearless, and carefree kind of gal. But most people don't know how her life really is. She struggles to keep on that pearly-white fake smile. Everyone belives that she is okay, but there is one guy who sees right through her little act. Right when she is at her lowest point, will he be there for her? Or will she push him away like everyone else... If you want to know more, read it!


1. #judgeme

     I ran home after another horrible day at school. I knew what my next action would be after I slammed my door shut. I grabbed an old Barbie pencil case from third grade off of my cluttered desk. I unzipped the top and carefully chose which razor I would use this time. I walked into the bathroom, glad no one was home. I took off my pants revealing the grousome cuts and scars on my hips and upper thighs. I started to cut, taking away the pain that follows me everywhere I go. I have been in the habit of cutting myself for about a year now. It has become my addiction. My guilty pleasure. Judge me if you want, you wouldn't be the first.



[A/N] Hey! I was just kind of bored in class one day, and  decided to write something like this! since these kinds of things have been big events in my life. ummm so yeah! just tell me what you think! i dont really want to continue with my other stories. im bored with them. i think i really want to do this story because i can relate to it and just put my experiences in with it too if i get writers block! tell me what you think <3(:

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