Give Me Love

Aisling (Ash-ling) Gavette is your typical high school girl. She has gorgeous blonde hair and is one of the most popular girls! She seems like a confident, fearless, and carefree kind of gal. But most people don't know how her life really is. She struggles to keep on that pearly-white fake smile. Everyone belives that she is okay, but there is one guy who sees right through her little act. Right when she is at her lowest point, will he be there for her? Or will she push him away like everyone else... If you want to know more, read it!


3. Him

     After taking a shower I got fully clothed and layed in my bed. My dad wasn't home yet- as usual. He was probably out getting drunk with his work buddies. My mom is on a 6-month mission trip to Ghana. I miss her dearly. She's only been gone for 2 months, but it feels much, much longer than that. Especially with my dad around...


      "Aisling!" I sprung up from my bed, reconizing my father's harsh tone. "Get your ass down here!" I slowly opened my bedroom door, peering down the steps that lead to the family room. "NOW!" He screamed, this time it made me yelp a little bit. I scurried down the stairs. "Y-yes?" I stuttered. I could never think properly when I was around him, and it wasn't a good thing. "Why is this house still dirty?" I looked down at my feet, trying to avoid eye contact. He moved in closer to my face. "Now I'm going to say this one more time. WHY IS THIS HOUSE SO DAMN DIRTY?!" He screamed the words into my face. His breath reaked of alcohal. "I-I- I forgot to clean. I'm sorry! I'll get started ri-" *SMACK!* he hit me. He hit me so hard I fell to the gound. I held my face with both of my hands. Wincing at the horendous feeling. "You better clean this dump up as soon as you get home from school you little bitch." He began to walk away. "You're so god damn usless." he muttered loud enough for me to hear. His words cut like knives. Literally. That monster is a big reason why I have cut so much. That, and along with Christofer.


     As soon as he went into the kitchen -probably for a can of beer- I ran to my room. I slammed the door shut and decided to vent. I grabbed my laptop and began to type. Type whatever came to mind. I have always been an excellent writer, but never was confident enough to share my work. Only with my teachers since they assign my essays and stuff like that.


     After an hour of typing my heart and soul into Microsoft Word, I re-read it. Soon, I came to the realization of what I have wrote. A suicide letter. I guess I didn't really think about what I was writing to begin with. After reading the words again and again, I burst into tears. I hugged my giant, fluffy, tye-dye pillow that lays across the top of my bed. I burried my face into it and let some emotion out. I tried to be as quiet as I could, I didn't want him to hear me cry. He would probably come back into my room and give me a second round. I'm somewhat used to it. It deffinatly wasn't the first time he has hit me, and it certainly wasn't the last. I think I should just become immune to the abuse. I'm not perfect, I deserve what he does to me. He only does it to help me learn.

To make me become a better child.

Doesn't he?


A/N Sorry for such poopy chapters!! I just wrote this one in ten minutes!! A "special character" comes into the next chapter, so bare with me here! The next one will be better, and LONGER!! I pinky promise! <3

anyways, I have 992 reads on They Don't Know About Us! Maybe I should continue with it. hmm decisions, decisions.


byee!!! loveeee karaaaabearrr

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