Bly, a fifteen year old girl is stuck in the middle of tons of drama. Her mom is bitten by a zombie and Bly is told to do something she regret. She discovers her hidden life and who she truly is. Tons of sercrets are spilled on the way to Bly's destination with a stranger, Jake. Will everything be fine, will Bly stay alive.


2. Chapter Two

I wanted to kill myself, I can't believe I killed my own blood, my own mom. Even, if she told me to do it, I felt like a murderer. I just wanted to curl myself into a ball and cry. But, I knew I couldn't I had to leave, find this girl and go to this place.

"Protect her with your life." My mom's words replayed in my head over and over.

I rushed to my room, and grabbed a small duffel bag and placed some things in it, including the most important my mom's locket and our family scrapbook. I was about to burst into tears again but, a tiny voice in my head said,

"There's no time to waste. Hurry Bly."

I grabbed my bag and went into my mom's room where her chest was, I opened the chest and saw to large duffel bags. I picked them up and rushed to the garage. I sighed in relief when I saw there was no zombies in here. I grabbed the keys to out Ford Truck, Lifted. I stuffed the bags in the back seat and got in the front. I pressed the garage opener, as soon as the garage open I almost threw up, screaming, crying was all over especially the blood.

I sped out of the garage and took a quick look at the address for the girl.

FesTive Rd. 13245 , Redwood.

Thank heavens, I knew where Redwood was, it was just a few miles from where I was. I started to drive towards the small town, Redwood. The stupid girl I was, I stopped for gas. Literally, I ran inside the gas station with a knife and looked for those gas jugs. I heard a noise from inside the gas station and my body froze. A limping silhouette came out from the back of the store, green slime was coming out of the mouth. A smirk formed on the zombie' s lips, it started to groan and say weird muffled words.

It kept getting closer to me and I couldn't move, I was completely frozen. The horrible image played over in my head when the my mom was laying on the floor and the evil thing was next to her. I open my eyes that happened to come without me noticing to a high pitched shriek. I watched as the zombie fell to the ground, I was so confused I didn't kill him then who did.

"Hello." A voice said and I jumped and fell to the floor.

Someone laughed, and a man about 18, came in sight. He was holding a knife with green slime on it. What if he was going to kill me I kept my mom a promise to help the girl. Wait, he saved me why would he kill me. I didn't know what do and looked at him with fear.

"I just saved you. I'm not gonna hurt you." He said and smiled.

I just stared at him and he lowered his hand for me to take. I grabbed his hand and he helped me up. I looked at him, he had green eyes and curly brown hair.

"Who are you?" I asked my voice full of fear.

"Jake Walkers." He said.

I nodded my head, and stared at him. "Wait, I'm wasting time!" I thought, I got up and tried to hold five gallons of gas. Jake looked at me amused.

"Wow, little lady. What you doing?" Jake asked me and grabbed three of the Gas jugs.

"I have to leave and I need gas." I said as I stepped outside and put the jugs in the back of the truck.

Jake followed me outside and put the other three jugs in the back of the truck too. I looked around to see, Jake was gone. I shrugged and walked over to the driver's seat. To my surprise, Jake was sitting in the driver's seat hands on the steering wheel.

"I'm not letting a little lady like you go around by your self I'm coming with you wether you like it or not." Jake said without looking at me.

"What?!" I practically yelled.

"Shh... now get in the truck." He told me.

I gave up on trying to argue with him and got in the driver's seat. I picked up the piece of paper,with the girls address on it and Jake looked at the paper.

"Is that where we are going?" He asked me.

I nodded and looked at my mom's hand writing. I sighed knowing that was her last time writing and realised tears where escaping my eyes. Jake was staring at me, and I just shook my head, he nodded and started driving. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Jake spoke up.

"So, I didn't catch your name."

"Oh.... It's Bly." I said and just looked at my feet.

"That's a pretty name." He said and looked at me.

"Thank you." I said weakly, and closed my eyes.

"Your welcome," He said quietly "Maybe should get some it looks like you been through a lot today."

I nodded, I didn't realize how tired I was. But, I wasn't sure it was safe to sleep next to a stranger well... at least he wasn't a zombie. I closed my eyes , and quickly fell asleep.

I watched as, I saw another me swinging a knife to my own blood and my own mom. I heard her skin tear as the knife touched her delicate skin.

"Mom!" I screamed.

I felt my body shacking, and some one screaming my name.



"Wake up!"

Wake up! This must be a night mare my mom's still alive. She' alive !! I opened my eyes expecting to see my mom instead I saw Brown curly hair and was realizing it was Jake and that it wasn't just a nightmare, it did happen and I killed my mom. I'm living a nightmare.


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