Bly, a fifteen year old girl is stuck in the middle of tons of drama. Her mom is bitten by a zombie and Bly is told to do something she regret. She discovers her hidden life and who she truly is. Tons of sercrets are spilled on the way to Bly's destination with a stranger, Jake. Will everything be fine, will Bly stay alive.


3. Chapter Three

"Bly, what's in the bags in the back?" Jacob asked.

I looked at him with a questionable look, and then realised what he was talking about. "What is in the bags?" I thought. I really didn't know what was in the bags. But, I did know what was in the small duffel bag, my stuff. But, not the two big duffel bags.

"I don't know, one of them is mine but, the two others I have no idea." I said.

Jacob, slammed on the breaks and I flew forward the dash board. I stared at Jacob like a mad man.

"Wait, you stole those bags!? They could be innocent people who needed it! Did you still this truck!? What the he'll is wrong with you!?" Jacob screamed.

"No...No... and nothing is wrong with me," I said and then thought to myself, "Well, nothing's wrong with me except for the fact I had to kill my mom."

"Oh, well then, how do you know what's in the bags?" Jacob asked and started driving again.

I sighed, and then looked at him.

"My mom just told me to grab these two duffel bags before...." I said.


"Before she died." I answered.

His face fell and turned pale. He looked at me and gave me a apologetic look.

"Zombies?" He asked.

"Sorta." I said.

"Sorta?" He asked.

I stared at the ground as a tear rolled down my cheek. I might as well tell him, it would cone out sooner or later. And that later he would probably me mad and something bad will happen.

"My mom asked me to kill her, after a zombie bit her. She didn't want to turn in one is what she told me. She told me to get the truck grab the duffel bags get the girl and go to the place in Canada.... then I-killed-her and left."

Jacob, looked at me with surprise all over his face. I started crying but hid my tears and just looked out the window. I turned on the radio to see if it would work and it did. 'Here comes the sun, little darling. Here comes the sun and I say it's alright.' played through the speakers and I almost burst out crying. This was my dad's and I song. Where is my dad? What if the' s dead!? No, he can't be!

"Well, why don't you check those bags, Bly." He said.

I nodded my head and turned in my seat and grabbed one duffel bag at a time. Once, I had the two on my lap I checked the blue on first. There was blankets, knives, guns and ammo in this bag.

"So, what's in it?" Jacob asked and looked over my shoulder.


"That's great!Check the other bag." Jacob said with so much excitement in his voice.

I opened the other bag it had some can food and snacks in it. I kept searching through the bag, there was a teddy bear? And a picture frame it was my dad, my mom, the little me and a baby girl. I was on my dad's shoulders, I was about ten and my mom was cradling a baby girl in her arms. Who was that? I had no other siblings or family or cousins. Then, I looked more in the bag there was a note.

' Dear Bunny,  

You have another sister her name is Keriah. I never told you this because, I didn't want you worry about your little sister. By now the zombies probably do exist, and I hope you will be safe and get your sister and make it to Canada. Your uncle and some other scientists he worked with where trying to cure cancer. Once, they made a cure they tested it. The animal started going crazy and ended up biting a scientist. The scientist soon, started acting like the animal and bit all the scientists but two and your uncle. The scientists who where bitten got to tons of other humans. The ones who are bitten are know as zombies. Anyways, the government captured all the zombies and put then somewhere to experiment. One day, You, your sister and I went to visit your uncle at work. A Zombie escaped, and bit your sister. The government took your sister and waited till she turned but she never did. The government tested her blood and a zombies blood and they where not identical. The government concluded she was immune to the bite but they took your sister and put her in hiding. I knew if one zombie could escape the rest could and so, did your father and uncle. I got you these bags ready just In case and your father and uncle started building this safety area in Canada where you would be safe and your sister. You don't remember your uncle or sister or anything when you where seven because, when your sister was bitten everyone was rushing and screaming towards her. You where so small they didn't notice you, they knocked you over and you fell on the ground. Since, you where little and very delicate you easily lost your memory.

Love Mommie xoxox'

I burst out crying and Jacob looked at me he saw the note and read it. I have another sister and a uncle, I lost my memory wait, if I do have a uncle I might have more family too. At least I'll be somewhere safe. My dad is alive and I have a sister! I didn't loose my family only one of them. I actually have something to live for.

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