Bly, a fifteen year old girl is stuck in the middle of tons of drama. Her mom is bitten by a zombie and Bly is told to do something she regret. She discovers her hidden life and who she truly is. Tons of sercrets are spilled on the way to Bly's destination with a stranger, Jake. Will everything be fine, will Bly stay alive.


1. Chapter One

*The world is cold now, I don't remember nothing the last time I smiled ever. I cried more than, ever and I use to never shed a tear or even have a fear. But, look at me I'm hiding constantly the world is my fear.. life is my fear.*

"Mom, were are my shoes!" I yelled.

"You have a lot of shoes, bunny." She said.

"Grrr..." I muttered.

"Bunny, check outside." She said and walked up the stairs and blew me a kiss, I laughed "I'm not lesbo." I thought.

I walked, out of the house into my front yard, and searched for my shoes.

Let me introduce myself, I am Bly Faith. My parents called me bunny since, I was little. I have no siblings, and have basically no other family members. I never cry, I'm bad ass, and don't let guys get to me. I basically look like Emma Roberts, except I have purple eyes.

My thoughts were interrupted my a scream and my head shot up. That voice my mom's voice, "Mom!!" I screamed and ran into the house and I honestly wish I didn't. The sight that will never leave my mind, my mom was on the ground with a huge clash through her side and green gooze was coming out. And I know I was probably going crazy because behind of my mom is what looked liked a Zomb--... A Zombie.

The zombie slowly came towards me, limping. I grabbed the closest thing next to me and stabbed him in the neck. The zombie fell to the ground and green gooze spilled out, and I just stared at in shock.

"Bly.." I heard my mom's voice but, now weak.

I quickly scurried over to where my mom was laying. Her eyes where full of fear and horror and pain. She was completely pale.

"I need you to do something for me." She said.

"Anything." I replied to my mom.

"Kill me." She said and looked at me with begging eyes.

"Kill you!" I screamed.

"Your wasting time Bly Sage Faith. I know a lot of what's happening. Okay. And if you don't kill me I will turn into what did this to me." My mom pointed to her wound.

"But..." I said becoming as weak as her.

"You will do it." My mother grabbed my hand.

"Okay." I said.

"And I need you to pick up a girl name Keriah Back. Protect her with your life Bly and take her to this place." My mom pulled out a piece of paper and one state was on it and a a dress was on it.

"But, mom how can I find the girl?" I said and realised tears were escaping my eyes.

My mom pulled another piece a paper out a gave it to me.

"Kill me right now. After, pack your stuff go in my room to my chest and grab the bags in there then, take my car and get Keriah. Remember, I love you till the stars." My mom said and I nodded.

I grabbed the knife I killed the other zombie with and I started to shake. I looked at my mother, the one I love too much so much. And I had to be the one to end her life. The one who gave me my own life, I looked into my mother's eyes, her begging eyes filled with pain, sorrow and fear. Basically, what my eyes will be for the rest of this evil life in this new evil world.

"I love you, and that's why I'm doing this." I managed to say between my crys.

She smiled sadly, and I gripped the knife and in one motion, I swung the knife in my lovely Mom's direction. As if the universe hated me, the whole thing had a gloomy song in the background and was in slow motion. The knife hit my mom's skin and I could hear the tear in her skin.

Blood splattered across my face and the room and I could instantly hear her stop breathing, the only sound in the room was the sound of me sobbing.

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