What is a "Popular" and who decides who's "Popular"?


2. Animals in the School


        Everyone in middle school and even in high school want to be or become friends with popular people. People want to do this for many reasons witch some can not be explained. You mainly see who becomes popular in cafeterias. People are all in there little groups and you can see who is real and who is not. By this I mean you can see who actully hangs out with their "friends" and who is just in it for the fame. In my school and in others you can clearly see the groups: The band kids, the smarts, the fantasy, the cheerleaders, the people who want to become popular, and the "popular"s. Who do we do these groups? We all do this even if you don't know it. You create groups by the friends you hang out with and by the people you judge. We all feel comfortably in our own little bubbles with our friends but we all need to welcome others. Our schools are mean and cruel. Maybe you don't have fights or discrimination but even if you don't have those aspects your school can still be mean by putting people into groups. The problem with this is that teachers are all for groups. They are saying  if kids are in groups less fighting. Lets just say that doesn't work, there are still plenty of fights verbally and fisicaly. People even get emotionally hurt by it, if they try to talk to someone in another group and that group rejects them they feel hurt. Witch is not good. Even if you say you don't do that, you do, admit it even if you don't say it out load you say it maybe sometimes in you r head. 

     School is just literatlly a zoo, it holds a bunch of animals in a cage and then lets them out occasionally. If you walk through the halls while class is in session you wont see the zoo side of it but when that bells rings you see it. they "animals" come out and play. If you are small and you are in middle or high school I feel bad for you. I am smaller than kids in my class but not the smallest (anymore) and we all get trampled everywhere. Weither it be in the halls or in the classroom, no one has manners. Some people have manners and are very nice but then the mean kids make fun of them. So why is there even still people who are nice in school anymore. I mean if the "Popular" people are being mean to them because of that wouldn't they just stop because they want to be like the popular people. No, not everyone wants to be like them because they realize that they are immature. See I just made that call in my head without even knowing some of the popular people in my school but what they show in the classrooms reflect on them. If they act mean or immature in the classroom it reflects on who they are, maybe not completely though. Some people put on a show cause they want to be popular. The point is don't be mean to anyone. 

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