Lyla, had no one. After her parents grueling divorce, after all those years of teasing, everything crashed down. She turns to the only thing she thinks will save her sanity. All the while, the boy no one sees, knows whats going on. Everything. As Lyla slips deeper into self-harm and depression, the nameless boy steps up to the plate to save her from drowning.


3. Secluded


 I climb into my tree. It's the only thing I have left of him. I can't believe it's been one year already. Though he was younger by two years, he's the only one that ever understood me. He's the only reason I stopped cutting. Then, just like that, he was gone. I remember the day we met. We both walked up to this tree, looked at each other, and climbed in. No word were uttered, just an understanding. We both came here at around the same time each day, so there was no point in not talking. At first it was conversations like "what's your favorite ice cream flavor?" then it gradually became more then small talk, eventually he knew everything about me. He's the only one I've ever told my story to, and he will only ever be the one who's heard it. Of course there was no physical attraction. I do have to say that he was kind of cute though, but more like a younger brother/puppy type cute. But, if I was about his age, I'd definitely have a crush on him. Though he was younger, it felt like he was taking care of me instead of the other way around like you'd figure it to be. He was definitely special. He always brought a happy aura with him. But I can't reminisce on the past. That's one of the things he taught me; the past is your past, and it needs to stay exactly where it needs to be, In your past. I'm pushing all of this behind me. I won't ever forget him if that's what you thought I was going to do. I'm just repressing the memories so I don't have to think about him not being here anymore.

I love this tree. My dad used to always bring me fishing by that little pond and I'd always be climbing trees. This was the last one I'd ever climbed with him with me. After he and my mother divorced, he was never the same. He always worked late hours, he never wanted to talk anymore, he stopped doing the things that made him happy, he was like a whole new person. So I shut him out. I started sharing with him less and less. There was no more 'Lyla and dad' time, there was no more fishing together, there was no more us. We barely have a relationship now. The only one we do have is because of the state and it's stupid regulations about spending two weekends of every month with him. Even them it's only small talk, and sometimes less then that. If I had the choice I wouldn't come with him. I'd just stay with my mom even though that's not any better. But I go for my little brother, he's only seven. I don't want him growing up knowing that his sister hates his father. No, let me correct that. I don't hate him, I hate what he did. I hate the fact that he took the easy way out, how he choose not to stay and work things out with mom. I hate how he can never admit that he was wrong and that he still loves her, that he made the mistake of leaving. I know he won't though. Because he's stubborn, just like me. There's nothing I can do about it now though, it's to late. I don't think I want them to get back together anyways. They were always fighting about the smallest of details. I knew they were in love though. It was the way they looked at each other at the end of the day. They would stare into each others eyes and share a small chaste kiss. I thought that I wanted that kind of relationship when I was older. But now that I've seen what Love can do to a person, I'm not even sure I want to ever be in a relationship. Everyone always ends up hurt, there is no happily ever after. I hope one day someone will come along and change my mind. Until then, it's me against everything. I don't really mind being alone though, it's quite peaceful. Olivia Wilde once said - "I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person" As you can tell, I'm very self- defined.


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