Lyla, had no one. After her parents grueling divorce, after all those years of teasing, everything crashed down. She turns to the only thing she thinks will save her sanity. All the while, the boy no one sees, knows whats going on. Everything. As Lyla slips deeper into self-harm and depression, the nameless boy steps up to the plate to save her from drowning.


2. Dying


  "I'm sorry for your loss".

The doctors words ring in my head endless hours of the day.I can't accept the fact that he's gone, can't accept the fact that I knew, that I could have helped. I noticed everything that went on with him. How he stopped eating dinner with us, how he never smiled anymore, all the scars... I could have stopped him. I just didn't. Suicide. My brother commited suicide. He didn't want help. But he knew that I noticed. Maybe that's why he did it. He knew I didn't care enough to stop him. But the thing is, i did care, I still do care. I just didn't know what to do. I should have gotten an adult. I should have gotten him the help he needed. I should have, I could have; but I didn't. God I'm so selfish. I only thought about myself. He was only 14. 14 years of precious life taken from this earth. I just don't understand. He had a loving family, plenty of friends, a great house, a great life, everything. I don't understand what got so bad that he actually killed himself. I guess I'll never understand... It's been a whole year since he did it. I couldn't bare to go to school today. I miss him so much... He was my little brother for crying out loud! I told him everything. I even went to him for advice about girls! He was so much wiser for his age, he seemed to know the answer to everything. He always had an explanation. He was just amazing. Since his passing, I've become a lot more isolated. Also more observant. Yeah I still hang out with my friends, I'm just not as close to them as before. How can I be if part of me is missing? Oh crap here I go again, sounding like a freaking soap star. I really need to toughen up a little. If he was here he'd know how I could get through this. But he's not, I need to accept that. I think I should get home. It's almost 6:00, I've been at his favorite spot the whole day. Just thinking about him, and all the things we used to do together. I hop off of the tree and am greeted by a short, beautiful girl. "Oh, uhh I didn't think anyone was up there" she scuffs the toe of her converse on the side walk. I look at his tree and back to her. "You come here a lot?" she stops scuffing her toe. "I guess you could say that. It used to be my best friends favorite place." A piece of her hair is blown into her eyes, she reaches to grab it but I beat her to it, tucking it behind her ear. She blushes a faint pink, "Thanks" I hold out my hand, "My name is josh". She takes her small hand and grabs mine, "Lyla". Her sleeve falls a little and she's quick to pull it down. Not before I could see. "Well Lyla, I guess I'll see you around." With that I leave her behind at the base of my brothers' tree.

~~ I walk the rest of the way home with no problem. Time to face mom... "Joshuah Monreal. Where have you been? The school called and said you didn't show up today. Care to explain?" Does she not know what today is? "I was at the park" Her mouth flies open, "The park? Doing what exactly? swinging on the swing set? Joshuah I can't believe you'd skip school to go to the park." The way she said it, just made me pissed. "Mom, do you not know what day it is? Do you not know why I'd even have the thought to skip?" She's dumbfounded, her mouth flounders. She take a deep breath, "What is today?" I can't believe this. "The anniversary of your sons death." her hand shoots to her mouth, "Just because he's not here anymore doesn't mean you can forget him mom, He was your son." I run for the stairs, "Joshuah I -" I slam the door before I can hear the rest of her excuses. She forgot her own sons death. Wow. Maybe this is why he did it.

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