Lyla, had no one. After her parents grueling divorce, after all those years of teasing, everything crashed down. She turns to the only thing she thinks will save her sanity. All the while, the boy no one sees, knows whats going on. Everything. As Lyla slips deeper into self-harm and depression, the nameless boy steps up to the plate to save her from drowning.


1. Drowning



-"What's it like?" They whispered.



"Except you can see everyone around you breathing, living, being happy"

-"Aren't you living?"

"No, I'm just existing"

-"There isn't any difference though"

"Hmm. I guess not."


  Everyday. The stares, the glares, the whispers. They follow me. Sure, I've tried to escape them. But apparently you can't.


Chapter One~


  "Everyone is required to have a partner for this project. I have taken the liberty of choosing for you so it will be fair". Great. I get to talk to people. I have to act again. "Lyla Gonzales, Josh Monreal" Who? I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Let's hope he's civil. *ding* "Lyla I'd like to talk to you" Hmm. What could it be this time? 'Lyla I've noticed your lack of attention today' or maybe 'You really need to do something to pick up your grade', oh can't forget the best one, 'Lyla, I've detected a sense of depression around you lately. Everything going alright at home?' "Yes Mr. Jamison" I fiddled with the hem of my shirt. "Lyla, I've noticed your lack of drive in this class and I've been speaking with your other teachers also. They've all said the same thing. She's not paying attention, she used to be a star student from what I've heard, she has vacant looks in her eyes. Do we need to call home?" I knew it. Why can't things go undetected in this school? "No, I'm perfectly fine" Lie. "I just haven't been getting much sleep lately" Truth. "And I just haven't paying attention much because I just have other things on my mind" Yeah like blades and sleeping. "Okay, you'd let me know if I can do anything for you right?" Just smile and nod. "Of course". That's the second time today."I see, you're dismissed" God, I really need to start looking normal, you know, like happy. At least that was the last class of the day. Oh look, there's Analisa and everyone looking happy. I guess I should go over there, since they are my 'friends'. "Hey Ly, how's it going" Well you see, while you're happy, I feel like shit. "Great." Analisa nods and goes back to the conversation. Analisa would have to be my best friend. She knows about my parents, how sometimes I need my space, etc. She gets me better than the others. The only thing is, she thinks she knows me. But she doesn't. No one does, and no one ever will. If they really wanted to get to know me, if they really were my friends, they'd notice how my smile never reaches my eyes. They'd notice how I'm laughing one moment then staring at nothing the next. They'd notice that I never instigate the conversation, I just keep small talk. They'd notice the small things. But they don't. And that's perfectly okay with me. I mean, the less people I'm attached to, the easier it is to go through with my plan. "Ly?" Oh I was supposed to pay attention? "What?" Lis rolls her eyes, "I asked how come you never gossip". Gossip? "Um, I don't know. I guess it's because you never know the other side of the story. Like, you never know how the other side might see things, or how they feel a certain way and why they feel that certain way. You get what I'm trying to say?" Analisa and the others stare at me. "What did I say?" I start rubbing my palm on my arm. A nervous habit I have, Like biting my lip. "Gosh Ly, why can't you be a normal adolecent teenage girl and be moody with us. You aren't normal I swear." Gee thanks. I know I'm a freak. You see, the reason I'm not like that is because I somehow totally skipped that part of my life. It's like I went from being an eight year old to an 80 year old. I understand how others might feel about something and how they might be affected, how they might take certain things, or how they'd react. So it's best just to not say anything at all. That way no one talks about how you're such a gossip, or how you're a heartless soul. It's easier that way. While I was 'blessed' with this understanding, I was also cursed with being overly aware of what people thought of me. Since I understand people, I also understand how people will think of me if I do something wrong. But the reaction all depends on the persons personality. "Lyla your mom has been honking the car horn for about five minutes now..." Oh shit, again? "Okay, thanks Lis. See you tomorrow." I wave goodbye to the group and hop into the car. "What exactly do you think you were doing just standing there?" I untangle my headphones, "Nothing, just talking to the girls" I pull my hoodie over my head because my mom always has the air conditioner on full blast no matter what the temperature is outside. Today, It happens to be 66 degrees fahrenheit. She shakes her head and continues  on down the road. Time to loose myself in my music again...

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