Something that You Do

A day at the park for you may just be a day at the park but for CrystalynnMaye, that day at the park would change her life forever.


1. the park

Crystals POV
She couldnt take it anymore. She had to get out of there. So she ran..behind the house and through the bushes to the path that lead to her favorite place in the whole world, her very own private park. It had been there so long that everyone had forgotten about it. But it not Crystal. She found it the day that her father left. She had run out of the house desperate to get away(kind of like she was now) and she needed a place to go. She ran through the thorns until she came to the place now standing before her. It was still perfectly intact with all the accesories a park could have imaginable,but this one was special.
Crystal looked up, but her tears were now blurring her vision. She flew over to the swings and sat down on the soft rubber. Swaying slightly, she began to all out weep. She stopped for a second to try to pull herself together, when she heard the sound of footsteps. "Who is that? Nobody ever comes here!" She thought to herself. The noise stopped for a minute so she turned her attention back to her own situation amd forgot all about it until she heard a voice calling out. "Need a push?"

A/N...thank you for reading!:) this is my first fanfic and its kinda new to me but i want to be an author when im older and so im trying to try out new genres. Hope you like it! Please comment what you think and like and favourite:)
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