Something that You Do

A day at the park for you may just be a day at the park but for CrystalynnMaye, that day at the park would change her life forever.


5. Needing him

We ended up talking for a while, not realizing the time. I stood up, brushing off my jeans. The wind rippled through my hair, and i squinted because the sen was in my eyes."Nice meeting you Niall, but i really have to get back" i said with a slight smile."Yeah i probably do too" he agreed."See you around?" He questioned, half smiling. I looked to the ground."i dont know..." He lookesd slightly.disapointed, but only because we were sort of friends. "Well at least give me your number?" We exchanges numbers and he whispered "Just dont give it to the fans..;)" i agreedwith a smile and turned and ran home like i did every day. he almost made ke forget why i was there, but no one could ever make me forget why i went there every day.
i just wanted him back, and im not talking about Niall. I needed Dean.

A/n sorry for the short chapter and not updating for a while ive been really busy:( tomorrow i will try to update so u can find out who dean is :) Luv u bunches Xx
-Crysi J
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