Something that You Do

A day at the park for you may just be a day at the park but for CrystalynnMaye, that day at the park would change her life forever.


4. names

I tried to act like nothing was going on and i think he believed it. I smiled up at him in a friendly way. "Need a push?" He said. I didnt even know who it is because he was still a few yards away. He came a little closer and stepped fully into my view. I almost gasped, but i caught myself. It was Niall Horan. From One Direction. I really didnt know him but i felt like we were already best friends so i just treated him like i would treat any other friend. "How do i know you wont push me off?" I said, grinning. he walked behind the swing and gently tugged on the swing. He shot me a smile and said "you can trust me" he winked at me and started pushing the swing back and forth. It was actually kind of soothing. "So, whats your name?" He asked me. "Its really long so you can just call me Crysi" i replied. "what is your full name?" He asked, wanting to know more, but i dont even know why he was talking to me. I took a breath and said "CrystalynnMaye Chanhassen Liliac Monroe. Every school ive been to i switched what i wanted people to call me and always used part of my name, and i never told anyone my full name.". I dont know why i told him, or why i trusted him but it felt like we were best friends. "people call me mayea, here. Its confusing i dont expect you to understand." He looked up at me "Crysi." He said, tasting the way it rolled off his tongue."its what my real name is," i said, ashamed because of its history and i thought he thought it was a weird name. He smiled "Crysi," he said again."i like it" he finished. I exhaled. I didnt know why it was so important that he got my name, but it felt good inside for someone to understand.

A/N OK I tried to make this chapter a little more personal for Crysi, and you will understand it better later on in the story :) please like, favourite, and comment what you think! Luv u bunches :)

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