Something that You Do

A day at the park for you may just be a day at the park but for CrystalynnMaye, that day at the park would change her life forever.


3. Him (sorry last one was an authors note)

I walked up the hill thinking about what the boys said. I know they were trying to look out for me but it really just pissed me off. They said that I really should get a girlfriend. Well its not like I havent been trying i just want to make sure shes the right one. Ugh. All the girls they try to set me up with are so fake and only like me for my looks or that im in one direction. I want someone who likes me for who i am. And abnother thing.. i want my princess to be different, unique. But those girls are hard to find.
Any way..i climbed to the top of the hill and noticed i was at like a secret hidden park. Then i saw a girl on the swings. She looked like she was crying but she obviously didnt want anyone to know about it. I acted like i didnt see it andi tried to be loud so that she would notice that i was there. She seemed to sense that someone was there and she wiped her profile of all sadness so that i couldnt tell there was anything wrong. So i went up to her and said "Need a push?" In a friendly way.
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