Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


30. Without Niall

I impatiently waited on my bed for Niall to call me on skype. I wondered what could be taking him so long. I had my computer loaded on Skype my mouse hovering over his icon. While I waited I attempted to do some homework until I got bored of that and decided to draw in my drawing book. Niall had only been gone on tour for three weeks but it feels like he has been gone for a year. If it wasn't for texting I probably would have died. It's hard to find time to talk because of the time change, and our busy lives.  Since its almost summer my classes are ending which means finals, whether I do good or not I just want to be finally done. Summer vacation won't be that much of break for me because it actually means slaving for money to pay for schooling. Luckily, Clarissa hooked me up with a good job at a little coffee shop just because the owner has a huge crush on her. They pay pretty well which is good for the situation I am in. My aimless doodling and thoughts of Niall were interrupted by a small knock on my door.
"Anna?" Jess called behind my door.
"Yeah Jess?" I asked her as she emerged into my room in her pyjamas as she held a teddy bear. 
"I can't sleep!" She sobbed as she ran over to my bed. I checked the clock and it was midnight.
"It's okay Jess you can sleep by me tonight.. Did you have a bad dream?" I asked her while motioning for her to come lay by me in bed as I pushed all my text books off the bed leaving only my laptop. I saw that Niall was now online and was probably about to call me. My heart fluttered excitedly. 
"I had a nightmare.." She said as she jumped on my bed and snuggled into my arms as I held her.
"Niall is about to call me on Skype, maybe you can talk to him too and you might feel better!" I said as I soothingly rubbed her back. Right when I said that Niall's icon appeared on my screen and I accepted the call. 
"Hey Babe! How are you?" Niall practically yelled over his computer. He looked distracted as he was looking through his suitcase, rummaging through piles of shoes and clothes. 
"Good, how are you?" I said as I laughed at his cute face when he was concentrating. 
"Can't wait until I can see you again in like another three weeks! I just want to kiss your beautiful face!" He laughed. "I can't stop thinking about our last night before I left....," he added before looking up and realizing that my sister was beside me looking at me with a questioning look. 
"Uh.. Oh ummm.. Sorry.. Hey Jess how are you?" He laughed and sat in front of his laptop. 
"Hi Niall! I'm good how are you?" Jess waved to Niall and laid her head back on my shoulder. 
"I'm good, so how's school going Jess?" Niall asked her. I could tell that he wished
that he could just talk to me but he was being polite.
"It's good, I hate school though. It's so boring..." She said as she yawned and cuddled with me. I laughed at her. If she thought school was boring now just wait until she gets older. Niall and I talked for a couple minutes about random things until I felt Jess fall asleep as her breathing became heavier and little snores escaped her tiny agape mouth. 
"Finally!" I whispered to Niall as he smiled at me. 
"I just want to be with you right now! I want to kiss you and hold you in my arms." Niall lovingly whispered. 
"I know I miss you too! But hey only a few weeks to go and I'm all yours!" I giggled as I attempted to wink at him. 
"Thank God can't wait for that!" He winked back at me and looked at my sister to see if she was still sleeping. 
"I feel really empty without you. Everytime something funny happens I always think 'I have to tell Niall later', than I realize I can't", I said as I stared into my crappy webcam that probably made me look fuzzy.
"I know what you mean babe. There is a lot I want to tell you, stuff I can't really talk about with the lads", Niall sighed while looking at me. The distance was hurting us both.  We talked until 2:30 in the morning London time. It was nice being able to talk "face to face" since we haven't been able to in like a week. We talked about how the tour was going and how my life back here in London is going. We mostly ended up talking up how much we miss each other and about random things. I was sad when I heard Liam knocking on the door to Niall's room reminding him he had to be somewhere in 20 min. Our long conversation suddenly felt extremely short. I was already missing him and his amazing face was right infront of me. 
"Night my beautiful girlfriend," Niall whispered as he brought his face close to the camera and kissed it. 
"Good morning my beautiful boyfriend," I laughed and blew a kiss to him before pressing the "end call" button. I placed my laptop back on my bedside table and cuddled closer to Jess falling asleep next to her actually helped me sleep because without Niall here I sometimes can't sleep. I don't think I would tell him that though. 

"Excuse me could I have a Vanilla bean latte?" A girl with crazy curly brown hair and blue eyes stared me down as I was cleaning tables. 
"Yeah sure! I'm sorry I will be right with you!" I said while rushing around trying to collect dishes from dirty tables. Why the hell did somebody have to phone in sick on like the busiest day I have seen around the coffee shop? Just my luck of course. It didn't help that some people were just complete dicks sometimes. The girl cleared her throat to show her impatience even more. I finally collected all the dishes and placed them behind the counter. 
"Oh my gosh your Anna McLean! Niall Horan's girlfriend?!" A girl behind the curly haired girl yelled. 
"Have a nice day!" I called to the impatient lady I had made the latte for. The girl that was clearly a One Direction fan was next in line... Great. I was not in the mood to deal with this. 
"Oh my gosh I can't believe I'm talking to you like bloody hell! This is a dream come true! I love you guys so much and I totally ship Nianna!" She practically screamed causing other people in the shop to stare.
"Uh thanks I guess. What can I get you?" I politely asked her. 
"What is your favourite drink? I will have that! Can I take a picture with you?" She eagerly asked me.
"I usually get a pumpkin spice latte.. And I guess so," she pulled out her phone and quickly took a photo of me and her. I probably looked awful in that picture. I finished adding the whip cream to  her pumpkin spice latte as the girl rambled on about how she had a blog dedicated to me and Niall. I tried not to feel utterly creeped out  as I handed her the latte.
"Oh goodness Thank you so much!" She giggled and ran out of the coffee shop. I swear if she brings a bunch of teenage girls here that scream in my ear and ask me questions about Niall I will hide in the back room forever. My days have been so boring basically work at night go to school all day and then do homework. By the time I get home from work I am completely exhausted and just collapse on my bed and sleep. In a way I'm glad that Niall isn't here right now because he would be too much of a distraction from my studies and work. I still miss him which is also a distraction because my mind will always wander back to him. Niall Horan is what consumed my thoughts. 

"Now class I hope that you will have those essays done by next week!" My professor yelled over the class. He continued teaching us about Political history which I found boring but at least Eleanor had transferred into this class with me. 
"Ugh why am I even here?" I whispered to her as we both sat and doodled in each others note pads.
"I ask myself that question everyday. The only thing that is keeping me going right now is the fact that I get to see Louis next week!" She whispered back to me. 
"Yeah I know the only thing that has been on my mind in the last couple of days is seeing Niall," I whispered. We both sighed at the same time and then giggled. 
"How much longer until this class is over?" I asked El.
"We still have like another fifteen minutes of pure torture," she sighed and started playing on her phone under her desk. I proceeded to do the same seeing as there was nothing better to do and I was past the point of listening. There was a text from Niall and a text from Perrie. I hadn't talked to Perrie in awhile since Little Mix has been on tour so I was pretty excited to get to hear from her. The girls of Little Mix have a couple weeks off before they have to go back on tour. I opened my messages. 
Niall: "I just realized that when you come see me it will be our 10 month anniversary! Lol actually Liam told me that..😜"
Me: "haha awkward I forgot about that! Lol good thing we have daddy direction to keep us in line 😉"  
I looked at my messages and saw that Perrie wanted to hang out with all us girls tonight at her and Zayn's place, she invited Clarissa too. She also mentioned that she wanted to invite the Little Mix Girls as long as we promised not to fangirl over all of them. I was pretty excited that I will finally get to meet Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade. Perrie talked about them a lot, they were her best friends. I also loved their clothes and they all seemed really nice. I had just started scrolling through my Instagram when Eleanor nudged me. 
"Your going to Perrie's tonight right?" She asked me while glancing up to see if the professor was watching us. 
"Yeah I am are you?" I whispered.
"Yeah I am and so is Dani! This should be fun!" Eleanor squealed. The professor dismissed class and me and El practically ran to the door to get out of this torturous place. I honestly can't wait for tonight, I really need some much needed girl time. 
"Anna could I speak to you for a second?" My professor called while I was just about to exit the classroom. Eleanor gave a me a worried look and motioned to me that she would wait for me. I hesitantly walked over to the professor hoping that I wasn't in trouble. 
"Yes Professor Barker.." I said as I fiddled with my fingers and the strap on my purse. 
"I know this has nothing to do with this class, it has something to do with your class that you took with me last semester. I just wanted to say that your last essay that you wrote for me in your literature class was phenomenal, one of the best in that class. I was hoping that you would let me submit it to the board to see if it could give you one of our scholarships here?" He asked me. I sighed a breath of relief, glad that i wasn't in trouble.
"That would be great actually! Thank you so much!" I said as he dismissed me from his class. 
"So what was that about?" El asked with a worried expression on her face. 
"It was actually good news! Probably the best I've heard in a while. He wants to submit my essay for a class I took with him last semester to possibly get a scholarship!" I gushed. If I get a scholarship it will take a huge weight off my shoulders. 
"That's great Anna! Who would have thought that Professor Barker had a nice bone in his body!" She laughed as we headed to Clarissa's house to pick her up and then to drive over to Perrie's flat. When we got there Dani was already there talking with Leigh-Anne and Jade. 
"Hey guys!" Perrie yelled while running towards me and jumping over a pile of suitcases so that she could hug me. Out of all the girls I would say I am the closest with Perrie, we text all the time and I can honestly tell her anything. 
"Girls, this is my sexy friend Anna", Perrie said introducing me to to Jesy, Leigh-Anne, and Jade. They all smiled and gave me a hug.
"Wow, I love Little Mix, but I will try not to fan girl infront of you girls", I laughed and Clarissa joined. I thought back to how we always listened to 'Wings' on full blast when we went driving. 
"Oh no worries, we are not that interesting anyways", Jesy smiled. After a little while we all got a bit more acquainted we were sitting around drinking some margaritas and giggling over ridiculous YouTube videos.
"What should we do for the rest of the night?" Jade asked while her and Clarissa swapped outfit ideas. 
"I was thinking that maybe we could all go to a bar or sit here and watch movies and cry because we miss our boyfriends..." Perrie suggested while laughing. 
"Let's do both!" Danielle said.
"Yeah I'm up for that!" I laughed. I them realized that Clarissa was the only one of us here that didn't have a boyfriend. I hope she doesn't feel awkward because I know that all the girls from little Mix have boyfriends. She seemed fine though, and she was always the type of girl that could pick up guys really easily. 
"Okay girls well looks like we have to get ready to go clubbing!" Jesy said while she laughed and headed for Perrie's and Zayn's bedroom. 
"Okay, so I call helping pick out people's outfits!" Danielle yelled while she ran over to Perrie's closet. It's funny because Perrie and Zayn both need their own closest because they were both really into fashion. I was excited to get the chance to wear some of Perrie's clothes, because they are some of cutest I've seen. 
"Okay so Anna, you will wear this Aztec high waisted skirt with this crop top and heels." Dani ordered me. 
"This outfit is actually really cute!" I said as I walked into the washroom and changed I did my hair and makeup with the rest of the girls. After about an hour and a half we were all ready to go to the club. 
"Ooh wait I need a picture for twitter!" Eleanor yelled while she grabbed her phone to take a picture of all of us. We were all able to squeeze into the picture together. I saw Eleanor type names in to tag the girls in the twitter picture. I heard Perrie start to giggle. 
"By the way Anna I got you a twitter account a while ago but forgot to tell you about it so yeah you have one million followers." Perrie said.
"Wait what?! I don't even want twitter or know how to work it!" I said as I snatched Eleanor's phone from her hand. She laughed  as she pulled her iPhone out of my hands and clicked the "tweet" button. 
"Don't worry about it it's actually so easy to work. El, Niall, and I have been posting tweets on there for you, it's really quite funny actually", she said while all the girls giggled.
"Ugh, fine, I hope you haven't been making me look stupid," I sighed as I handed Perrie my phone so that she could put my twitter information in it for me. When the app loaded I was shocked. I scrolled through my mentions but quickly closed down the app when I saw some hate. The last thing I needed was to feel awful about myself right before I was suppose to go out with good friends. 
"You will have enough time to tweet later", the girls giggled as we made our way to the car to head over to the club. 

Never will I ever drink again. I feel like I say that every time I wake up with a hangover. Ugh I think I'm going to be sick. I looked around me and saw that I was in Zayn and Perrie's bedroom with Dani, El and Perrie sleeping all on The queen sized bed in the middle of the room. On the floor Clarissa was cuddled in a ball with Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade asleep with blankets wrapped around them. What the hell happened last night?  I closed my eyes and it took me a couple of minutes to remember what happened. So when we arrived to the club we danced for a while until I did a couple shots with El and Clarissa. Then I drank some fruity drinks with Dani and Perrie. I think when I really got hammered was when I went back for shots with Leigh-Anne and Jesy. Anna why do you always do this? I laughed to myself and then realized how much my head hurt. I suddenly heard someones phone start ringing. Ugh. Why won't it stop it's hurting my head. Perrie stirred in her sleep as I got up and stumbled around the room until I found the source of the horrible ringing, which was my phone. 
"Hello?" I said as I rubbed my eyes hoping to rid me of my tiredness. 
"Hey baby, sounds like you had fun last night?" Niall laughed on the other end of the phone. 
"Shh Niall your hurting my head" I said into the phone while making my way into the kitchen. 
"Somebody is cranky. Or just got completely hammered last night? I wonder which one it is or maybe it's both?!" He teased me on the other end.
"Haha very funny Mr. Horan! Like actually I haven't had that much to drink in a long time. At least I remember everything from last night though," I sighed and found the Advil I would looking for, hoping for something to help my headache. 
"I'm glad you went out with the girls. I miss you but see you in like four days!" He said a little too loudly. 
"Niall.." I groaned. "Shhh it hurts my head! I love you too and can't wait to see you either!" I said while I hung up and put my phone  on the table and rubbed my temples with my fingers. Perrie emerged from the bedroom with a glass of water in her hand. 
"I hate alcohol," she complained and collapsed face first onto her couch. I had fun last night with the girls but still nothing compares to when I am with Niall. 

Authors Note*
So hey guys! Okay I hope you guys aren't mad at us for not updating in so long, but we have had really busy summers! (I am proud to say that I climbed a mountain and my sister had an awesome summer cabin leading!) We would like to know how you guys have been and what you guys have done this summer so comment! Also Perrie and Zayn are engaged! Ahh I love them so much and I totally ship Zerrie! The 1D 3D movie came out! So who has went and seen it? (we went and saw it on the premiere! It was absolutely amazing and we fangirled the entire time and when the movie started everyone in the theatre screamed! Lol) I honestly love this fandom so much because we all stick together! So yeah hope you guys like the update and we will update again really soon, we promise! I go back to high school..(nooo, Jimmy protested!) and my sister goes back to University! Busy lives but since we love you guys so much we will continue to update! Also we put our story on Wattpad now, so its under 1DEurope5! Sorry for such a long Author's note but I just thought you guys should know what's been up! So comment what you guys have been up to because we love to hear about you guys! Keep liking and favouriting and Thankyou for the support! <3




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