Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
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17. We're so Paris When We Kiss

I sat on the Eurostar with Niall. We had been given our own private compartment so that Niall wouldn't be interrupted or have to worry about trying to avoid fans. It's not that he didn't like his fans he just needed space sometimes, I didn't blame him. Niall had fallen asleep, his head resting against the window. The compartment was freezing cold as I leaned against Niall trying to steal body heat. He stirred a bit and reached to put his arm around me. 
"I am glad we are together again," he smiled at me.
"Me too, it's the best way to be," I kissed his cheek.
"You got that right," he said. Then we both closed our eyes and fell asleep for the short ride to Paris. The Eurostar pulled to a stop at Paris. I felt my stomach squirm excitedly. A lot of people from London had been to Paris before for school or business trips, but I hadn't been one of those lucky people, so this would be my first time in this beautiful French city. We waited for a body guard that was meeting us outside the train station to lead us safely to a taxi cab. It was weird because whenever Niall and I hung out in London we didn't have to worry about all this technical stuff. I felt bad for the boys and how they couldn't always have a private life. Niall and I linked hands as we followed the body guard into the taxi cab. 
"So, babe what would you like to see first?" Niall smirked at me.
"Why do I have to decide? That's too difficult there is so much to see..." I shoved him as I begin to think.
"Well I want you to choose," Niall patiently waited for my answer as he stared at my concentrated face. I suddenly saw the Eiffel Tower behind the haze on the horizon. I gasped, this was all so exciting.
"The Eiffel Tower", I almost screamed. 
"Alright, The Eiffel Tower it is!" Niall said to the Taxi cab driver, as we turned off at the next right on the highway. I stared out the window trying to read the signs in French. I noticed the body guard take out his phone and dial a number talking in a hushed voice. I leaned closer to Niall so I was practically sitting on his lap. 
"Is he ever going to leave us alone at all this whole trip?" I whispered into Niall's ear as I nodded my head toward the body guard.
"We'll see, but I just promised my manager that I would take him a long for security reasons," Niall shrugged. But I saw a sneaky smirk come across his face as he glanced out the window.

When we got to the Eiffel Tower it was so amazing. It looked so much larger than I would have expected it. I gasped happily as I looked up at it.
"It's so amazing!" I laughed happily. A split second after I said that Niall had wrapped his hands around my waist and dipped me, kissing me passionately on the lips. I giggled happily kissing him back. Niall pulled out his iPhone and we took a picture of us smiling with the Eiffel Tower in the background. 
"Want to go to the top?" Niall asked me.
"Uh yes please!" I answered back. 
Niall laughed. I jumped on his back as we walked over to the line up laughing. Niall pulled out two tickets out of his pocket that gave us the ability to pass through the main line up and head into the elevator that would take us half way up, and then we would have to take another elevator so we could go to the very top. I giggled as Niall kept giving me a piggy back the whole time. We got strange looks but we were both laughing the whole time. At the top, you could see practically the whole city. Niall and I spent at least 30 minutes just taking in all the beauty and taking pictures. We still had so much more we wanted to do today that we finally decided to leave. We waited anxiously for the elevator to take us down. It was taking awhile when Niall took out of the line up and towards a spirally staircase on the side. 
"Let's run down?!" Niall smirked evilly.
"What?! I am not in that much shape I can't do that," I said as I thought about high up we were. 
"It'll be fun," Niall said hugging me. 
"Okay fine, but in that case then I will race you", I laughed giving Niall a cheeky smile and running down the stairs. Our shoes clanging loudly against the metal, I tried not to look down. "Slow poke," I laughed, even though I could hear that he was right behind me. 

    After we made it down we both had to collapse on the grass breathing heavily and our legs aching. I rolled over so I was laying on top of Niall.
"I think I won that", I giggled.
"Whatever love", he rolled his eyes kissing me. We were interrupted by Niall getting a phone call from the security guard telling us he was waiting with another Taxi. It was hard for us to walk cause our legs were so tired as we stumbled leaning on eachother toward the taxi that was waiting for us.
"Last time I was here there was this really good place to get crepes, we should go there?" Niall asked.
"Sounds great, I am starving", I smiled because I knew Niall was starving too. 

  After we bought our crepes we walked to a park with a fountain nearby. Niall and I sat on a bench eating out banana and chocolate filled crepes. I was laying so that my head was in Niall's lap as we talked about random things. We watched as a street performer played music on glass cups filled with water. With the breeze blowing through my hair and me with Niall I couldn't ask for anything better. Whether we were in Paris or London I knew with Niall is where I wanted to be. There was a silence in our conversation for a minute as I thought about how happy I was. 
"Anna...", Niall said my name softly. I sat up so I could look into his eyes.
"Niall...", I said back giving him a playful smirk. His face stayed serious.
"You are really important to me," Niall paused to lace his fingers with mine. "I know I said this yesterday, but I love you", Niall finished and kissed me on the nose. 
"I love you too baby", I gave him a small peck on the lips. I felt him smile under my kiss. We slowly got up from the bench and Niall threw twenty euros into the street performers money box and we walked hand in hand down to the taxi waiting for us again so we could go to the next place we were going to visit. We were going to go to The Louvre. I really wanted to see the Mona Lisa. The drive wasn't too long and Niall and I took turns massaging eachothers legs cause they still hurt from running down the Eiffel Tower. When we got there it was so beautiful, I made sure that Niall and I got a couple pictures together smiling and making silly faces together with the beautiful museum in the background. When we got inside it was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. It was hard to believe that this had been the palace for the French royal family at one time. Niall laughed at me as I excitedly gasped at all the different sculptures and paintings hanging on the wall. I spewed off random facts about the palace and the art to Niall that I had remembered learning about in my History classes. We followed signs  leading to the Mona Lisa. There was a huge crowd gathered around the Mona Lisa snapping pictures and chattering in various languages. We pushed our way through a huge group of teenagers so I could get a closer look. The painting was so amazing I stared at it happily using Niall's cellphone to snap pictures of it. 
"Smaller then you would think it is yeah?" Niall asked.
"Yeah, it's still....," I was cut off by a shrill screaming coming from of the teenage girls that was standing beside me.
"IT'S NIALL HORAN!!!" she screamed as I watched her and a bunch of teenage girls push infront of me and start grabbing at Niall. Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Niall looked completely perplexed as he tried to reach for me through the crowd. 
"Anna! Anna!" I heard Niall calling over the screams and camera flashes. I tried to push my way through even though the girls kept elbowing me back. I finally linked my hand with Niall, and before I had a chance to think anymore Niall and me were running through The Louvre as fast as our already sore legs could run. I looked back to see that the crowd of girls were still running at us at full speed shouting in French and English at Niall. Niall looked really concerned and he gave me apologetical looks as he tried to figure out what to do. I just hoped that the security guard that came with us was near by. 

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