Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


5. Text messages and Coffee

I flipped through my phone to see who else had texted me. Just like I figured there was one from Josh.
Josh: "Hey, sorry I didn't get a chance to say bye to you last night...."
Me: "You looked a little pre occupied"
I rolled my eyes. I couldn't get the image of him and Clarissa out of my head. I knew me and Josh weren't dating or anything but it just really bothered me cause he was my really good friend. I should have figured Clarissa to have slept with him at one point, she did seem to get around in that department. I knew my other text would probably be from her, explaining to me in every detail what she could remember about her and Josh's hook up. I made a disgusted noise in the back of my throat. I surprised myself when I went to read the text message and it wasn't in fact from Clarissa but from Niall.
Niall: "Hey"
I guess at some point last night we had exchanged numbers. I really didn't feel like dealing with this message though. After all it was THE Niall Horan, like famous singer in a boy band, One Direction Niall Horan. The fangirl inside me wanted to text back something flirty but the Anna in me knew that dealing with a famous guy would not be as fun as it looked. I suddenly remembered I had to pick up my car. I seemed to be forgetting everything today. Stupid alcohol. I decided to head to the underground station.
After I picked up my car I started on some laundry at home. My head was still pounding from my hang over. I heard my phone buzz again. Ah, I will probably have to deal with Clarissa now. I looked at my screen, a weird jittery and frustrated feeling sunk through me.
Niall: "Hey, want to go out for coffee?"
Well I guess I could really use a coffee right now. I need something to nurse this massive headache. That's why Niall probably wants a coffee too. I guess I could just go and become friends, or maybe something else... But I didn't let myself wander to that idea for too long. My thumb hovered over the send button to my reply of "yeah sounds great, where?!"
I arrived at the nearest Costa Coffee place and found my seat in a far corner, and waited. About ten minutes later I watched Niall walk through the door with a grey beanie, sweatpants a blue jacket and his black ray bands covering his eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach as he approached the table. He sure cleaned up good! I suddenly got nervous, I didn't have the alcohol in my system to give me the confidence I needed right now.
"Hey..." I smiled awkwardly and waved.
"I am so glad you decided to meet me" Niall smiled placing his arm around me. "Now what would you like to drink?"
"Um a Cappuccino, please" I felt nervous with his arm around but it felt like it was just friendly, right now anyways.
"Two please, with whip cream on top" Niall smirked at me. We walked over to a little cafe table and started talking.
"So, last night was pretty crazy, huh?" Niall laughed.
"Yeah it was, do you even remember how we got back to the apartment? Whose apartment was that anyways?" I asked.
"Liam and Zayn picked us up I'm guessing, and that was Harry's apartment" Niall said.
"Oh cool, sorry I had to rush out so quickly..." I trailed off, feeling kind of bad that I was a bit rude this morning.
"It's cool, you're quite busy with school I reckon?" Niall wondered.
"Yeah, midterms are so busy, but those are the consequences of wanting to be a history teacher," I smiled.
"Ah, so you like kids?" Niall wondered as he scanned my face. He was still wearing his sunglasses, probably a disguise or something.
"I love kids," I smiled back.
"Me too" he nodded. There was nothing to say for a moment so we both took a sip of our cappuccinos. He looks up from his drink and smiles. I try to muffle a giggle,
"Umm.. Niall... You have a little whip cream on your nose.." I laughed out loud as he tried to wipe it off but failed.
"No, it's right there!" I laughed again. Niall's ears turn bright red as he tried to wipe the whipped cream from his nose.
"Did I get it?" Niall huffed taking off his sun glasses.
"Here, let me help you" I sighed. I didn't want to laugh anymore because I didn't want to embarrass him, but it was just too cute! I wiped the whipped cream off his nose with my napkin.
"There you go!" I smirked.
"Thanks, love," Niall said. My stomach squirmed at the way he said love. We continued to talk for what felt like hours when I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to see several men standing outside the coffee shop windows with cameras. Niall followed my gaze and his face turned annoyed.
"Shit! let's get out of here!" Niall exclaimed. He grabbed my elbow and steered me out the front door while shielding me from the eager paparazzi, who snapped photos of us as we ran down a narrow street. Niall steered me towards a silver Range Rover parked on the side of the street. We got in and Niall began apologizing to me as we drove off in the direction of Harry's apartment.
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