Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


4. Rushed

My eyes slowly opened as I lifted my head off the pillow. I felt a wave nausea wash over me, I sat up fast on the white couch that I was occupying and looked around to determine where I am. I glance below me to the ground where I see a passed out Niall releasing little snores. I quietly step over Niall and try to find the bathroom before I completely vomit all over the floor. I quietly tip toe towards a dark hallway and find Louis completely passed out on the floor. I can feel the vomit rise in my throat and run to open the nearest door to see Josh sleeping on a white fluffy bed making slight snoring sounds. My eyes are drawn to Clarissa's naked body draped over Josh's while they both sleep. My ears go hot and I feel anger well up in my stomach. I suddenly begin to feel like i am going to vomit. Not sure if I feel this way because of the idea of Clarissa and Josh together or because I am still hung over. Probably a mixture of both. The sensation of vomit trickling up my throat continues. So, I run to the next room and open the toilet lid just in time. All the alcohol content from last night comes out in a clear fluid. I lay my head back on the cold wall behind me as I can feel a migraine coming on. I flush the toilet and look at my self in the mirror, oh gosh I look horrible! My mascara was smudged around my eyes and my hair was sticking out all over the place. The cold water felt good on my face as the tap water ran across my sweaty skin. I pull my hair back into a pony tail and sigh as I try to remember how I got to where I was after I blacked out. I was trying hard to remember and then something else clicked. Oh Shit! I have my history midterm today! I checked the time, it was 11:37. Oh Crap my exam is at 12:00! I clumsily run over to the couch and grab my flats that were thrown on the floor. Niall stirred restlessly I could tell he was starting to wake up a little bit. I found my clutch by the front door. Niall slowly gets up and turns towards me, rubbing his eyes.
"Ugh...what the....where are you...going?" He mumbles
"Back to reality..." I respond sourly and open the door. I stumble putting on my flats as I walk out the door. I wait for the lift, staring at the time down at my phone, I only have 20 min to get to my exam. The lift doors open and I see two boys looking at me who seemed surprised to see someone in my state in a fancy apartment complex like this. I grunt an excuse me at them and dart into elevator. As I get out I run through a crowd of people to the nearest underground station, praying in my mind that I would make it to my midterm in time. I knew there would be time later to assess my bad choices of last night and to really figure out what the hell happened with Josh and Clarissa and Niall and me...
I rushed onto the campus almost running into at least 10 other students. I walked into the exam room, and heard the rustle of papers as people opened their exam books. My head was pounding, and I knew this was going to be a long 3 hours.

I flipped my exam over and stood to give my exam to the teacher, of course I was like the last one done with the exception of the few kids that never came to class who were still struggling with the beginning of the test. I placed my index fingers on each side of my temples and gently rubbed hoping that my pounding headache would subside. I firmly gripped my test paper in my hand and plopped it on the desk of my professor. Relieved I sat on a bench outside the college and felt the cold London air against my bare legs and shoulders. I felt my phone buzz in my clutch purse, there was three new messages. The first one I looked at was from my mom. Crap, I forgot about my parentals.
Mom: "hope your exam went well! And I hope you are okay because you didn't come home last night...?"
Me: "thanks mom, I think it went great! And I stayed at Clarissa's last night." I felt bad for lying to my mom about where I was but I knew she would judge me.
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