Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


31. One Love

Today was finally the day that I would get to see Niall. How I have waited so long to be able to say that. Danielle, Eleanor and I had all gotten tickets together to meet up with the boys. Perrie was going to meet up with us later since Little Mix is already on tour in America anyways. I had all my bags packed for a couple days now because I could not contain my excitement and anxiety to be able to actually see Niall, and be in his arms. I sat nervously at my front door, purse around my shoulder as I picked at my nails, waiting for the taxi to pick me up. I was nervous because I had never been on another continent let alone New York City in America. 
"Anna?" My mom called throughout the house. 
"Yeah mom?" I yelled back. My mom came down the stairs and walked towards me. 
"Here you go," she said as she handed me money. It was about £100, money that I knew my mom didn't really have to give away. 
"Mom I can't take your money. Besides I have my own money now and Niall made me let him pay for my ticket.." I sighed while I closed her hand that held the mom. 
"Are you sure?" She asked as she reopened her hand, persistently trying to stuff the money in my hand.
"Seriously mom I have been saving up I will be fine." I smiled. Jess bounded towards door and down the stairs before my mom could persist anymore with the money thing.
"Bye Anna, have fun without me...", she said. 
"I'll miss you little monkey",I said pulling Jess into a hug. She smiled at me before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. 
"Miss you too, even though I am a bit jealous, you have a hot boyfriend who is famous" she giggled.
"Oh baby you are only twelve," my mom laughed as she tickled Jess. I was laughing with my mom and sister as I heard the taxi cab honk from the street. I grabbed my bags, my mom folding my jacket under my arm. 
"Anna.. Be safe. Love you honey!" My mom said, kissing me on the cheek. I laughed to myself knowing full well that "be safe" was referring to my physical safety and sexual safety. 
"Love you too mom!" I said as I got into the taxi and stared out the window while I made my way to the airport. The rain was hitting the window and I watched the droplets fade away. I'm only gone for a couple of days but I'm going to miss the horribly rainy weather here in London. I never thought I would think that to myself since I always complain about the weather here. My eyes matched the weather outside as I tried not to cry about leaving all I've ever known, London.  I made my way to the Terminal and saw Eleanor and Danielle waiting for me by the gates. My mood instantly changing when I saw their excited faces.
"Hey girlies!" I exclaimed as I walked over to them hugging each of them. 
"I'm so excited! New York City here we come!" Danielle squealed. 
"Let's go see our lovely boyfriends shall we?!" Eleanor giggled, as she bounced up and down as she headed onto the airplane, Dani and I following closing behind as our arms were linked. 

I sat bored to death while on the plane, I had no one to talk to because Dani and El both instantly fell asleep while listening to some music. I tossed and turned uncomfortably in my seat as I texted Clarissa and Niall. I swear the only thing that was getting me through this boring, long flight was Niall sending me cute texts about how excited he was. The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering like crazy at the thought of seeing Niall, it felt like forever. As the plane landed at the New York airport. Security was waiting for us as they escorted us wait for our luggage. Us girls were silent as we waited for our luggage. We all fiddled with our phones as we were too excited to see the men we loved. 
"Oh my god, I can't stand the excitement," Eleanor squealed to me as we sat with our luggage and waited for the boys to meet us in the room we were waiting in. One of the security guards got a call, which I think meant the boys were on their way. Dani, El, and I all exchanged smiles as we knew we wouldn't have to wait any longer. When we saw the door knob turn in the room we were waiting in all three of us stood up. The door opened and first I saw Zayn, than I saw Louis, and then I saw Niall. He entered the room and the atmosphere immediately changed. He was wearing a snap back and he smiled as his eyes lit up when our eyes met. I didn't stop to think I just ran towards Niall at full speed. Once I reached him since of course Niall is taller than me I stood on my tippy toes and pecked him on the lips while continuing to hug him super tight.
"I missed you so much and that's all I get is a peck on the lips?" Niall teased me while rubbing his hand along my back. 
"Oh come here then you stupid boy," I laughed while I tapped the brim of his hat and leaned forward kissing him on the lips passionately while intertwining my fingers in his hair and letting my tongue slip into his mouth. I think it had been a couple minutes when we were interrupted.
"Uh umm the car is waiting Mr. Horan.." I unwillingly pulled away and saw one of the security guards waiting to escort me and Niall to the car. The other girls were already heading out with their boyfriends to the cars waiting for them.
"Okay thanks," Niall politely replied while wrapping his arm around my waist and helping me with my bags. 
"You know I missed you..?" I laughed while pecking him on the cheek. 
"I missed you too," Niall said while brushing his lips on my ear. We continued walking through the airport with the paparazzi swarming us and shouting questions at us. I tried to look around and enjoy the american airport but the paparazzi are so annoying. The paparazzi is worse in America then in the UK. They pushed and shoved at us which I found quite annoying. Niall seemed used to it but he kept me close to him. 

"I am so happy to finally be with Liam!" Danielle sighed as she re-applied her lip gloss. 
"Louis can't keep his hands off of me.. like honestly! But i cant do much because you know.." She said while fixing her hair in the mirror. 
"Oh that sucks.. Niall hasn't really tried anything yet.." I honestly replied while fixing my hair along with Eleanor. 
"Oh trust me he will.. Its been a month Anna you can't expect him not to try anything.." Dani laughed and made her way out of the bathroom where me and El followed. Niall was at the bar with the boys as usual drinking beer. I had just gotten back from dancing with the girls. American bars were a lot different than UK ones it had taken a little while to get used to. The girls and I had already got hit on by a few guys because of our accents. I was feeling confident  as I watched Niall with the boys. I thought that I might tease him for awhile
"Hey babe.." I said as I wrapped my arm around his waist. 
"Hey...!" Niall said while wrapping his arm around my waist and bringing me closer to him. He continued on his conversation with the boys while we all sat at a booth. I glanced at Niall and he caught my eye and smiled at me. I brought my hand and placed it on Niall's thigh letting it rest there. He glanced at me as I started inching my hand higher and higher up his thigh. I was about an inch away from his crotch He gave me warning look. He squirmed in his seat and gulped down the rest of his drink. He placed his hand on my knee 
"Come on Dani lets go get a drink!" I said as I got up from the booth and left Niall sitting there looking a little flustered. Haha mission accomplished! I laughed to myself and thought about how I would have never had usually done something like that. I looked back and saw Niall staring at me from the table with a tinge of pink on his cheeks. I was sipping on a drink with Danielle as I kept sending flirty glances to Niall. He was smirking at me until he got up to come over to where I was with an impish smirk on his face.  
"Why did you leave babe?" Niall laughed. I began to dance through the crowd while he chased me through the crowd of dancing people. I looked back at him and stuck my tongue out at him and continued my way through the crowd. I laughed and pushed my way through the crowd while Niall tagged behind me. Some guy who was clearly drunk grabbed my waist and started grinding on me. I tried to pull away but his grip tightened as he forced my body against him. Niall emerged from the crowd of dancing people and saw me struggling to get away from this guy. 
"Sorry bud she's taken," Niall growled at the guy while grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him. I gladly accepted Niall's offer of kissing me on the lips. The jealous side of Niall I thought was cute as he started to  make the guy stare at us as he kissed me. I missed being able to do these things with Niall.

We entered into our hotel room both laughing hysterically at nothing. All night Niall couldn't seem to keep his hands off of me. I guess Dani was right about that. "Ugh I missed you so much!" Niall groaned while I kissed him and pulled his white shirt over his head tossing it to the ground. He attacked my neck with kisses while he intertwined our fingers. Niall pulled at my shirt indicating what he wanted. I pulled it over my head while his eyes traced my body unclasping my bra. I giggled as he tickled at my sides and kissed me. My chest felt like it was  going to explode. I unbuckled Niall's pants, and then after he pulled mine off leaving me completely naked except for the white lace thong I was wearing. Niall's hands roamed my body as my hands played with his hair. I had my legs wrapped around his waist as he pushed him self against me. His hands lowered as he hooked his fingers around the strap on my underwear and pulled them down my legs.
I moaned against Niall's lips as our bodies were pushed together. Suddenly, we heard the door of our hotel room open. 
"Niall? I need to talk to you about something quickly!" Somebody yelled in our hotel room. Louis and Zayn emerged infront of us just as Niall quickly pulled the bed sheet protectively over my body shielding my body from them with the sheet and his own body. He continued to hover over me protectively so that my body wasn't exposed to his best friends. "Shit guys just walk in here whenever you want! It's 1:00 in the morning!" Niall exclaimed very frustrated while reassuring that I was covered. I pulled the sheet over my face embarrassed that Niall's friends were standing right in front of me while I was naked hiding under the sheets. Niall laid on top of me exposed in front of his friends, at least he was wearing his underwear.. He changed in front of them all the time so it probably wasn't embarrassing for him at all.
"Sorry mate we just needed to ask you something but seeing as your busy we will talk later I guess.." Zayn awkwardly said as Louis just burst out laughing. 
"Have fun!" Louis said while laughing even harder. 
"Oh and Hi Anna," Louis said as he winked at us. They both left the room closing the door behind them. Niall buried his face in the crook of my neck as he groaned making me giggle.
"I'm never coming out from under these sheets ever again..." I mumbled while trying to roll over so I was on my stomach. Niall pulled at the sheet that I had on my face. 
"Don't stay under there forever because then I can't see my beautiful girlfriend that I love so much!" He said as he tickled my sides and pulled at the sheet. He kissed me on the nose and rolled off of me so I could move. I grabbed Niall's shirt from off the ground and pulled it over my head then pulled my underwear on. I'm glad that Niall reacted fast and was able to cover me up before they saw anything because that would have been super awkward. It still is awkward, but not as bad. I  kind of felt bad for Niall now because they are never going to let him live this day down.
"I'm exhausted now from embarrassment and jet lag.." I sighed while pulling the covers over my body. 
"Sorry Niall... Tomorrow, I promise! No interruptions." I said as I looked down to his waist line blushing slightly.
"Don't worry about it Anna, Lets go to bed shall we?" Niall sighed and pulled me towards him under the covers as we cuddled. He kissed my forehead and intertwined our legs together. I missed him so much and now everything felt right because I was in the arms of the one I loved. I fell asleep in my boyfriends arms tonight and nothing could be more perfect. 

**Authors Note* 
Thankyou guys for the comments! They really encourage us :) Also did you hear about Liam's best friend Andy? It's actually so sad but I am glad to hear that he is doing a lot better, thank goodness! Love you guys <3

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