Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


28. Memorable

I had spent the last 2 hours making sure I looked completely perfect for Niall and I's date.I was irritable as well because I was dead nervous and I wanted everything to be perfect. I had carefully put on my make up, and made sure there wasn't any part of my hair that wasn't curly. I had even painted my nails and my toenails, a deep violet color. I was still just wearing my blue fluffy housecoat as I searched for the shoes I was going to wear.  
"Where are my black heels?" I shouted while I rummaged frantically through my wardrobe and drawers. 
"Are these them?" Jess giggled as she walked awkwardly into my room while wearing my black heels that were too big for her, and I had small feet anyways. 
"Jess! Stop that!" I shouted angrily as Jess stepped out of my shoes and ran out of my room giggling down the hallway. I scooped the shoes off the ground and slammed the door. Ugh. Everything had to be perfect. It was time to put on the lacy, lingerie that I had bought. I reached under my pillow where the bra and knickers were neatly folded. I slid my housecoat off as I clipped on the bra. I removed the straps so they wouldn't show through on the lace back of the dress I was wearing. I than slid the knickers up over my legs. My heart was pounding like crazy as I caught a glimpse of my reflection in my mirror. I took the red dress that Perrie had bought me off its hanger and slipped it over my hips, pushing my arms into the lace sleeves. The same problem that occurred in the fitting room happened, I couldn't zip the dress up. 
"Jess, can you come here?!" I called as I tried to yank up the zipper behind my back. I heard Jess's excited running down the hallway. She opened the door slowly, obviously concerned about my crankiness earlier. "Can you help me zip my dress up?" I asked.
"Sure," she responded happily as she reached to pull up the zipper. "Wow," Jess mouths as I turn around to face her. "You look SO beautiful", she squeals, while hugging me. 
"Thank you Jess," I said while hugging her back. "Niall is gonna be here in...." I glance over at my clock. "5 minutes!" I exclaim while stumbling as I try to put my black heels on. Jess helped me while grabbing my clutch and stuffing the last bits of stuff I had scattered all over my bed, such as lip gloss and gum. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs, my heart beating in my chest ferociously. I felt like it was a first date, but it was really our last date...for awhile anyways. I turned the doorknob slowly before opening the door to see a nicely dressed Niall smiling back at me. He was wearing a black suit with a baby blue tie. 
"These are for you," he smiled while handing me a bouquet of purple tulips, my absolute favourite flower. 
"My favourite! How'd you know?" I asked as I sniffed the bouquet. 
"I texted Clarissa and asked her,  that is what she told me," he smiled, his pearly white teeth gleaming in the moonlight. Niall grabbed hold of my waist and pulled me close to him, for a kiss. He leaned in close to my ear. "That dress makes you look so sexy," he whispered, as he gave me a small kiss below my earlobe. 
"Oh really?" I giggled as I tugged on his tie. Our flirting was interrupted by my mom coming down the stairs.
"Wow you two look great," she smiled. "Ooh! Let me get a vase for those flowers!" My mom chirped excitedly as she ran to the kitchen. 
"So what are the plans tonight?" I wondered, since Niall hadn't told me anything specific.
"Still a surprise," he smirked. "Anna, you actually do look very beautiful," Niall's facial expression turned serious as he said that.
"Oh, thanks", I blushed as I looked down at my hands. My mom came back to where we were standing, she was holding a digital camera. 
"Okay please I want a picture", she smiled as she motioned us to shuffle and pose for a picture. Niall wrapped his arm around my waist. "Say cheese," Niall squeezed my side causing me to giggle before my mom snapped the picture. "Perfect!" She exclaimed. "Now have fun," my mom said as she waved and sauntered back upstairs to her bedroom. 
"Ready, babe?" Niall asked as we linked arms.
"More than ever!" I laughed as I leaned my head onto Niall's shoulder.
"So can you tell me where we are going?" I yelled while he tugged me towards the limo that he had rented for tonight. 
"Patience!" Niall laughed while he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me close to him as the limo drove away from the front of my house. 
"Clearly I don't have any patience.. I just want to know.." I whined while kissing him on the cheek. I didn't even recognize where we were driving because it was getting dark out. I noticed the London Eye was not far ahead of us as the limo pulled to a stop. Niall got quickly out of the limo to hold the door for me. I giggled to myself at how romantic he was being tonight. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers as we walked down the side walk. I still wasn't sure where we were going. 
"Okay just close your eyes for like 1 minute, Anna" he pleaded with me while he wrapped his hand around my eyes preventing me from seeing anything but blackness. 
"Ugh fine, but I will count to 60 seconds and after that I will pry your hand from my face so I can see," I giggle as Niall laughed and guided me forward. It felt like we had walked forever but really since I had counted in my head it only had been like 45 seconds. Niall came to an abrupt stop and he lifted me up while still holding his hand over my eyes. 
"Okay.. Now you can open!" Niall laughed and pulled his hand off of my eyes. I blinked and adjusted my eyes to where I was standing. 
"Niall.." I sighed while I starred at the view around me. I was standing in one of the capsules of the London Eye. There was nobody else in here except for us and a table sitting in the middle of the capsule with flowers on it and food, there was also a wine bottle with wine glasses by it. I saw one of the workers smile at me before giving Niall a thumbs up. I couldn't believe he had done this all for me.
"This was definitely worth the wait!" I said while Niall came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.
"I thought you would say that." He said while gesturing towards the table for us to sit down. The London Eye started moving and the view of London at night was just breathtaking as we went higher and higher. 
"My Lady," Niall formally said while he smirked and pulled the chair away from the table for me to sit down.
"Why Thankyou kind sir," I laughed and sat down in the chair while Niall sat across from me.
"So lets see, what food is here?" Niall said while rummaging in a package below the table. 
"How do you not know what food is here?" I laughed while Niall continued looking.
"Because I got Louis and Zayn to pack the food for us," he laughed while playfully kicking me under the table. 
"Aha I found the good stuff!" Niall said while pulling some containers of chicken and Alfredo noodles from the container.
"Niall it's food, anything to you is the good stuff.." I laughed while he dished out the food onto both of our plates. We both started eating the food which was delicious! I nervously played with the hem of my dress while we ate the food. We talked for a long time while we ate, we mostly avoided the topic of him leaving. Both of us knowing full well that it would only make us upset. 
"My mom really wants to meet you.." Niall said while he grinned at me. 
"Uhh.. Do you think she will like me?" I said while taking a sip of my wine. 
"Anna she will love you! I have only said good things about you to her," Niall winked at me. 
"Yeah but you're her baby boy.. What if she completely hates me.." I sighed. Niall reached across the table and held my hand.
"Anna if anything she will love you because I love you! You have no idea how much I care for you." Niall confessed.
"I love you too Niall. I really don't want you to go!" I sighed. He got up from his seat and walked towards me with his arms open. I embraced him into a hug and buried my face into his chest. 
"My job was so much easier before I fell in love...there was no one I ever had to worry about leaving", Niall said as he kissed the top of my head. "As long as you love me though I will always be back", he whispered.
"Always", I said before we walked back to the table to finish eating. As our plates got more and more empty I felt more and more butterflies in my stomach. I stared out the glass at Big Ben, my mind wandering off from the conversation that Niall and I were having. 
"So babe what do you want to do tonight?" Niall asked as he stacked our plates together. I took a big gulp of wine before seductively leaning against the table.
"I think I have some ideas," I playfully laughed as I winked at Niall. He glanced up at me and winked back. After everything was cleaned up Niall left it all in the capsule and we waited for the London Eye to get to the bottom so we could get off. 
"You look beautiful tonight Anna McLean," Niall said while sweeping some of my hair to the side of neck and leaving soft kisses on my neck. 
"You look very handsome tonight too Niall Horan," I mimicked him while I turned around and playfully tugged on the collar of his suit jacket. The London Eye came to a stop as we reached the bottom and Niall helped me off of it. 
"We need to get you a twitter account.." Niall absentmindedly said as he played with our intertwined fingers. 
"Yeah I'm good, I would rather not have twitter," I sighed and shivered slightly at the cold touch of the wind on my skin. 
"Are you cold?" Niall observed as he ran his hands up and down my arms in attempt to warm me up. He started taking his jacket off to place on my shoulders.
"Niall it's fine, we're almost at the limo..." I said, but it was too late because he had already wrapped me in his jacket and snuggled me closer to him. To be honest I was freezing so it was nice to have his jacket but now I felt bad because he was probably cold. 
"Now your going to be cold..?!" I said as I buried myself deeper into the comfort of his body as we walked. 
"Nah I'm fine, besides you always say I'm like your own personal heater." He laughed while he opened the door to the limo that we just reached. We both jumped in, escaping the bitter air. 
"I will warm you up again." I giggled as I kissed Niall on the lips and sat on his lap. He pulled me into the kiss holding the back of my head and caressing my cheek with his thumb. In that moment I forgot about everything around me besides Niall. I felt completely and utterly comfortable and loved by this boy and nothing could ever change that. We pulled apart until it was just our foreheads touching. Niall brushed our noses together and gazed into my eyes. I averted from his gaze when I felt my eyes dampen a bit with tears. He pulled my chin back up to look at him.
"Anna I don't like seeing you upset." Niall said while he brushed the tears away and pulled me into a deep kiss. 
"I'm just going to miss you that's all.." I said while breaking the kiss and snuggling into Niall's chest. He lightly ran his fingers through my hair while humming the song he had wrote for me into my ear. The limo ride to Niall's flat was peaceful as we talked the entire ride there and laughed about stupid stuff that Niall and I used to do as kids. 
"It's not my fault Niall!" I laughed while he made fun of me.
"I can't believe you broke your sisters arm because you pushed her down to get the chocolate cake on her birthday..!" He doubled over laughing while he continued to make fun of me.
"I still feel bad about it.. But it was pretty funny.. I was a messed up kid." I joked. 
"I don't think much has changed!" He teased and kissed me on the cheek.
"Haha very funny!.." I sarcastically said. The car came to a stop outside of Niall's flat. I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach as Niall got up and opened the car door for me.
"Thank you," I said while he wrapped an arm securely around my waist and walked forward to his flat. 
"Maybe we could watch a movie or something?" Niall asked me as he unlocked the door to his flat. 
"Yeah that sounds good. Which movie should we watch?" I asked while I kicked my heels off by his door and ran over to his movie selection. 
"I don't know what do you want to watch?" He asked while taking his shoes and tie off. 
"Something funny, but I need to use the bathroom first," I said while walking past him and pecking him on the lips. I playfully ruffled his blonde locks as I continued on my way to the bathroom. I closed the bathroom door behind me quickly and made my way over to the sink. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and fixed my hair. I unzipped my dress and removed Niall's jacked that was still strung across my shoulders. I stared at myself in the mirror only wearing my underwear. "Okay Anna you got this.. Don't freak out just act normal, don't be nervous. Don't be a coward Anna!" I pep talked myself in my head for like two minutes. I had no idea how I was going to tell Niall that I ready for us to have sex. I fumbled under the sink until I found a bottle of mouth wash. I quickly rinsed out my mouth. I thought that it would be too weird if I came out of the bathroom in just my underwear so I put on some of the clothes that I had worn last time I was here that were laying in the wash basket. I gave myself one last glance in the mirror, smiling encouragingly at my reflection before I decided to go back outside to where Niall was sitting. I saw him flicking through movies on the television searching for something to watch. I instantly felt my stomach do flips as I sat down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder. 
"So there's Meet the Fockers, The Dictator and Dear John.. But I don't want to watch Dear John so it's between the Dictator and Meet the Fockers." He laughed while I thought about which movie we should watch. I decided to go with one I had already seen because I knew we wouldn't really end up watching the movie anyways.
"Meet the Fockers is funny!" I said while intertwining our legs and fingers. Niall clicked on the movie and pulled me towards him so I was laying almost on top of him. He kissed me on the forehead while we continued watching the movie. It had only been about ten minutes into the movie when I realized I didn't want to pretend to watch the movie anymore. My nervousness in my stomach returned as I reached for the TV remote. I clicked the big red button at the top of the remote the TV immediately turning off. 
"Anna?" Niall sat up confused looking at me. 
"Niall I actually don't want to watch a movie, we always watch movies", I said as I positioned myself so I was sitting on top of Niall and facing him. I held his face in my hands, staring into his eye before kissing him on the lips. Niall kissed me back, his hands going to rest on my hips. 
"Mmm, this is way better than a movie," Niall whispered in to my ear sending chills down my spine. He kissed my neck and trailed down to my collar bone. Niall's hands inched up my shirt and I knew this time there wasn't going to be anything to stop him, because I sure wasn't. I interlaced my hands around his neck as I pulled myself closer to Niall. His hands found the back of my lace bra, he fumbled with trying to unclip it.
"Wait," I whispered. I wasn't going to just let Niall take this bra off without him actually getting to see it. I hooked my hands at the bottom of my shirt before lifting it up over my head. Niall stared at me wide eyed as he gazed across my chest that was covered by the lace. Niall groaned as he lightly pushed me down so I was laying on the couch and he was above me. He removed his shirt, tossing it ontop of where my crumpled shirt was. Niall placed his lips back on my neck as he gently sucked and kissed, I had my fingers intertwined in his blonde locks. It wasn't long until Niall's lips were back on mine. 
"Are you trying to kill me?" Niall whispered as his fingers traced against the lace of my bra. I smiled, before looking straight into His blue eyes. My stomach fluttered with butterflies with what I was about to say.
"Let's make love", I said confidently. Niall stared at me before answering.
"Are you sure?" He questioned. 
"Yes", I whispered as I pulled Niall's face down to my lips kissing him passionately. He groaned appreciatively. His lips left mine for a moment as he went down to my stomach and peppered kisses across it causing me to giggle. 
"I love you," he smiled at me before standing up. Before I had a chance to get up Niall's strong arms grasped around me as he picked me up bridal style in his arms as we walked to his bedroom. He placed me gently on the bed before he stood at the edge of the bed and unbuckled his dress pants that he was still wearing. underneath he was wearing dark grey boxers that showed off his body incredibly. I blushed as I beckoned Niall to join me on the bed. He encircled his arms around me as he ran a trail of kisses down  my chest and to my stomach, he nibbled lightly on the band on the sweatpants of his I was still wearing as he pulled them down to reveal my new lacy underwear. 
"You match", Niall commented. I blushed, I hope it didn't look to obvious that I had planned that.
"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.
"Nah, you look beautiful", he said as he kissed my nose, his hands lightly rubbing back and forth on my thighs as I linked my legs around his torso. 
"I love you Niall," I smiled at him. "I am going to miss..." Niall interrupted my speech by kissing my lips.
"Shh..." he mumbled. We kissed a bit more as out hands wandered around our bodies, gently caressing each other. Niall's hands ran up my back as he unclasped my bra. The material shrugged off my chest and got pushed aside. My breath got heavy has Niall began to kiss the newly exposed skin. He tugged the shamrock necklace that I was faithfully wearing, as he brushed it aside so he could kiss the skin under where it was resting. 
"I love you," I whispered. Niall gave me one prolonged kiss as he moved away and exited his bedroom. I heard him rummaging in a drawer. He came back holding a little, square silver packet in his hand.
"I love you so much Anna," Niall whisperd as he crawled back ontop of me, the only barrier between us being the thin fabric of our underwear. I grasped lightly at the blankets around us until I tried to pull one of the blankets over Niall and I. He grabbed hold of my hand and helped me pull the blanket over our intertwined bodies. His hands went to the band of my underwear as our lips pressed hungrily to each other, engulfing me fully in a sea of Niall's love for me.  


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