Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


20. Meet The Parents

Today was the big day! I get to bring my sister home from the hospital! After Paris I had to keep a low profile because everywhere I went I had people following me which kind of freaked me out because people only ever saw us out together in public a few times. In the papers they already made a couple name: Nianna. I had to admit it was kind of cute but also strangely creepy. Everyone had already found out about us so I don't doubt that Jess knows now too. I hadn't told her yet or my dad. My mom already knew though. I hope that Jess wasn't mad that I hadn't told her, but she probably was. My Dad probably wasn't mad but just thought it was weird. I continued getting ready to pick Jess up from the hospital with my parents. I pulled on some black skinny jeans, a white v-neck shirt and a circle scarf to top it all off. Leaving my hair down to loosely fall on my shoulders. I took out a calendar of different places in Paris that I had bought while I was in France that I was going to give to Jess. I came down stairs and saw my dad sitting at the kitchen counter and my mom sitting on the couch. That's weird, why is my dad in my moms house? I wondered to myself. They usually don't go near each other unless its in front of Jess. My dad was reading the paper and right on the front cover there was a picture of me and Niall holding hands in Paris, with a giant caption that said: "THE ODD ONE OUT FINALLY GETS A GIRL". People were always so mean about Niall because he had had the least amount of experience with girls. I felt my cheeks go hot as I walked towards both my parents. Ugh I was not excited about this. My Dad looked up from his paper and gave me a stern look, his hand gesturing to the front page. Oh crap he knows...That's great...He opened his mouth to say something, and I could tell it was going to be very parental.

"You were in Paris alone with this boy?" He said grumpily.
"Yeah, mom knew," I announced looking at my mom who smiled awkwardly looking at my dads face who looked slightly annoyed. 
"They are young! And he seems like a nice boy, I trust Anna," she responded quickly before my dad could say anything else. "Now lets hurry to get to the hospital I am so excited for my baby to come home!" My mom smiled excitedly as she picked up a present off the table that she must have bought as a welcome home gift for Jess. I rolled my eyes at my dad as he put his arm around me. And as a family all together again we walked out the door. 

We arrived at the hospital with huge grins on our faces as we made out way towards my sisters hospital bedroom. She was patiently waiting for us on her bed. I ran up to her and gripped her in a big hug. I noticed that she was wearing the hat that Niall gave to her to cover her mostly bare head. 
"I love you so much," I smiled. 
"I love you too Anna!" Jess squealed as she grabbed a fresh new pair of clothes off the bed. Jess ran to the bathroom to change out of her hospital gown into normal everyday clothes, this was something she hadn't been able to do in a long time. I sat on the bed, I could feel my dad's piercing eyes watching me as I checked my phone. There was one new text message from Niall.
Niall: "Hey babe! Hope that today goes good! Say hello to your sister from me :) love you ❤"
Me: " Thanks baby! Love you too!" 
My dad cleared his throat and I turned to see him staring over my shoulder. I stuttered my words and I could feel a blush creep on my cheeks…Thank God Jess walked out of the bathroom at that exact time. I sat on the bed with Jess while my parents went to the receptionist to get Jess's discharge papers from the hospital. When I had looked down at my phone I hadn't realized that Jess had begun to pick up the paper that my dad was reading earlier, the one with the story about Niall and I in Paris. Oh no, I tried to grab it from her quickly but she moved it out of my reach.
"Anna! What are you doing?!" She glared at me as she continued to move the paper out of my reach and she began looking at it. I bit my lip nervously she was going to find out soon and she was going to be mad at me. "Why is there a picture of you in the paper?!" She asked questioning. I didn't answer. I looked down and pretended not to hear. "Anna! It says in here you are dating Niall Horan!? Is that true?!" She exclaimed.
"Uh, yep," is all I said. Her jaw dropped as she stared at the picture.
"Why didn't you tell me?! I can't believe you didn't tell me!" She gasped and crossed her arms.
"Seriously Jess, calm down I don't have to tell you everything," I rolled my eyes back at her.
"I just wish I would have known, I am your sister!" She said pouting.
"Yes, and I love you, I just didn't want to say anything," I tried to say as I wrapped my arm around her.
"It's okay I guess, as long as you let me continue to let me pretend that I am the one dating him," she smirked.
"That's kind of creepy, but okay fine," I smiled back.
"Yay! And next time you better tell me! Now please can we get out of here?" She grinned a huge smile at me,  and I grabbed her hand, helping her out of her the bed. We arrived back home and Jess immediately ran to her room jumping on her bed. As usual I heard my parents arguing. I peaked my head around the corner of the kitchen door way and tried to go unnoticed.
"She is way to young! She needs to focus on school! Besides he is in a boy band that travels all over the world, how is he supposed to find time for her..." My dad yelled and my mom cut him off.
"First of all I completely trust our daughter! It is her life and she can do what she wants, after all she is eighteen!" My mom snapped back.
"I want to meet this boy! Now! How about he comes for dinner so I can properly meet him?" My dad stated before he started walking towards the kitchen doorway where I stood. Oh crap! I need to move so he doesn't know I was listening. I tiptoed to my bedroom and sat on my bed scrolling through my phone to make it look like was doing something. My dad emerged in front of my doorway.
"Anna." He paused. I looked up and bit my lip nervously.
"That boy of yours… Niall, is it? He will be coming for dinner tonight so your mother and I can formally meet him." My dad said as he crossed his arms.
"Ugh, dad, why can't he come another night?! Jess just got home and I want to spend time with her," I tried to avoid the topic. I was kind of scared for my dad to meet Niall because my dad would probably bombard him with questions, and try to show his dominance. Suddenly, Jess peaked her head around the door frame.
"No Anna it's fine! I want Niall to come! Oh my gosh, Niall is coming over for dinner at my house!" She yelled when she ran down the stairs. 
"See Jess is fine with it. So invite him over," my dad pushed as he walked away. I sighed and grabbed my phone so I could text Niall.
Me: "Hey baby! What are you doing tonight?"
I waited a couple of seconds before Niall texted me back.
Niall: "Nothing much, just eating and watching the game with Louis and Eleanor… I feel like the third wheel… :P" 
Me: "My parents were wondering if you would want to come over for dinner tonight…? It's okay if you don't want to." 
Niall:  Sure! Thought that you were hanging with Jess tonight? I'm kind of nervous to meet your dad...lol"
Me: "She really wants you to come! And don't be nervous about my dad! He will love you just like I do ❤"
Niall: "Hopefully...Okay babe I will see you soon then!" 
I set my phone down in my bed and started fixing my makeup and hair before Niall arrived. Agh, my stomach felt all jittery I was so nervous for my dad to meet Niall. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. After I finished getting slightly ready I made my way downstairs towards my mom who was busy cooking dinner. I washed my hands in the sink and began cutting some vegetables for the salad to help her out. 
"I am sorry about your father," my mother sighed giving me an apologetic look. "But I have to be honest I do want to officially meet Niall as well....not just see him sneaking out of the house," my mother added and I thought about their awkward first encounter. "Don't worry, I didn't tell your dad about that," she smirked at my uncomfortable face. I heard my dad saunter into the room, I could feel how he was uncomfortable. It had been awhile since we had all been together for such a long duration of time. Jess came bouncing behind him and sat down at the table and gestured for him to sit down beside her. She had her new Nintendo DSI with her that my parents had got her as a welcome home present. She was playing some game and chatting excitedly with my dad. 
"Everyone please try to not be awkward, I really like this guy," I said, even though I knew it was hard to expect anything different from family sometimes.
 "Oh please, I don't think I am an awkward person," my dad smiled and Jess giggled. "Plus, this boy needs to formally introduce himself because of all the time he has been spending with you," I rolled my eyes. My mom began pouring water in the glasses on the table. I heard the doorbell ring. Shit, he was here. I felt nervous butterflies fill my stomach. I gave a warning look to both my parents as I went to answer the door. Niall stood in the door way with a big grin stretched across his face, and his cheeks flushed with nervousness. I immediately hugged him. I leaned my lips towards his ear. 
"Don't forget, I love you", I whispered. He gave me a quick peck on the lips. 
"I love you, too," he whispered back. I grabbed his hand and led him into the kitchen. My mom immediately came over to shake Niall’s hand. He smiled politely and took her hand. 
"Hi, nice to meet you," he grinned, showing off his braces. 
"I am so happy to finally officially meet you," my mom smiled. I saw my dad’s eyes linger to our linked hands and he grunted. I tried to ignore it. Jess jumped off of her chair where she stood grinning and ran right into Niall’s arms. He picked her up and wrapped his arms around her. 
"How are you doing Jess?" he smiled.  
"Yay Niall!" Was all Jess managed to squeal out in her excitement. Jess took out her Nintendo DSI and began using the camera on it to snap pictures of Niall, who awkwardly laughed.
"Jess, stop that you little creep," I giggled while tickling her and moving her out of the way. Niall started tickling her too and we were all laughing when my dad cleared his throat.
"Hello Niall," my dad said assertively. Niall held out his hand, the one not linked with my hand, to shake my dad's hand. I felt him try to let go of my hand but I held it tighter. Just because my dad didn't like it I wasn't going to stop. 
"Uh, nice to meet you sir," Niall smiled and then awkwardly scratched the back of his head. I had the feeling that Niall hadn’t met many of his girlfriend’s parents in the past. My mom interrupted my dad’s intense dominating stare at Niall by coming over to us as she hurriedly gestured for us to sit down at the table, where she was placing food. I sat down at the table next to Niall, and gave his leg a reassuring squeeze, because I could tell he was still nervous about this. We served ourselves dinner, and I giggled as Niall took a larger portion of food then the rest of us.
“I am not used to cooking for such a young man in the house, I should have made more food,” my mom smiled as she looked at the heaps of food on Niall’s plate. I giggled; Niall really did eat a lot. My dad grunted when my mom said the word “young”. My mom smiled pleasingly knowing that she had insulted my dad. They were just like children sometimes. 
“This tastes delicious,” Niall smiled happily at my mother and I tried to hide my laughter at Niall’s extra politeness with my mom.
We were all pretty silent through dinner, and all that could be heard were the scrapes of silverware against our plates. I thought things were going pretty well even though I could sense that my dad was waiting for the best moment to say the awkward things that were on his mind. I watched as my dad took a sip of his water, and cleared his throat. Oh god, this was going to be interesting. Niall noticed me tense up nervously, and I rubbed his leg again to let him know that everything was alright. I was a little more scared then I thought I would be. Oh, the life of not having a lot of boyfriends in the past, and therefore lack of experience with situations like this. 
“So, Niall, what kind of music do you sing?” my dad questioned. I noticed my mom tense up as well. 
“The best kind!” Jess giggled, before letting Niall answer. 
“Thanks Jess,” Niall gave her a cheeky smile. “Well sir, love ballads and stuff like that,” Niall answered. 
“Ah, I see, then you must have a lot of screaming fans, and I am assuming a lot of them are girls,” my dad said. Niall awkwardly glanced at me. 
“Yeah sir, some of the girls are pretty crazy sometimes,” Niall laughed. “Like one time a fan threw a bra on the stage at Harry, my band mate,” at that comment, Niall, my mom, Jess and I burst out laughing as Niall continued to tell the story about what happened. My dad only let out a small throaty laugh. My mom tried to a stifle a laugh as she looked at my dad, I knew that he was uncomfortable about this situation, and this amused my mom.
“Well, don’t let all the girl attention get to your head, we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt,” my dad said as he looked over at me. I felt the rage bellowed inside me and my fist clenched upon Niall’s thigh. I was not appreciating how my dad was talking to Niall. 
“Oh yeah, no worries about that sir,” Niall smiled back, confident. His response made me blush. 
“Alright, well I know how you guys work, you don’t take relationships seriously because you could have any girl you wanted,” My dad took a sip of his water after finishing his sentence. I felt Niall tense beside me as he took a bite out of his food before he answered. 
“I am not like that, I wouldn’t do that to Anna,” Niall said firmly, looking straight into my dad’s eyes. My mom looked annoyed at my dad as she got up and began cleaning up some of the dishes and putting food away. Jess was distracted as she played on her Nintendo DSI. I knew my mom would wait till after we had left the room for her and my dad would start fighting again about this situation. I couldn’t handle the way my dad was acting. 
“Dad, could you seriously stop,” I snapped at him. He held his hands up in surrender, and shrugging like he didn’t have any idea of what he was doing.
“Anna, it’s fine,” Niall awkwardly said. 
“Ugh, whatever,” I looked at both of them. I picked up Niall and our plates, plopping them by the sink, all the while dragging Niall behind me by grasping onto his hand. 
“We are going to my room,” I puffed out angrily. 
“Keep the door open,” my dad called as we walked up the stairs. The whole time Niall just followed meas I dragged him up the stairs, slamming my bedroom door behind us. I was not going to keep the door open. 
“Anna, calm down, your dad was really intense but I get it, it is just because he cares about you,” Niall tried to coax me as he pulled my trembling rage filled body into his arms.
“I just, ugh like he was being such a prick!” I growled against Niall’s chest. 
“Whatever, it’s cool I am not upset, I love you and that’s all that matters,” Niall leaned his chin against my head. I parted away from him for a second so I could give him a kiss on the lips. My hands trailed to rest on Niall’s chest and he began to wrap his hands around my waist, squeezing me close to him. We are getting pretty intense with the kiss when we heard a loud knock on the door. I parted my lips way from Niall’s, as his hot breath puffed against my nose. I walked over to the door to open it. Jess stood in the door, looking up at both Niall and I with a grinning smile.
“What’s up, little monkey?” I grinned at her as she sauntered into my room and sat onto my bed.
“Mom and dad are arguing about you guys,” Jess said simply as she opened up her Nintendo DSI and lay back onto my bed. Ugh, of course they would be fighting, when we tried to be a family again that’s what always happened. There was a reason they were divorced …

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