Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


21. Meet The Parents Continuation

“Well, why don’t we watch a movie or something?” Niall playfully suggested to Jess and I, as an attempt to cheer us both up. 
“Okay! How about the movie ‘Brave’?” Jess suggested excitedly as she ran out the door to her bedroom to retrieve the movie. I set up pillows along the headboard of my bed and grabbed a throw blanket. Niall plopped down on the bed and crossed his arms behind his head, a playful smirk on his lips. I went to lie down on the bed beside him, I lay my head on his chest. Niall brought his hands down to my sides and began tickling me. I giggled as I struggled in his arms, I could feel his chest shaking as he laughed as I struggled to free myself from his grasp. 
“Ahem, I got the movie!” Jess yelled jumping on the bed, interrupting Niall and I. 
“Ugh,” I groaned into my mattress as Niall released me and I got up to put the movie in. I turned the light off. When I made it back to the bed, Jess was sitting extremely close to Niall as she asked him questions. 
“Move over Jess,” I laughed playfully as I tried to shove her over. 
“No,” she protested back at me.
“Ladies! I will just sit in the middle,” Niall laughed, as he moved to the centre of my double bed. He grabbed onto my hand causing me to tumble into his chest next to him on the bed.
“Well, aren’t you a ladies man,” I laughed and Niall laughed back as he placed an arm around both Jess and I. Jess looked so pleased at the seating arrangement, I could see her teeth shining from the light of the TV in the dark room. I yanked the throw blanket onto us and we all cuddled together to watch the movie. I couldn’t help but still feel upset about the events that had recently taken place with my dad. He could be such a jerk, but I guess Niall was right he did just care about me. I was still going to continue to be stubborn about the situation though; my dad had to realize that I had another important man in my life. Niall leaned to whisper into my ear, he could probably sense that I was deep in thoughts. 
“Babe, don’t worry about it,” his hot breath tickled my ear. “Everything will work out,” He said before looking back at the TV. I felt my shoulder being smoothly caressed by Niall’s hand that was still rested behind me. I smiled; he was really trying to distract me from my negative thoughts.
“The people in this movie talk like you Niall,” Jess giggled.  I laughed since the setting in this movie was based in Scotland not Ireland.
“They do, do they?” Niall laughed back as she cheekily mimicked what the characters on the screen were saying making us all laugh loudly. I was finally getting distracted and having a good time with the boy I loved and my sister when I heard a light knock on my bedroom door. My heart sunk. I knew it was going to be dad trying to fix what happened earlier.
“Anna, can I talk to you?” I heard my dad whisper. I reluctantly got up off the bed and Niall gave me a reassuring smile as he squeezed my hand. I left my dark bedroom; I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the light. I tried to not make eye contact with my dad as I twiddled with my thumbs. I was not going to be the first to apologize when he started our earlier quarrel. 
“Anna, I am….Sorry, about the way I acted earlier,” My dad said as he tried to smile at me. 
“Dad, I forgive you, I just don’t think you understand how much Niall means to me,” I gushed.
“Yeah, and this is all new to me knowing that my little girl now has a boyfriend,” My dad’s smile got a little bigger this time.
“I am sorry too then for freaking out,” I awkwardly apologized smiling back at my dad. He hugged me and I suddenly felt better about earlier. No matter what happened, my dad would always be there for me. 
“I just care about you Anna, he does seem like a good guy, just be careful,” My dad added the last comment with his assertiveness. I rolled my eyes at the last comment and just nodded my head.
“I am, I know how to take care of myself,” I said confidently.
“Well, I am heading home now,” my dad gave me a quick kiss on the head. He walked over to my bedroom door as he walked in and hugged and kissed Jess good bye. I heard him shuffle over to where Niall was.
“Nice meeting you, keep my daughter happy,” My dad said politely as he walked back out the door where I was standing. I don’t know why I was still standing out there.
“Night, dad” I said and then I entered my room again. Niall and Jess were sitting up now and I immediately jumped back onto the bed, this time I got to sit in the middle of both Jess and Niall. I snuggled up against both of them. Niall kissed me on the cheek. I couldn’t believe how things had played out today. At least things had worked out. I was just really happy to have Jess back home and Niall here with me as well. I could finally just relax and enjoy the movie with two people I loved a lot.


~~ Sorry guys this was supposed to be apart of the last chapter but this part accidentally got cut out so it's just a continuation from the last chapter! :) Keep commenting because it motivates us to keep writing! ;) love you xx ~~~~

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