Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


6. Interruptions

The complex was more modern then what I am used to. Niall's arm guided me to an apartment that didn't look like the one I was in earlier today.
"Aren't we going to Harry's?" I ask
"No, I thought we would go to mine, because Harry took a girl home last night and I don't know if she is still there, and that would be a little awkward..." Niall explained, while turning the key in his door.
"Wait here for like 5 seconds!" Niall yelled. He burst through his apartment door and closed it quickly behind him. Okay... I thought to myself. I quietly opened the door and saw Niall frantically picking up a bunch of food on the counter and throwing it a way. I laughed, he glanced up and his ears turned pink.
"You were supposed to wait outside." He laughed
"I counted to five and thought I should just come in!" I laughed at the same time as Niall. He was so cute! I suddenly became self conscious,I checked that there were no lose strands of hair poking out of my pony tail except for the ones tucked behind my ears.
"I just cleaned up some food but are you a bit hungry at all? I am a bit." "Yeah I am starved!" I sighed.
Niall smiled as he began to rummage through the pantry. He pulled out some popcorn and placed it in the microwave.
"Do you want to watch a movie?" Niall questioned, as he walked over to a shelf full of movies. After about ten minutes of deciding what to watch we made the decision to watch Zombie Land. The smell of popcorn wafted through the air and it made my stomach growl. Niall glanced at me and smiled as he walked over to the microwave and grabbed the popcorn. Damn he was so sexy! Especially with that beanie. I scolded myself after thinking that, no Anna you will just be friends that's the only thing you need right now. He sat down on the couch and I was unsure if I should sit close to him or leave more room between us. I chose to go the safe route and sit at a normal distance from him so things didn't get awkward. The movie started and the room went dark. Throughout the movie I could feel Niall's eyes watching me when I laughed at the movie. I didn't want to look at him because I didn't want him to catch me so I decided to look at him out of the corner of my eye. Just then he glanced at me and laughed. I felt our hands resting on the couch touch each other lightly but neither of us moved them away. We kept our hands by each other until the movie was over. The credits appeared on the screen and I looked at Niall who was looking at me again.
"What?!" I said
" nothing, you just have really pretty green eyes." He laughed
"Ummm.. Thanks.." I awkwardly laughed and my face felt hot. Niall stared into my eyes and shifted forward.Just then the apartment door opened up and four young boys walked in.
"Hey Niall, what's going on?!" The funny one Louis yelled, while Liam walked in with a pizza. I slid back on the couch and awkwardly sat there.
"Umm.. Hey guys.." Niall said, Harry looked up and said
"Oh shit sorry mate! We didn't know you had company!" Just then Josh walked in with another box of pizza. Oh that's awkward I thought to myself. Niall glanced at me and so did the rest of the boys.
"Oh hey, Anna!" Louis broke the awkward silence. Thank Goodness for that I didn't know what to say. All of One Direction were standing right in front of me!

I introduced myself to Liam and Zayne because those were the two boys that I hadn't met yet. Well formally met cause I recognized them as the two boys that I ran past in the lift this morning. "So Niall is this the girl you have started to fancy?" Louis laughed while nudging Zayn and Harry.
"Uhh...."Niall hesitated.
"We are just friends," I laughed it off, even though I was starting to question that statement myself.
"Friendzoned", I saw Zayn mouth to Liam and Josh. I tried to ignore that. I looked up at Josh who was just staring at me the whole time, looking really unimpressed. I smiled at him to relieve the tension and he just mouthed back "can I talk to you?". I looked at Niall who was laughing with the other boys about a fan that said something sexual to Harry while they were having tea earlier.
"One moment guys", I smile at the boys as Josh gestures for my to follow him into one of the bedrooms where we can talk. We sit down on a bed.
"What's going on?" I question my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"I just wanted to talk to you about this little thing it looks like you have with Niall...." Before he could finish I interrupted him.
"We are just friends, didn't you hear me say? And since when I am not allowed to talk to the guys you introduce me to?" I snarled back. This was not at all a conversation that I expected that I would be having with Josh of all people. Especially with his little stunt with Clarissa the other night.
"I know these guys, they are my really good friends, but they are players I don't know if Niall is any good for you..." I interrupted Josh again before he could finish, rage boiling up inside me.
"It's none of your business who I like and who I spend time with. It's not like I am asking you about how you slept with Clarissa, am I?" I started to get up off the bed and walk out when he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him so my eyes were staring directly into his.
"I'm sorry...." He muttered as he placed his lips on mine, fiercely kissing me. I started to kiss him back, because it felt good but then I realized this isn't what I wanted. I pushed away even more angry now, how dare he kiss me now of all times, when I waited all these years for something to progress. I was even more confused about my feelings.
"Just don't... You can't do this to me," I got up and headed toward the door.
"Anna! Wait! I just don't want my friend to get hurt", Josh called after me.
"Too late", I muttered, entering back into the living room where Niall and the other boys were. "I better get going, thank you for everything Niall, and everyone", I tried to keep my voice calm and not make a scene but I think they all sensed something wrong. Especially when a flustered Josh was standing behind me. I faked a smile as I headed for the door, I saw the boys shrug awkwardly to each other looking confused as I shut the door behind me.

I made it home, even though I had to take The Tube again. I had a little bit of time to calm down but I was still pretty frustrated. After all this time Josh liked me but he only wanted to show it when I was with one of his friends. Ugh, I really hope Niall could forgive me for leaving so abruptly, I really was having a good time with him. I slowly walk up my stairs as its dark until I see a light coming from under my little sisters door. Ah, she was back from my dads place, since my parents were divorced. I opened the door to see my little sister, Jess, reading a book.
"Jess! You are back, how was Dad's?" I asked.
"Great, I was just about to go to sleep...." Jess smiled closing her book.
"Right, good night" I smiled kissing Jess on the top of the head. She was only twelve years old, and when she was at my Dad's I really missed her. I couldn't wait to tell her about who I had met, I knew she would go crazy. I shut her light off and closed her door. I headed toward my room when my phone buzzed. Seriously, now what people. I opened up the message.
Niall: "you upset? Wanna go for a drive?"
Me: "That would be great..."
Niall: "look outside"
I stared at my phone confused and rushed back down the stairs. I unlocked and opened the front door, to my surprise Niall was sitting there in his Range Rover already smiling at me. I grabbed my jacket, and stepped out into the cool night air towards Niall.
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