Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


9. Injections

My eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness of the daylight streaming through the windows. Wait where am I? I thought to myself. My mind reeled through yesterdays events and I felt a tear threaten to fall. I looked around me and realized where I was. Oh crap I must have fallen asleep. I could feel Niall's chest rise and fall under my head. I slowly raised my head and tried to squeeze out of his grip without waking him. Niall had his arm draped over me and I had my head resting on his chest. After the kiss we shared last night we must have fallen asleep. My eyes felt heavy from all the crying. I moved out of Niall's grip and grabbed my bag hoping to sneak out and head back to the hospital. I slowly opened the door and quietly closed the door behind me, leaving a sleeping Niall behind. I took out my phone and texted Niall to let him know where I was going so he wouldn't get worried. I saw Harry walk up the stairs and go to unlock his apartment he glanced up at me and saw how messy my hair was and how my face was streaked with makeup. He smirked at me. I knew where his mind was going with this. I just looked away and walked down the stairs and continued on my way back to the hospital.
I walked into my sisters hospital room and saw her sitting up watching TV. My mom was sleeping in the corner on a chair and my dad was sitting silently by my sisters bed.
"Anna!" My sister exclaimed. Why was she so happy? I thought to myself. Does she not understand what is happening to her!? I smiled weakly at her and sat down by her bed. I placed my hand on top of hers. My thumb traced small circles on the back of her hand. My phone buzzed and I checked to see who it was hoping it was Niall.
Niall: "Hey babe, how are you?"
Me: "I'm good.. I guess.. I am with my sister right now. Sorry that I left this morning I just thought that I should visit my sister :) So I think we should talk about last night?!" I placed my phone on the bed side table. The doctor came into the room while staring down at his clip board. Both my parents stood up. My mom looked completely wiped out as she yawned.
"So I think that it is best that we start Jessica's chemotherapy as soon as possible, so her first session will be this afternoon," the doctor explained to us about all the advantages and disadvantages of chemotherapy. I felt anxiety well up in my stomach as he explained to us about the effects. My sister just sat there watching Disney movies on the Tv like she didn't understand what was happening. I placed my head in my hands and sat back down by my sister. I checked my phone again. Two text messages and both were from Niall.
Niall: Oh it's okay. what's there to talk about? ;)
Me: Thanks for everything Niall :) And you know what I am taking about..
I looked up to see my sister slowly start to fall asleep again. I lay my head down on the side of Jess's bed and slowly start to drift off myself. Only later to be awoken by Somebody shaking me. It was mom she explained to me how it was time for Jess's first round of chemotherapy. Jess was still sleeping so I gently woke her up. A group of doctors came in and began to inject Jess with needles connected to machines. My Mom and Dad held my sisters hand, and I held her other hand.
"I am glad I am not as scared as needles as Anna is," Jess smiled, and I returned a weak smile in return. I could tell that Jess was trying to be strong and me being her older sister I knew than I had to be stronger for her, and for my parents as well. My parents and I all moved chairs so we could talk and be with Jess the whole time. I was trying to think of something interesting I could tell my sister to cheer her up. Then I knew that I had met One Direction would cheer her up, but of course I would leave out the part about my personal time with Niall....no one needed to know about that right now. Especially my parents or little sister didn't need to know.
"So, you wouldn't believe it, I met One Direction on Friday night", I smiled. Jess's jaw dropped in shock.
"One what?" My dad looked confused.
"Dad! They are only the best boy band in the world and extremely....hot!" Jess giggled, and my mom and I laughed.
"Mmmm are you sure you slept over at Clarissa's house that night?" My mom asked skeptically. I tried not to blush.
"The more important part is that they were probably just as nice and funny as they look like on TV", Jess interrupted my mom. Good, I didn't have to lie to my mom again.
"Yeah they are really great guys", I smiled back. Of course thinking of Niall again.
"I bet they liked you", Jess laughed.
"Maybe", I stuck my tongue out at her.
"Well, you tell those boys that you have university classes to keep up with", my dad sternly looked at me. A conversation about boys was not a conversation that I liked to have with my Dad.
"Dad, I will keep her in check", Jess laughed as my Dad kissed her on the cheek.
"I bet you will, and maybe I'll let you meet them", I said.
"Oh, PLEASE", Jess squealed. My mom gave me a stern look for getting her too excited. We felt like a family again even in this circumstance, all talking and laughing. I tried not to look at the machines connected to Jess. Jess yawned and we just continued to talk softly and quietly about random topics, while we held onto her hands through the whole chemotherapy.
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