Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


24. Harry Styles


I grabbed a pair of of black heels and threw on my tight black lace dress that went up to my mid thigh. I checked the clock and still had half an hour to spare until Niall came to pick me up. I decided that I would curl my hair to let the time pass. Finally I was done curling my hair and applying some mascara when my doorbell rang. I grabbed my hand bag and ran to the door. Niall stood at the door with a smile on his face as his eyes looked over my body. 
"Hey babe" Niall said as he embraced me into a hug and a kiss on the cheek that lingered. Don't get me wrong I wasn't mad at Niall I was just disappointed in him and I felt a little embarrassed how all his friends knew about personal stuff like that. It's just when I look into Niall's eyes I instantly want to forget my disappointment and for tonight I think I will let it go and just enjoy myself. He's just a boy, and that's what they think about. I sigh as he takes my hand in his and intertwines our fingers as he leads me to his Range Rover. I glance out the window and find my self deep in thought. What if the girls don't like me? Oh no what if they absolutely hate me!? I felt my self become more stressed as the ride passed. I felt Niall rub circles on the back of my hand clearly feeling the stress that was radiating through my body. Why was I even this nervous?
"Relax, they will love you!" Niall sighed as we pulled into the clubs parking lot. Niall ran around to my side of the car and opened my door for me to get out.
"Why thank you kind sir.." I laughed.
"Your going to have to give me some sort of tip later." Niall said as he winked at me. I felt my face heat up from Niall's comment. Niall laughed at my sudden embarrassment and snaked his arm around my waist as we walked towards the doors.
"You're so cute Anna," Niall laughed. Oh how I loved his laugh. As we walked into the club there was already paparazzi swarming around the doors. Niall pushed through the crowd while he protectively tightened his grip around my waist and shielded the flashes from my face. I saw all the boys except for Harry standing at the bar with three girls standing amongst them. Oh shit I thought to myself as I saw how beautiful they were, all three of them were wearing designer dresses as I could see the labels of Gucci and Guess on their dresses. They turned around all at the same time and smiled brightly.
"You look absolutely beautiful tonight!" Niall whispered into my ear, his breath tickling along my neck as he lightly kissed my neck. I giggled before composing myself again. Don't worry just show confidence I thought to myself.
"Hello I'm Anna," I said as I shook one of the girls hands that had tanned skin and dark curly hair "Hello I'm Danielle, it's so nice to meet you!" She exclaimed as another girl with purple hair reached forward to shake my hand "I'm Perrie, Niall has told us all about you!" She laughed, showing off her very white teeth. Another girl that had brown wavy hair introduced herself as Eleanor. "Wow it's great to finally meet you!" Eleanor said as she took my hand and shook it. 
"It's nice to meet you all," I laughed as I leaned into Niall's shoulder. 
"We will go get you ladies some drinks," Liam said as the boys walked away from us leaving me alone with all three girls. 
"So.. What's it like dating Niall?" Perrie asked.
"Does he do sweet things for you? Cause Liam is so romantic!" Danielle laughed.
"So does Louis! And Niall is so sweet and he seems so happy!" Eleanor added in. 
"Yeah Niall is so sweet, he has been there for me through some rough times and he makes me so happy!" I laughed as all the girls awed at what I just said. I could tell that I would become really close with these girls. I hope that Clarissa shows up soon so she can meet them too. Niall came up behind me and handed me a Long Island Iced Tea, while he held a pint in his other hand. Zayn, Liam and Louis all handed their girlfriends the same drink that I had. Liam and Danielle had made their way onto the dance floor while Zayn and Perrie sat in a booth talking and cuddling. I stood and talked with Eleanor while Niall talked with Louis. Eleanor was absolutely beautiful, apparently she is studying politics in school right now. We were both talking about school when Clarissa walked through the doors. Harry followed behind her, he was wearing black skinny jeans and a black T-shirt. He ruffled his hair before he looked right at me, he grinned brightly, his dimples prominent on his cheeks. He ran his hand across Clarissa's hip as he walked towards the boys. Clarissa's face looked flushed as She walked towards me and I could tell she was upset about something. She put a smile on her face though as she walked towards Eleanor and I.
"Eleanor this is my friend Clarissa," I said as Clarissa shook hands with Eleanor.
"Nice to meet you!" Eleanor said.
"You too! I love your dress!" Clarissa exclaimed as they continued to discuss fashion. I felt somebody come up behind and wrap their arms around me. I jumped as the person left kisses down my neck. 
"Niall!" I laughed 
"Come dance with me!" Niall's thick Irish accent rang into my ear. I could smell the alcohol on his breath as he pulled me onto the dance floor leaving Eleanor behind to be preoccupied by a now tipsy Louis, who was being a goof like usual and making Eleanor giggle. Clarissa was dragged to the bar with Harry to take shots. Their goal of wanting to get drunk was quite obvious. 
"Someone has already had a lot to drink!" I laughed as Niall kissed my neck again and I slightly pushed him off.
"Did I mention how beautiful you look tonight!? That dress makes you look so sexy!" Niall slurred as he placed his hands on my hips and I rested my head on the crook of his neck swaying to the music. 
"Niall.. You don't look so bad yourself.." I giggled as he tickled my sides.

After Niall and I had danced for a while I had made my way back to the bar and bought myself a cocktail. I looked around and saw Clarissa with some other guy dancing on the dance floor. By the look on her face she looked pretty smashed. I wondered where Harry was if Clarissa wasn't dancing with him. I glanced around and saw him looking at me while he sat on a bar stool. Zayn and Perrie had left early to have alone time. They were more private about their relationship than the other boys. Liam and Danielle looked frustrated as they were forced to take care of a drunk Louis while a tipsy Eleanor had broken a heel and was upset crying about it while Danielle consoled her. I laughed because Danielle and Eleanor with both fashionistas. I could tell that besides for their boyfriends, fashion was definitely their next priority. My second drink had made me pretty confident and I wanted to use this confidence that alcohol gave me on Niall. I made my way back out onto the dance floor trying to find Niall amongst the crowd of people. Somebody grabbed my waist and pulled me towards them. I smiled, biting my lip.
"Niall!" I exclaimed as I turned around. Too my surprise it wasn't Niall that was holding onto me but instead it was Harry staring at me with his piercing green eyes as his hands rested on my hips. I pulled away from his grip only to have him tighten his hands on my waist.
"Harry.. What are you doing..?!" I gasped as he leaned forward brushing his curly hair on my neck. He roughly attached his lips to my check for a prolonged kiss.
"Harry stop!" I gasp trying to pull away.
"Anna you look stunning tonight.. Mind you I have always thought that you look hot..," He slurred as his hands trailed up my waist as he felt my curves. Clearly he was drunk because of the alcohol smell on his breath. The air was humid as people jumped to the pulsing music  that blared into my ears. 
"Harry please stop, you're drunk you don't know what your doing!"
"I know exactly what I'm doing.." He leaned in closer to my face. I took him off guard by suddenly slapping him across the face. I pulled away from his grasp as he rubbed his cheek and I made my way off the dance floor only to run right into Niall. I immediately wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my head into his chest. Niall wrapped his arms around me resting his hands on my bum.
"Who was that you were talking to over there?" Niall questioned as he ran his fingers through his hair. Well at least he didn't know it was Harry. 
"Um no one, don't worry about it," I said giving Niall a peck on the lips. Good thing Niall was drunk so he wasn't fully aware of what was going on around him. Niall looked confused for about half a second but than he gave me a sloppy smile and grabbed my waist and we began to sway to the music. I rested my head on Niall's shoulder. I kept picturing Harry's green eyes and wanting me in that moment. I shook my head out of that thought and tried to put my focus on Niall. It was really difficult to do when I kept wondering why Harry had done that, to one of his best friends girls. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I saw Clarissa run to the bathroom crying. I pulled away from Niall's embrace to run after her.
"Where are you going?" Niall asked me as he grabbed my hand stopping me from following her. 
"I just need to use the toilet," I laughed as I kissed him on the cheek and proceeded to the bathroom. 
"Clarissa?" I said as I knocked on the bathroom door. I heard somebody sobbing behind the bathroom door. I tried to open it and it was unlocked, thankfully! I slowly opened the door and saw Clarissa in a crumpled heap on the floor. I rushed to her side and sat on the floor beside her wrapping her in my arms.
"Clarissa.. What's wrong?" I said as I soothingly rubbed circles onto her back. 
"Harry told me I was just.... a... Booty call..!" She sobbed into my shoulder. 
"He said that there was nothing between us..!" She cried harder in to my shoulder and I just held her in my arms.
"Am I slut?! Like is all I am is a booty call?! First Josh then Harry! Nobody will love me!" She sobbed into my shoulder as her makeup ran down her face and her curled hair was matted into knots. 
"No sweetie! Those guys are both assholes! Don't worry about it so much.. You just need to find the right guy!" I assured her as I ran my fingers through her hair. Somebody knocked on the bathroom door. 
"Umm.. Babe are you in here?" Niall said as he peered his head into the bathroom. I heard the pulsing music and the smell of alcohol reek into the bathroom. 
"Uh.. Is everything okay in here?" Niall asked as he awkwardly scratched the back of his head. Clarissa looked up and saw Niall in the doorway.
"See Anna you get the good guy!" She sobbed and then turned around and puked into the toilet. I held her hair for her as the threw up all her nights worth of drinks. 
"Niall can you wait outside for a second," I asked him as Clarissa started to take her dress off.
"I'm hot!" She moaned. He looked at me wide eyed and closed the door behind him. I let her puke her  guts out out and then I washed her hair and then washed her makeup off. I opened the door a crack and saw Niall leaning against the wall waiting for us.
"Niall!" I called to him. He looked up.
"Can Clarissa wear your jacket.. She kind off puked all over her dress." I asked him as he walked towards me. 
"Yeah sure, whatever you need!" He chuckled and took his jacket off and handed it to me.
"Thanks babe! You're the best," I laughed and kissed him on the lips before closing the door. I heaved Clarissa up off the ground and zipped Niall's jacket up around her and threw her dress in the rubbish bin. I opened the door and saw Niall talking on his phone, he hung up his phone when he saw me and Clarissa emerge from the bathroom.
"I got a car to pull up to the back of the club because there is no paparazzi out there. And all the boys have left." Niall said as he helped lift Clarissa from me. Clarissa stumbled forward and mumbled something about being alone and single. 
"Woohoo hello ladies and lad!" Some guy yelled as he stumbled forward and spilt his beer all over my dress. I gasped as the beer ran down my dress.
"What the hell man" Niall shouted at him but he couldn't do anything more than tell him off because Clarissa completely passed out and fell forward into Niall's arms. 
"Niall its fine. Lets just take care of Clarissa," Niall still looked completely pissed off about that guy as he hoisted Clarissa in his arms and made his way out to the car.

We arrived at Niall's apartment to put Clarissa to bed. Niall left the room as I undressed her passed out self into a pair of Niall's boxers and one of his T-shirts. I tucked her into bed and Niall brought her a glass of water for when she woke up. Clarissa was such a mess, guys had treated her so badly her whole life. She deserved so much better. Before I left the room I changed into one of Niall's sweatpants and hoodies and closed his bedroom door. I wasn't too excited to go to Harry's apartment later because of what happened, but I knew Niall wanted to hang out with everyone like the original plan. Niall was in his kitchen drinking some water when I walked in. 
"I am exhausted," I grunted. Niall turned towards me and began unbuttoning his shirt. 
"Me too babe," he yawned. I moved forward and helped Niall unbutton his shirt until I rested my head on his bare chest. I could hear his heart beating as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt like crying as I thought about how it felt when I thought I lost Niall the first time.
"Anna, is everything okay?" Niall questioned as he rested his cheek on the top of my head.
"Yes baby, now let's go to sleep, I will sleep on the couch", I smiled before I gave him a love peck on his chest. Before I could walk towards the couch Niall picked me up bridal style and carried me towards the couch. 
"And do I get to share the couch with you love?" Niall questioned as he placed me on the couch. My mind flashed to the text messages but I pushed that thought away.
"Mmmm I guess so," I said teasingly as Niall grabbed the throw blanket on the couch and threw across us. I cuddled across Niall's chest as I closed my eyes and listened to the beat of his heart to put me to sleep.

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