Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


29. Good-bye

My eyes readjusted to the light that was pouring in through the curtains in Niall's bedroom. My body was neatly draped over Niall's relaxed body. My head on his chest and our legs intertwined between the sheets. I pulled the sheet more firmly around myself as I cuddled into Niall's chest. Soft snores erupted from Niall's slightly agape mouth. His messy sex hair was strewn across the pillows. My eyes wandered over his perfect features as my hand traced the defined outline of his abdomen and chest.  I smiled to myself as I thought about how perfect last night was with Niall. I snuggled myself closer to Niall as my finger slowly stopped tracing as my eyes drooped shut. 
I awoke to Niall running his hands through my hair while drawing small circles on my arm. It felt like I had only fallen back asleep for a few minutes, but I don't think that was the case. I groaned and nuzzled myself deeper into Niall's chest; smelling his familiar aftershave on his skin. Niall hummed his song for me softly in my ear as he could sense that I was awake. I couldn't help but smile.
"Morning babe," Niall whispered into my ear while leaving a kiss on my cheek. I opened up my eyes to see Niall smiling down at me, flashing me his bright smile that I loved so much. 
"Morning..." I said while yawning and propping myself up on my elbows. I was glad that the sheet was securely wrapped around my body. I looked down to see Niall had the duvet wrapped around his waist. I was definitely more shy about my body in the light of day and couldn't help but feel slightly self conscious. 
"I don't want you to leave today.." I whispered while Niall brought my face close to his own. I pecked kisses across Niall's face hindering him from talking for a moment.
"I don't want to go either Anna.. I love you so much. I will make sure that we will see each other a lot though," Niall said while holding my face so he could kiss me on the lips. "Now no more talk about it baby," he added. 
"I love you too Niall," I sighed while pulling his face towards mine again. Niall slowly kissed me back until I felt his hands creep under the sheet and around my waist. He cheekily smiled into the kiss and rubbed his hand up and down my bare back. I felt like today would be full of us just trying to touch each other, kiss each other and hold each other for the last time before he left. My arms wrapped around his neck while Niall rolled his body so he was laying on top of me. My hands played with the back of his neck where his beautiful blonde hair started. He broke the kiss and starred into my eyes. His blue green eyes searched my green eyes. I pulled his head down so his forehead was resting against mine, our noses slightly brushing past each other. The moment was broken when Niall's phone started ringing by his bedside table.
"Don't answer it", I laughed, as I held his face next to mine. 
"Ugh, no I better. It could be important," Niall groaned while rolling off of me and reaching for his phone.
"More important than your naked girlfriend?" I giggled.
"Shhhh," Niall smirked as he answered his phone. 
"Hello?.... Oh hey Mum.." Niall answered. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I pulled the sheet up to cover my face. How awkward that he is talking to his mum after we made love last night. Niall looked embarrassed too, his cheeks becoming speckled with pink. 
"Nope I don't think so.. Yeah mum I will tell her... Tell Greg I say hi. Yeah mum, love you too." Niall paused before he hung his phone up and placed it on his bedside table. 
"Awe Niall, so cute with your mum," I teased him while poking him in the side. 
"Hey now," Niall whined and then laughed while pulling me closer towards him. "She says hi by the way," He added as he tickled my side. His cold fingers sending chills through my body. 
"Awe how cute!" I giggled. "Well, I need to shower..." I said while I put both my hands in my hair and felt how messy it was. My skin also felt clammy from sweating last night. 
"I think you look cute," Niall said while motioning towards my hair. The sheet around my chest fell off of me as he tickled my side again. I quickly grabbed the sheet and pulled it back up while trying to stop Niall from tickling me. 
"Niall Stop!" I laughed while trying to remove his roaming hands on my sides.
"Babe, you don't have to hide that kick-ass body from me," Niall smiled. "Well, especially after last night," he grinned as he motioned to the sheet that I clung to. 
"Niall..." I whispered. I loosened my grip on the sheet as Niall pulled it down revealing my bare body. 
"You're beautiful," he said kissing me, sending sparks through my entire body. Niall did love me for all my flaws. 
"I am going to go shower now baby," I blushed before shifting over to the side of the bed. 
"Want some company?" Niall playfully smiled.
"If you get in that shower with me there is no way I am ever letting you leave," I grinned. I got up and walked towards the shower before letting Niall answer. The shower felt nice on my body as the hot water ran down my back and arms. I smiled to myself the whole time while shampooing my hair as I thought about how happy I was that I got to share such an intimate moment with Niall. When I was done washing, I got out of the shower wrapping a towel securely around my body. I brushed through my tangled hair with my fingers. I stared thoughtfully at my reflection in the mirror. Their stood a girl that was hard to recognize, besides for the fact that she had the exact same features as me. Who I am as a person has changed so much over the year. I am stronger and a more independent person. Also a person that is experiencing something I had never felt before, I am in love. My hand grazed over my neck where you could clearly see the love bruises left by Niall's lips last night. My hand trailed over to my lips lightly touching over them with my finger tips. Last night had been perfect, nothing I could have ever imagined, Niall was gentle and sweet and loving the entire night. There was a soft knock on the door which pulled me out of my thoughts. 
"Anna?" Niall asked behind the door. 
"Yeah?" I said before opening up the door, still wrapped in the towel. Niall stood there with boxers on and he was holding one of his sweaters in his hand with my bra and underwear in the other. 
"I just thought that you might want something else to wear.." He said while handing me the clothes and pecking me on the lips before walking back to sit on the bed. I quickly changed into my underwear and bra and pulled Niall's sweater over my head which was way to big for me but I liked it that way. When I came out of the bathroom Niall was on the bed staring intently at his phone. 
"What do you want to do before you have to go?" I asked while I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I showered his neck with soft kisses.
"I don't know but I'm liking this right now.." He teased me. He turned around and looked at me. His eyes darting to my neck.
"Holy! I sure left you with something before I go..!" He laughed. I blushed, realizing that he was talking about the bruises all over my neck. 
"I know, now I have to try and cover them up. You have got a couple though too!" I laughed and pointed to his jaw line where there were tiny bruises. At least his weren't as noticeable as mine. 
"Oh I guess I do too then..." He chuckled while rubbing his neck. "The lads will sure notice," he smiled causing me to blush. 
The boys, Danielle , Eleanor, Perrie and I were all going to go out for lunch together before we went to the airport. I was avoiding leaving the bed but I didn't want to look like a complete slob when we all went out in public. 
"Niall I'm just going to quickly run over to Dani and Liam's apartment because I need to borrow some clothes from her," I yelled in the bathroom door hoping to be heard over the shower. 
"Okay love!" He yelled back. 
I decided I should probably put some pants on considering I was only in my knickers and Niall's sweater. If looking nice in public wasn't a thing i'd probably just live in Niall's clothes. I pulled a pair of his sweatpants on and headed over to  Danielle and Liam's apartment, which conviently was just on the floor above us. 
"Hey Anna!" Liam said as he opened the door shirtless in only a pair of sweatpants. His hair was messy and I wondered if I had interrupted anything. 
"Oh hey, Liam is Dani here? I need to borrow some clothes from her..." I asked. 
"Yeah she is just doing her hair or something. You can just head on back to our room..." He said as he moved away from the door so I could come in. 
"Thanks so much Li!" I said as I went to find Dani. I knocked on the door that I assumed to be their bedroom.
"Come on in," Dani said. I opened the door and saw Dani wearing a silk robe as she frantically looked through her closet for an outfit. Her hair and make up was dolled up perfectly even though we were just going to the airport. She turned to look at me, jumping slightly when she realized I wasn't Liam.
"Oh, hey Anna!" She exclaimed as she ran over to me and gave me a hug.
"Hey Dani. Sorry to just show up, but I was wondering if I could borrow some clothes for the airport?" I asked. She stared at me and then a small grin started to form on her face.
"What?" I asked. 
"Oh you totally did! I knew it!" She yelled. How could she did tell? Did people get some weird "sex glow" after they had sex?
"Did what?" I asked innocently, trying to play dumb with her when I clearly knew what she was talking about. Dani's grin just grew bigger as she noticed me shift uncomfortably.
"Awe I'm so happy for you! Was it great? Was he great!? Tell me all the details!" I couldn't help but blush a deep red colour knowing full well she was asking about the intimacy me and Niall shared last night. 
"Yeah he was really sweet the entire night. I am so glad that I finally got the nerve to do it though!" I gushed to her while she handed me a pair of leggings and a shirt. 
"I knew he would be like that! It's Niall, he is like the sweetest guy ever. Well besides Liam, of course. Now put those on!" she laughed and ushered me to change in the bathroom. I wasn't too comfortable with the idea that Dani knew about Niall and I having sex last night. I got the feeling that Dani would end up telling all the girls. I slipped the leggings and the shirt on and left my hair down. I figured I would just wear my heels that I wore yesterday on our date and well screw makeup, it would probably all wash off from crying anyways. I came out of the bathroom, and bumped right into Harry. 
"Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked while he placed one hand on the door frame and the other in his pocket. 
"Just grabbing some clothes from Dani." I said while I tried to push past him. His arm came up and stopped me from exiting the washroom.
"You look cute," he smiled, his dimples prominently showing on his cheeks. "Don't have too much fun when we are away on tour," he added.
"I just know I am going to miss Niall," I said, ignoring his compliment. 
"Oh. Well, don't worry Anna I will make sure Niall won't have too much fun either," he whispered into my ear and winked at me while he walked away. What was he trying to hint at? Harry was definitely one of the most frustrating people I know. 
"Thanks Dani," I said as I waved and exited the apartment to go back to Niall's. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened with Harry. My mind wandered to all the other incidents that had occurred with him. I was slightly angry when I burst into Niall's apartment and closed the door behind me. Of course, to my frustration Harry was sitting on the couch talking with Niall.  I obviously could never catch a break.  How the hell did he get down here so fast? 
"Hey babe," Niall said as he pulled a shirt over his head while still mumbling back and forth with Harry. 
"Hey," I said while I walked over to Niall's bedroom to grab my phone and heels. I quickly washed my mouth out with spearmint mouth wash and reluctantly made my way back to where Niall and Harry were. I heard Niall's distinct laughter when I walked into the living room.  
"Yeah so Anna! Do you think Clarissa would give me a chance again?" Harry asked me with a cheeky grin on his face. I honestly right then and there could have jumped the couch and stabbed him in the neck with my heel. Of course I didn't do that and couldn't do that because it was Niall's best friend but still... I could only imagine.
"Umm no.. Please stop messing with my friend and stop trying too get in her pants again Harry," I half laughed but said quite seriously. 
"Well I could say the same for you... You know getting in my best mates pants part," he laughed and elbowed Niall who just awkwardly glanced at me. I lightly laughed it off biting my tongue from making a rude remark. 
"Well we should get going Anna," Niall said as he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers leading me to the front door. Harry followed behind us as we made our way downstairs and walked to the Cafe where we were all going for lunch before the boys caught their flight. 
"Where is your luggage?" I asked Niall as I leaned into his shoulder while we walked. 
"It's already in the car with the rest of the boys," he said as he kissed me on the head. 
When we got to the Cafe everybody was already there waiting for the three of us. I made eye contact with Perrie who grinned at me and winked. I than saw her mouth something to Dani. Gosh darn it does everybody know here? Eleanor waved at me and exchanged a glance with Perrie who then giggled as well. I take that as a yes everybody knows here what me and Niall shared last night. I'm hoping that it's just the girls though.
"Hey guys!" I said as me and Niall took a seat by each other right by Perrie and Zayn. 
"Hey Anna!" Perrie exclaimed as she practically pulled me down into the seat next to her. 
"So?" She whispered to me so nobody else could hear, but I could tell that Danielle and Eleanor were tuning into the conversation. 
"Goodness Perrie! Do you want me to tell you everything right here and right now?" I whispered back.
"Your going to have to tell me sooner than later!" She laughed. I felt Niall's hand rest on my thigh as he and the boys talked about their schedules for the next couple of days. He cheekily kept moving his hand closer and closer up my thigh causing me to blush. 
"I choose later..." I laughed and turned so I was now listening to Niall's conversation with the boys. Perrie let out an unsatisfied sigh. 
The airport was completely packed with people when we arrived there. Niall had held my hand the entire ride to the airport as if he was afraid to let go. I could sense that he was nervous. Like he said, he had never had to leave anyone behind before, other than his family, but that's different. Screams filled the air as the fans went completely mental as Louis opened the door and got out followed by Eleanor, Liam and Danielle, Perrie and Zayn, Harry and then Niall and me. Security was pushing people while girls were trying to grab onto me and Niall. Eleanor was practically getting pushed over as Louis had stopped to get a quick picture with a fan. Harry stopped to sign a lot of other girls autographs as well. Niall tightened his grip on my hand playing with my fingers as he led me towards the doors. 
"Holy shit!" I cursed as we were finally in the safety of the glass windows.The screams still made their way into the airport as we made our way to the terminal. When we reached the terminal men were signally for all the boys to follow them to catch their flight. Niall turned around so he was facing me. All the boys were doing the same with their girlfriends. I noticed Harry pull out his cell phone, and I felt kind of bad that he was alone. I looked back to Niall's face and noticed that his eyes looked moist. I was feeling my eyes begining to get moist as well.
"Baby please don't cry, I love you so much," Niall whispered into my ear as he kissed the tears away and then he kissed my lips. 
"Two minutes boys!" One of the security guards yelled. My hands went up to the nape of Niall's neck playing with his hair which I knew he loved. 
"I love you too," I whispered back to him before he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately. I felt Niall lift me up and my heels drop to the floor as I wrapped my legs around his torso. It was like the environment of the airport around us had changed and we were back at his apartment and there was nothing for us to be sad about. Nobody else around us mattered, it was us and only us. I was holding Niall so close to me I felt our hearts beating together in unison. We were soon interrupted  by the security guard who was now ushering the boys forward so they didn't miss their flight. Niall's hand was slowly being torn from mine as the security guard guided him away from me. He brought up his one hand and with his index finger tapped the shamrock necklace as if to remind me that I was his and he was mine.
"Love you!" Niall yelled and quickly kissed the top of my hand while being ushered into the terminal. He looked back one last time to see me blow a kiss and wave at him. I looked over to see Dani, El and Perrie all had tears in their eyes. We all just looked like 4 girls that had a part of their hearts torn away from them. I hate crying and I felt like this is all I had done this year. I didn't think I could ever be this emotional. Especially this emotional because of some guy. But the difference is that Niall isn't just some guy, he is honestly the love of my life and I felt like the girls felt like that with their boyfriends. We will all miss them; knowing that they will be half way across the world just makes it even harder. 
"It will be okay," I heard Perrie say as she pulled me into a side hug. I just nodded my head as I turned to sob into her shoulder, I heard her sniffle as she rested her chin on my head. Our hug was soon joined by Eleanor and Danielle as I felt their arms encircle around us as we stood in a huddle. Our hug had to be broken a couple minutes later as our phones all began to ring/vibrate, pulling us back into the reality of our lives. 
I looked at my phone their was a text from Clarissa saying to come over because she had a tub of ice cream to make me feel better. Sometimes you just need your crazy best friend, and this was definitely one of those moments.
*Authors Note*
Hey guys hope you are liking it so far! 😊 As we have said before keep commenting, liking and favouriting or story! It really does encourage us to keep writing, so Thankyou all for the support! Also on a quick note: I am going away for the month of July and my sister who writes the story with me is gone for the entire summer. I promise we will try and update as much as we can and we already are working on other chapters! Thankyou for all the support and love you guys! Yay team Nianna! 😉 follow us on twitter: @1DerfulRae and @lovelymarissa6


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