Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


26. Girls Day Out

Niall dropped me off at my house in the early evening. After a long night I was excited to go to sleep in my bed. I rubbed my eyes as I walked through my front door trying to keep myself awake. Unfortunately, I walked right into my parents fighting. My parents are divorced, but ever since Jess was diagnosed with Leukaemia my parents have been spending more time together. I think it's because they feel like its their fault that she had Leukaemia. I personally am just glad that Jess is in remission and I wish that my parents would quit trying to make their relationship "work" it didn't work in the first place, they should just let it go. It would save me and Jess the trouble of reliving their divorce. 
"We can't afford it Charles!" My mom yelled at my dad.
"Laurie, listen I can get an extra job, we can pay off our debt to the bank! It will just take time!" My dad snapped back.
"Oh okay, just never be around for the girls because you will be so busy! I guess people never change!" My mom yelled. I quietly made my way up the stairs only to find Jess gripping onto the railing listening to our parents fight. 
"Jess come on let's get you ready for bed," I said as I gave her a reassuring smile. My parents were so selfish, putting her though all this again; the fighting, the yelling. Like it wasn't bad enough the first time when she was only seven. Then there was me always staying up late with Jess while she couldn't sleep over the yelling of our parents. Most kids are sad when their parents get divorced but for me it was a relief. 
"Anna..?" Jess quietly asked me as we walked to her bedroom.
"Yeah?" I replied absentmindedly.
"Thank you for always being here for me," Jess said as she wrapped her arms around me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her tiny body as she buried her head into my shoulder. 
"Your welcome, I will always be here for you no matter what, love you." I said as we walked to her bedroom.
"I love you too!" She chirped as she ran to her window, closing the shades. I could faintly hear the argument between my parents as I went and sat on her bed, waiting for her to finish getting ready for bed. Jess went and had a shower and she got into her pyjamas. I tucked her into bed leaving her with kiss on the forehead.
"Night Jess, sweet dreams," I said as I shut her light off in her bedroom.
"Night Anna," Jess said as she yawned and made herself comfortable in her bed. I shut her bedroom door and made my way to my bedroom, collapsing on my bed. My phone buzzed indicating that I had a text message. I unlocked my phone and saw a message from Niall and a message from an unknown number.
Niall: "Night Babe! Have a good sleep! ❤ Won't be able to see you tomorrow because I have to work. 😞 love you XX"
Me: "That sucks! Maybe Sunday we can hang out? Love you too ❤ Xoxo"
I wonder who my other message is from I sighed as I could feel myself getting even more sleepy.
Unknown: "Hey Anna it's Perrie! Zayn gave me your number. I hope that's okay! I just wanted to ask if you wanted to go out tomorrow and spend the day with me, Eleanor and Danielle?
Me: "Yeah sure that sounds great! See you tomorrow at...what time?" 
Unknown: "Tomorrow we will pick you up at 11:30 😊"
Me: Great!
I sighed before sluggishly getting ready for bed. I crashed on my bed onto up of the covers hoping for a good nights sleep.

I heard somebody knock on my bedroom door. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw light creeping in through my blinds. 
"Anna?" My mom said as she peered her head over the door frame.
"Yeah mom?!" I said as I yawned and stretched. I felt a rush of panic when I realized that I had plans at 11:30. I checked the clock and sighed in relief as the clock read that it was only 9:00.
"I need to talk to you about something.." She said. I nodded slowly, still trying to wake up, my head telling her to go on.
"Please keep an open mind. It's just that well.. With Jess getting sick the bills have just been piling up...It's been really hard being able to pay them all even with the jobs me and your father have..." She paused "What I'm trying to say is that... We can't afford your University tuition and extra fees. You can finish off the year but after that you are either going to have to get a Job or not go at all until me and your father can successfully pay off all our debts," she sighed and heavily.  "I'm really sorry baby".
I didn't know what to say, I was mostly upset and shocked but I know both my parents work so hard already at their jobs. I wanted to yell and scream but it wouldn't solve anything.
"It's fine mom.. Really it's fine. I will just have to get a job and work for some thing that I want," I sighed as my mom reached forward and hugged me.
"I'm so sorry I promise we will make it up to you," she sobbed
"Mom really it's fine, you always taught us to work hard for something we want and that's what I'm going to do," I said as she kissed me on the cheek "Thank you for understanding Anna,"she sighed, leaving me on my bed as she exited my room. I face planted into my pillows as I thought about how my life just kept getting more and more complicated. Thank gosh I was going to the mall today. Maybe it would help take my mind off things. I decided to start getting ready for the shopping date. I turned up the radio really loud. I got dressed in some high wasted shorts with a Loverboy band tanktop that I tucked into my shorts. I angrily listened to the loud music as I waited for the girls to arrive to pick me up. Perrie texted me saying that they would be here at any moment now. I sighed thinking about everything that has happened this year. As I grabbed my bag, and headed downstairs I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket.
Niall: "Hope you have a good day with the girls! Arg stuck at work without you sucks...😞. Can't wait to have you in my arms. love you!"
Anna: "Haha try not to have too much fun at work 😉Me either. Lots to tell you. love you too!" 
I put my phone back in my pocket and then ran out my front door to see Perrie's car parked in my drive way with the two other girls in it. This should hopefully be a fun day. Like I mean come on, what girl doesn't like a shopping date. Shopping was always a good therapy to help forget about things, such as what my mom informed me of today.
I was expecting the car ride to the mall to be kind of awkward but it surprisingly wasn't at all. Perrie blasted Jesse J throughout her car while we all sang a long, the base beating against my ears. Of course Perrie could sing the best out of all us. Her beautiful voice trailing throughout the car, making us somewhat self conscious about our own singing ability. I sat in the back with Eleanor, who I saw was texting Louis as she smiled to herself every so often when she received a text from him. I checked my phone, there wasn't any text messages from Niall, just a snap chat of the recording studio that he had sent me. We finally arrived at the mall, which was fairly crowded. We stepped out of Perrie's car, and without any warning the paparazzi was waiting for us. I don't think that I could ever get use to all this attention sometimes. I don't really like the attention either, it's kind of annoying, especially when we are just four girls going to the shopping mall. I was always one of those girls that was friends with people from so many different crowds at school but never was really popular. The others girls handled the Paparazzi so much better than me, smiling as we got blinded by the flashes. I probably was grimacing in every photo. All us girls linked arms and made our way into the mall. They shouted questions at us about Little Mix but mostly about our love lives with the boys. I was thankful when we walked into the mall and the mall security was there to handle the situation, pushing the paparazzi away from us.
"Do they ever give anybody a rest!" Eleanor sighed as we walked towards the nearest Starbucks. 
"I know, I just wish that we had privacy.." Danielle said as we walked into the line up in Starbucks. I nodded in agreement.
"You have no idea!" Perrie slightly laughed. She definitely had it worse, dating someone famous and being famous herself. 

I sipped my chai tea latte as I used my other hand to aimlessly flip through the racks of clothing. H&M was a huge store so it took awhile to look through and find things worth buying. Especially since I didn't have a lot of money I had to look even harder. Eleanor and Danielle were in the fitting rooms, and had at least twenty items they were trying on. Perrie was looking at hair accessories while casually talking about what kinds of styles she liked and which ones she hated.
"You know I really don't like these floppy sun hat things, I feel like a look like an old granny", she said as she placed one with a huge pink bow on her head, looking at me and making a goofy face.
"A little bit yeah", I said laughing and shaking my head.
"Anna! How does this one look?" Danielle asked stepping out of the fitting room wearing a tight dark purple dress with a lace back. Danielle looked beautiful, the dress showed off her curves perfectly.
"Wow, yeah that looks great, way better than the blue one you tried on earlier", I said smiling.
"Hm, I think I will get both though because I can't decide", she whined as she analyzed herself in the mirror.
"I know Liam will for sure love the purple on", Eleanor giggled from the other fitting room. Her comment left a smirk on Danielle's face. 
"Well, you looked great in both", I add as I pull out a red fitted dress from the rack with lace arms. 
"That is gorgeous!" Perrie says excitedly, coming towards me and grabbing the dress out of my hands and holding it up against me. 
"Yes, and also way out of my price limit", I sigh glancing down at the price tag, £150. 
"Well, give it a try", Perrie smiles at me while scooting me towards one of the fitting room doors. I strip down out of my high waisted shorts and tank top. I pull the red dress on over my hips and put my arms through the lace sleeves. I reached back trying to do the zipper up but I couldn't.
"Can someone zip me up?" I yell as I unlock the change room door. The door knob turns and in steps Eleanor. She sweeps my hair to one side as she zips the dress up, a perfect fit. 
"Thanks El", I smile turning around.
"Damn Anna, this dress looks great on you", She says opening the fitting room door all the way and pushing me out. "Dani! Perrie! Get over here, look how good Anna looks", she yells. My cheeks flush up instantly as Perrie and Danielle come over to see what I am wearing. 
"Yep you are getting it", Perrie announces.
"Looks great", Danielle smiles.
"Niall won't be able to keep his hands off you in this", Perrie squeals, which makes me blush an even deeper shade of red.
"One time I bought this black strapless dress to wear out on a date with Louis, and we didn't even it make it out of the house, he practically destroyed it", Eleanor giggled, embarrassed.
"I remember you telling me that, and we spent hours trying to pick that dress out!" Danielle said shaking her head in disappointment. "Ahh, now I am picturing things I don't want to picture", Danielle fake gagged, while waving her hands in disgust.
"Oh my gosh Dani, don't act all innocent we all know what you and Liam do behind closed doors", Eleanor says raising her eyebrows.
"Liam is super romantic and sweet", Danielle says smirking, as she sorts through the clothes she wants to buy and the ones she doesn't. 
"What about Zayn, he is so quiet in public, what is he like in bed?We really are all curious", Eleanor laughed while looking intently at Perrie, waiting for an answer.
"He is even sexier behind closed doors", Perrie giggled, blushing for a moment, obviously remembering an intimate moment between her and Zayn.
"You are awfully quiet over there Anna", Danielle said winking at me.
"Oooh, do tell us the dirty details of you and Niall", Eleanor giggled 
"Is Niall a total sweetheart in bed like in person?" Perrie questioned. I nervously picked at my nails. There was a reason why I was keeping so quiet. I didn't really know what to say...
"Um", I said nervously. I never expected three girls that I only just met to be asking such a personal question.
"Oh please don't do that, we are openly sharing our stories", Perrie said prying for me to reveal something about Niall and I's non-existent sex life. "Well, I actually don't know", I said shrugging.
"What do you mean you don't know?" Eleanor asked, looking shocked.
"We haven't had sex yet", I said to the three of them. They all gasped.
"Well, you are going to have to leave Niall with something memorable before he leaves on tours", Danielle suggested. Eleanor and Perrie stifled a evil laugh.
"Guys, I really am okay with it", I said confidently.
"If that's your story", Eleanor said as she followed Danielle towards the cashier with her pile of clothes she was going to get. 
"Don't worry about it Hun, and hurry get out of that dress, I am getting it for you", Perrie grinned brightly at me.
"No really you don't have to, there will be other dresses", I said shaking my head.
"Nope, it's the last dress and you look stunning it", she smiled. "Plus I am a Pop Star, I got all this extra cash and I might as well put it to use", she winked at me, pushing me into the change room.

 After I finished changing, I skipped happily over to the girls who were chatting excitedly while holding their bags of what they had purchased. Perrie handed me the bag with the dress she had bought me inside it. 
"Thanks", I said grinning at her.
"No problem", she replied. "Now don't get mad but the girls and I had an idea", she said looking at El and Dani who were both smiling  evilly.
"Okay....should I be scared?" I ask.
"Nope", they all laugh. "Follow us", Perrie giggled excitedly grabbing my hand and dragging me out of H&M. 

We finally stopped walking until we were outside of Bodas, a lingerie store. I only vaguely remember being here with Clarissa one time when she was dating a really hot football player. 
"Guys", I blushed.
"Oh come on, it'll be fun, maybe you will find something you like", Danielle smiled encouragely.
"Or that Niall likes", Perrie smirked, causing Eleanor to choke on the latte that she took a sip out of.
"Plus we were planning on stopping here anyways", Danielle smiled.
"Okay, fine", I grimace at them stomping into the store. A lot of the stuff hanging on the walls was actually really scary to look at. Most of the outfits consisted of Bows, feathers, and tons and tons of lace. I felt overwhelmed. I was mainly only used to cotton knickers and bras. I noticed the other girls had already picked out some outfits they were planning on trying on, I hadn't grabbed anything yet. I nervously looked through a drawer of bras that had studs all over them.
"Hm Anna, does this say memorable?" Perrie asked while holding up a completely see through hot pink bra and a matching thong. There was barely any fabric to it all.
"More like prostitute", I laughed shaking my head.
"Hm," she thought for a moment before hanging it up. "You're right", she said as she continued to look around. 
"Guys I really don't know what I am looking for here", I admitted. "I am an amature", I pouted.
"Here let me help", Eleanor suggested as she held up various bras that were way too slutty for me.
"How about something like this?" Danielle asked, holding up a dark purple and black bra with some lace and sequins on it. It had matching pair of knickers.
"Yeah I actually like that", I admitted. 
"Oh good", they chimed.
"Try it on then", Perrie suggested. I grabbed my size, 34C from the rack and carried it with me towards the fitting room. The three girls followed me towards the fitting room. I stripped down until I wasn't wearing anything and slipped on the underwear, which barely fit across my bum. The bra had extra push up which almost made my chest look way bigger than it actually was. I awkwardly admired myself in the mirror.
"Yeah it looks good", I shouted out of the fitting room. I didn't want to show them because of my body insecurities.
"Show us then", Perrie said.
"But", I hesitated.
"No if, ands or buts! Come on out", Perrie said encouragingly.
"Fine," I said as I opened the fitting room door. I self consciously covered my chest with my arms. I looked down at my toes, my face heated with embarrassment. 
Danielle whistled. Perrie clapped happily.
"You look so fit! I can't believe you have been hiding this body from Niall for so long", Eleanor shook her head disappointed.
"I don't know if I will get it, but I can always come back and get it another time", I shrugged at them.
"No you have to get it", they all said. I bit my lip nervously as I thought about Niall's reaction when he saw me in this.  I shrugged again before I went back to change into my clothes and out of the lingerie. Maybe I would get it. I thought. I spent the next thirty minutes watching Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor try on various bras, knickers, and lingerie pieces. We all giggled hysterically at Perrie who tried on a leather suit with a whip. I would definitely never get one like that. We all decided that Eleanor should buy this cute little emerald night dress. Perrie bought a zebra striped bra, and Danielle bought some lacy knickers with bows on them. We lined up to pay and I hesitantly went at the back deciding if I should buy what I had tried or not. Perrie could tell I was debating whether I should or not.
"We aren't trying to pressure you",  she said as she squeezed my hand. "Only get it if you feel comfortable", she smiled.
I did want to have sex with Niall. I loved him and I did want to share that with him. I was just worried and conflicted because I never have before. I loved him though and I think that meant I was ready.
"You know what? I will get it", I smiled confidently. Perrie smirked back, and winked.
Giggling and talking we walked back towards Perrie's car with our arms full of bags of the things we bought that day. I laughed to myself as I looked down at my two bags and then looked over to where Perrie, Dani and El had there hands full with shopping bags. I was relieved when we loaded all our bags into the back of Perrie's car and were out of site of the paparazzi that had spotted us. I checked my phone and had one new message from Niall.
Niall: "Hey baby! Hope your day is going great! Ugh so bored right now and Louis is pestering me!" 
Me: "Awe poor baby 😞 and yeah I had lots of fun today! Bought myself a dress 😉"
Niall: " Ohh your going to have to show me that new dress sometime, I bet you look sexy!" 
I sighed and smiled down at my phone. I felt my cheeks redden at Niall's comment.
"Looks like somebody is texting Niall back there!" Perrie yelled while looking at my in the review mirror. 
"Awe you guys are so cute Anna! Like seriously I could die from your cuteness.." El said as she giggled while most likely texting Louis. 
"Thanks guys, you guys are too cute with your boyfriends like seriously." I gushed.
"I'm sad though because the boys go on tour in like a week.." Dani added while looking out the window.
"I'm going to miss Louis so much!" El said as she rummaged in her purse. My mind was reeling in all directions. 
"Wait when are they going on tour in like a week?! Because Niall never told me about it..., I assumed eventually, but what? So soon..." I said while looking at all three of them for answers. 
"Oh sorry Anna we just assumed you knew..." Perrie said while making the turn down towards my street. I saw Danielle and Eleanor give eachother a look. What the actual hell I thought to myself. Why wouldn't Niall tell me such a huge thing? 
"That's okay, you girls didn't know.. .But I'm glad you told me..." I sighed while grabbing my things as Perrie pulled up to my house.
"Niall probably had a good reason for not telling you!" They all reassured me as I got out of the car, waving at them before heading into my house. I was not happy now. 

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