Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


18. Escape

I could hear the thousands of footsteps behind us, and I think as we ran more girls joined the commotion. 

“Niall! Nialler! I love you so much! Take a Photo with me!” a tall blonde girl sobbed right behind us. She was so close to me and I felt like I was in a horror film. But instead of running from a killer I was running away from a group of crazy teenagers. Niall squeezed my hand tighter, and I squeezed his hand back. I think he knew that I could get just as easily trampled as him, because the fans got pretty crazy about the boys girlfriends. We turned a corner and before we had a chance to turn back and go another way we were stuck at a dead end. We were in the middle of a court yard in the museum and there wasn’t any way to escape besides for the way we entered. I was really wondering where the body guard had ran off to, and now I wish he hadn’t left us alone at all. Niall positioned his body so that he more in front of me, our hands were still latched together. I saw the fans eyes dart to our hands that were linked together. Niall began to smile because he realized he had no choice now and he would have to sign autographs and take pictures. The tall blonde girl that was really close behind us before pushing through so she was right in front of Niall’s face. I tried not to be jealous of her but it was difficult when she was tall, skinny, had long blonde hair and was really beautiful.


“Niall you are my Irish sweetheart! I love you! I am your biggest fan!” She screamed. I rolled my eyes at the last part. Let’s be honest, I was Niall’s biggest fan.

“Okay…Thanks,” Niall smiled, scratching his head.

“I want a photo with you!” She grinned pulling out her iPhone. Niall didn’t really have a chance to deny her because she was being really forceful.   “Here! You take the photo,” she sneered in my direction, forcing the camera into my hand. Niall shot me an apologetic look. I took her camera and tried to find space amongst all the other fans screaming and forcing papers, pens, and cameras towards Niall. I felt extremely uncomfortable and I just wanted to be holding Niall’s hand again. I snapped the picture and smiled weakly. “Um, thanks,” the girl said really rudely as she rubbed on Niall’s arm.  Niall flinched away and he grabbed my hand again as he began to sign more autographs. I saw the girl glaring at me with her arms crossed. I tried not to look at her, but I couldn’t help give her a very typical bitchy look.

                “What a little slut, I bet they are only dating ‘cause she puts out,” She smirked evilly looking right at me while a group of girls around her snickered nodding their heads.  My stomach dropped. That comment actually really hurt. I was definitely not used to hate comments. Niall finished signing an autograph when he walked towards the tall blonde girl, slightly shoving the fans to the side; his face was flushed red with anger.

“Hey, babe!” The blonde girl giggled as she flipped her hair, twirling her long hair and biting her lip. The girls around her fangirled as Niall walked towards her. I tried to pull Niall back by tightening my grip on his hand.

“Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that,” Niall politely tried to say but you could see the anger flushed in his eyes.

“Girlfriend?!” All the girls screamed as they stared me down and began snapping photos at me. I blushed and covered my eyes because of the flash. That was the first time Niall had ever acknowledged that I was his girlfriend in public. I didn’t want Niall to cause a scene because I saw that the paparazzi had started to join the crowd.

“Niall, no.” I whispered into his ear. Niall stopped in his tracks and turned to face me.

“She’s not worth it,” I sighed even though I felt slight tears building in the corner of my eye as I thought about how mean that girl was. I quickly looked away and brushed the tear away. Niall faced me and I could see is face turn back to its original color.

“You’re right babe, she isn’t worth it,” Niall turned back to the blonde haired girl while glaring. He wrapped his arm around my waist. “We need to find a way to get out of here,” Niall said as he looked around for a way to get out. He continued to smile at his fans but I could tell he wasn’t really in the mood to sign autographs anymore. I got a glimpse of a way to escape through the fans. Without another thought I tugged onto Niall’s hand and we began running back the way we came from. This time I heard the paparazzi following us asking loads of questions like “Who is that?” “Where are the other boys?” “What brings you to France?” Suddenly, Niall pulled onto my hand we darted behind a jut out in the wall that led to a door. He held me against his body so that the fans and paparazzi ran past where we are hiding. I looked at Niall and we both burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe we got away!” I giggled, hugging onto Niall’s chest.

“I was literally about to punch that girl in the face for talking to you like that!” The anger returned to his face as he thought about her.

“It’s okay baby, you stood up for me,” I smiled giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“I am really sorry though, I really hate when the fans scream like that, I don’t want to upset you or ruin our trip here together,” Niall put his hands in his pockets and looked down, obviously feeling bad for what happened earlier.

“It isn’t your fault, I am just glad we are alone now,” I smirked as I pulled Niall’s hands out of his pockets and intertwined them with mine as I began kissing him. I felt Niall smile under my kiss as he started to kiss me pushing me against the wall. It didn’t strike me till the middle of our kiss that I was making out with a boy I loved in The Louvre. I never thought my first time to Paris would have been like this. From the corner of my eye I saw the body guard carrying a bag and sprinting around, he must have been looking for us. That really took a long time for him to realize what was going on. I pulled away from Niall and gestured towards the body guard.

“Over here mate!” Niall called. The security guard stopped in his tracks and looked at us with a relieved look on his face.

“I have been looking all over for you! I saw the crowd of girls and got worried, we better leave,” He responded. He led us back to a taxi waiting outside The Louvre. The body guard was talking on the phone in a hushed tone. I only caught a few words of what he was saying ‘they caught word’ who caught word? And what did they catch word about? I thought to myself as I absentmindedly stroked the back of Niall’s hand. The body guard turned and faced us with a worried expression on his face.

“The paparazzi and fans caught word that you two are going back to London tonight on the Eurostar, so I don’t think that it’s safe for you to be going home until tomorrow because they are all waiting and it is a danger to both of your safety.” The body guard said.

“Well I guess that means that we will have to stay at hotel until tomorrow morning,” Niall said and winked at me. I felt my stomach drop, why was I suddenly scared to stay the night with Niall? It’s not like I haven’t fallen asleep by him before. I returned a smile to Niall and leaned my head on his shoulder while the taxi took us to our hotel.    

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