Oh You're So Irresistible

Anna is stuck with the boring life of a college student, her boring life is turned upside down when she meets Niall Horan and she realizes just how irresistible he is <3
~Hope you guys like it ;)~


8. Cookies, tea, tears and kisses

I closed the front door as my little sister bounded down the stairs towards me.
"Hey! How was the mall, Did you buy anything for me?" Jess giggled.
"Oh yes I got you this....," I said reaching into my pocket and throwing a crumpled up piece of paper at her.
"Hey! That's not very nice!" Jess laughed playfully punching me in the arm. So what are we going to bake?" Jess wondered as we headed towards the kitchen. Of course my mom wasn't home, she was working late as usual.
"Chocolate chip cookies?" I smiled grabbing the flour and sugar out of the pantry.
"Perfect," Jess said as she ran towards the stereo to turn on some music. Of course One Direction started filling the room. I blushed as I stirred the batter thinking about Niall.
"Wee! I love this song!" Jess giggled as she danced around the room. "Ow! You're giving me a heart attack, getting over you!" As she sung into a spoon pretending to be a fake microphone. We put the cookies onto the pan and stuck them into the oven. I danced with my sister, jumping from couch to couch around our living room giggling and laughing as we waited for the cookies to finish baking.
"One second, bathroom break", I laughed as I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. I heard the oven beep. I pulled up my pants and quickly washed my hands, dashing back downstairs.
"Grab the cookies, little monkey" I laughed turning the corner. My heart sunk to my stomach as I saw Jess sprawled out on the ground her blonde hair sweeped across her face.
"oh my gosh" I screamed as I dropped to my knees and began shaking Jess. "Wake up! Wake up! Please wake up!" I cried tears streaming down my face. I grabbed my cell phone off the table and dialled 911, praying that Jess would be okay. I had no idea what was wrong with her.
"I need an ambulance, my sister she has just passed out, I don't know what to do", I screamed into the phone. I held Jess's limp body in my arms and prayed the ambulance would get here soon.
I held Jess's hand as machines around her continuously beeped. My eyes hurt from crying so hard. My phone kept on continuously buzzing in my pocket, but I ignored it each time. I could hear my parents arguing with the doctors and each other outside my sisters hospital bedroom. I stroked Jess's hair and let another tear fall down my face. I looked at her now pale face that had purple bags under her eyes, the hardest part was her not holding my hand back while she laid there unconscious. My parents came back into the room and sat in the far corner of the room. We were all silent, we didn't know what to say we sat motionless for a couple hours until the doctor came into the room.
"I have some bad and good news," the doctor announced pulling up a chair. Oh my goodness this can't be good. I tried to compose myself for what the doctor was going to say.
"So Jess has Leukaemia, but it's stage 1, so it's treatable which would be the good news", the doctor announced with a grin. How could she be smiling at a time like this? The tears fell harder this time. My mom started crying and even though my parents weren't together anymore my dad hugged her. I couldn't do this. I stared at Jess who was sleeping her long blonde hair stuck up in places.
"I can't do this", I picked up my purse and headed for the door. The tears constantly falling.
"Anna, wait!" My mom yelled. But I started to run until I had gotten outside. I curled up into a ball on the ground and sobbed out loud. I heard my phone buzz again. I checked and there were a couple messages from Niall. I clicked the "call" button and started calling Niall. I needed someone to comfort me.
"Hey, it's Niall", he answered.
"Can you pick me up?" I asked.
"Anna? Where are you?" He asked.
"The hospital" I replied trying to hold my sobs back.
"Be there in 5 minutes" he hung up. I put my phone back into my pocket. And wrapped my arms around my legs as I waited for Niall to come. I just needed someone. I needed him.
The kettle boiled and Niall got up to make us some tea. I had explained everything to Niall on the way back to his apartment. He handed me my tea and sat down holding his tea in his right hand and wrapping his left hand around me pulling me close to him. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we both sat in silence drinking our tea. My sobs broke the silence and Niall lightly rubbed my arm and kissed me on the ear. I turned my body so I was facing him.
"I am really sorry about your sister." Niall added pulling me into a hug. He rubbed my back until the sobs subsided. He pulled back and stared into my eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach as Niall leaned forward and stared deeper into my eyes. I completed the space between us and leaned forward letting our lips touch. Niall leaned forward more and the kiss intensified as he wrapped his arms around my body. I felt an electric shock all over my body, and the butterflies in my stomach were going mad! I felt complete, happy and safe in his arms even though the circumstances. Our lips moved in synchronization, I moved so I was sitting in his lap facing him. We kissed for what felt like a long time but I think it had only been like a couple minutes. We parted lips but we kept it so our noses were touching as we stared into each others eyes. I smiled and so did Niall, us both blushing.
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